Chapter 106: Gold Farming Update, Black Gorilla

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“Yes!” Lin Xiao nodded when he heard this and said very seriously, “I didn’t expect that other than Little Liang, there are other experts in the Profound Heaven Sect!”

Although Lin Xiao was very shocked in his mind, he did not relate this matter to Gong Ziliang.

After all, Gong Ziliang had not displayed any aura of flames during this period of time.

Who could have imagined that someone could suddenly cultivate the Fire Intent in a short period of time?

“Looks like my strength in this life is still too shallow!” Lin Xiao swore in his mind.

Gong Ziliang was already powerful enough.
He did not expect that this Profound Heaven Sect actually had such a powerful existence!

“Alright, don’t think about this anymore.
You should focus on cultivating now! Your talent is much better than I imagined.”

Elder Yao looked at Lin Xiao and said in a deep voice, “Then, are you prepared to begin the first round?”

If others heard Elder Yao’s words, they would definitely be shocked!

This was because the last time Lin Xiao broke through to the Qi Refinement Realm was only half a month ago.

Now, this cultivation speed was simply shocking!

“I’m ready!” Lin Xiao took a deep breath and nodded.

Hatred appeared in his eyes, “Lin family, are you prepared to welcome me…”

“There’s actually a flame that’s even stronger than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame…”

Looking at Lin Xiao, Elder Yao nodded in his heart while being shocked by the faint and powerful flame aura.
“An existence even stronger than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame… It’s really unbelievable!”


In the other room, Gong Ziliang had already calmed down his aura.
The white flames in his body also slowly fell.

[Ding! It is now 8pm.
Please be prepared.
The gold farming activity will begin immediately!]

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At this moment, the system notification sounded, causing Gong Ziliang to be stunned.

“It’s actually already dark!”

Gong Ziliang looked out and immediately saw the moon and stars outside.
The cold moon lit up the surroundings like it was daytime!

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“It actually took so long to upgrade the Fire Intent!”

Gong Ziliang shook his head and felt a little surprised.
“Forget it.
Since the gold farming activity has begun, let’s do it!”

[Friendly reminder, you have broken through to Level 30.
The Gold Farming Monster will be upgraded.
Please be prepared!]


After the system notification, a new scene appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.

At Level 10, the gold farming venue was a small village.

At Level 20, the gold farming venue was a dilapidated city.

At Level 30, the gold farming venue had actually become an ancient battlefield!

In the ancient battlefield, collapsed figures were everywhere.
All kinds of weapons were placed on the scene, and four or five flags were stabbed into the ground!

The enemies in front of Gong Ziliang also turned into black gorillas!

These gorillas’ eyes were red.
Their bodies were ridiculously large!

Even without fighting them, he could sense the terrifying power contained in their bodies!

“Alright, alright, alright! Let’s do it!”

Looking at these black gorillas, Gong Ziliang could already feel his blood boiling!

He wanted to see how powerful he was now!

“Sun Moon Sword Technique! First move, Sunrise, Purple Cloud!”

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Gong Ziliang looked at these black gorillas and the Heavenly Frost Sword appeared in his hand!

Immediately, a ray of early sun blossomed in Gong Ziliang’s hand.
Terrifying sword qi was released from the early sun and crazily blasted towards a black gorilla!

Accompanied by a wave of health points, it crazily appeared on the gorilla’s head.




At this moment, Gong Ziliang also saw the black gorilla’s health!

Ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand…

Gong Ziliang counted for a long time before finally confirming!


This violent gorilla actually had a total of 500,000 HP!!

It was actually five times as high as a Level 20 Gold Farming Monster!


500,000 health points…

Seeing this violent gorilla’s health, Gong Ziliang calculated and was immediately stunned.

His current attack power was about 90.
Even if he used all his strength, he could probably only defeat one in an hour!

“If I don’t have the Intent, it’ll really be a little difficult to deal with!”

Gong Ziliang smiled lightly, and a strange aura immediately appeared on his body.

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Immediately, a vast ocean-like aura emitted from his body and spread in all directions!

Water Intent!

In the previous gold farming activity, Gong Ziliang had relied on the power of the Water Intent to deal a huge amount of damage to the real gold monster!

This time, when he used the Water Intent, Gong Ziliang could already clearly sense that his understanding of the Water Intent had increased by another level!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Gong Ziliang pushed out with his palm, boundless waves rippled behind him.

Streams of power struck the violent gorilla like an endless wave.





As Gong Ziliang’s attacks continuously increased in speed, the number of attacks on the violent gorilla also continuously increased.

In the blink of an eye, it broke through thousands of combat points!

However, this was simply a drop in the bucket for the violent gorilla’s 500,000 drops of health.
It was not worth mentioning!

In the end, Gong Ziliang’s hand was sore from fighting.
In the end, he realized that he had only shaved off one tenth of its health…


As if it felt that Gong Ziliang’s attack was like an itch, the violent gorilla looked at him with a hint of disdain.

Then, it snorted coldly in disdain.

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It actually stood there and let Gong Ziliang attack!

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

As for the other violent gorillas, they even patted their chests when they saw this scene, as if they were cheering for their companions!

“How dare they look down on me!”

When Gong Ziliang saw this scene, he could not help but grit his teeth in hatred.

Good lord!

They’re simply looking down on me!

“However, although the damage of this Water Intent is enough, it will take too long!”

Looking at the violent gorilla in front of him, Gong Ziliang began to think.

He had just attacked so many times.
Although he had injured them, he had wasted a lot of time!

This was the weakness of the Water Intent.
Although it could cause a large amount of damage, it would consume too much time!

“In that case, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

Gong Ziliang sneered again, and the aura of the Water Intent on his body suddenly retracted.

At the same time, white flames began to float out of his body and scattered around Gong Ziliang!

Terrifying heat rose!

Immediately, the violent gorilla in front of Gong Ziliang could not help but look at him.

“Fire Intent!” Gong Ziliang snorted.

He stretched out his palm, and immediately, white light rose above it.
The intense and terrifying temperature actually made the surrounding space slightly deform!

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