“Sect Master Xuan, long time no see!”

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Mei Hua looked at Xuan Guangzi in front of him and bowed slightly to show him respect.

“I didn’t expect that the person who came to the Profound Heaven Sect this time was actually Elder Mei Hua! This really brings light to our Profound Heaven Sect!”

Although Xuan Guangzi was the sect master of the Profound Heaven Sect, his tone was very polite when facing Mei Hua.

“No! Sect Master Xuan, I’m pressed for time.
I’ll cut it short!” Mei Hua said to Xuan Guangzi, “Actually, before I met you, I had already secretly run around the entire Profound Heaven Sect and discovered a few disciples with good talent!”

“You know my purpose for coming here this time.
For the future of the dynasty, I’ll have to ask the Sect Master to give up your love and let me take these disciples away!”

As he spoke, Mei Hua lightly waved his hand, and immediately, a red spiritual qi actually emitted from his hand.

This spiritual qi condensed in the air and did not change.
Gradually, it became the names of a few people.

Li Dan, Zhao Zhirou, Su Ling…

Every one of them was a genius disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect and had the strength of the seventh-stage Meridian Opening Realm and above!

Seeing the names of these disciples, Xuan Guangzi was not surprised at all.
Instead, he slowly nodded and said, “It’s naturally their fortune to be chosen by Elder Mei!”

“Sect Master Xuan, you’re too polite! These disciples have already agreed to leave with me tomorrow…”

Mei Hua nodded and was very satisfied with Xuan Guangzi’s attitude.

He continued, “Actually, I also took a fancy to a disciple… However, this disciple is a little special and did not agree to follow me…”

The scene of Gong Ziliang fishing in the pond flashed past Mei Hua’s mind.
He subconsciously laughed.

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“That brat deserves it! Who asked him to scold me!”

As if knowing who Mei Hua was talking about, the two red carps in his bamboo basket also added at this moment.

“This is… the Twin Fish? I’ve always heard that Elder Mei has a pair of rare Twin Fish that can speak human language.
Now that I’ve seen it, it’s indeed extraordinary!” Xuan Guangzi looked at the two red carps and said in surprise.

“Hmph! At least you have some knowledge!” The two red carps said, “However, that kid is actually fishing in the courtyard’s fish pond and not cultivating! I really don’t know how he reached the peak of the Meridian Opening Realm!”

“Fishing in the courtyard? Peak Meridian Opening Realm??”

Hearing this, Xuan Guangzi jolted.

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In the Profound Heaven Sect, there was only one person who lived in the courtyard and was at the peak of the Meridian Opening Realm…

“Could it be that kid…”

Xuan Guangzi’s heart felt a little heavy.
He immediately thought of Gong Ziliang!

“Hahaha, our Profound Heaven Sect actually has such a disciple with character! Let me go persuade him…”

However, with Mei Hua standing there, Xuan Guangzi naturally could not say anything.
He could only force himself to say this.

“There’s no need.
Although this disciple is outstanding, he’s only outstanding in the southern territory! In my Myriad Sword Sect, there are at least 800 such disciples if not 1,000 of such talent! Everyone has their own ambitions, so there’s no need to persuade him a second time!”

To his surprise, Mei Hua shook her head and interrupted Xuan Guangzi.

“Really! That’s great!!”

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“Come, come, come.
Elder Mei, please come in…”

After hearing Mei Hua’s words, Xuan Guangzi was immediately overjoyed and almost laughed out loud.
He immediately invited Mei Hua to enter the Elder Pavilion.

“Sect Master Xuan, you’re so happy?”

Seeing that happy expression, Mei Hua only thought for a moment and understood what he meant.

He said, “Don’t worry! I don’t go back on my words! No matter how talented that kid is, I won’t find him again! I’ll leave this disciple behind for your Profound Heaven Sect…”

“Hahaha, Elder Mei, we have a deal!”

After hearing Mei Hua, Xuan Guangzi immediately laughed and hurriedly said.


Just as Mei Hua was about to nod, a huge pillar of light suddenly rose behind him!


This was a black, white, and golden pillar of light.
This pillar of light rushed into the sky and directly covered the light of the setting sun outside.

Xuan Guangzi and Mei Hua who were about to enter stopped in their tracks and looked at the pillar of light.

“This is…”

Xuan Guangzi and Mei Hua watched in a daze as the pillar of light rose and finally imprinted itself in the sky!

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Boom… Boom!

Then, under their shocked gazes, a huge black crack that could span the entire sky appeared in the sky.

It began to slowly expand and finally became a huge crack that stretched across the sky of the Profound Heaven Sect!

“The sky is… cracked?”

Looking at this scene, everyone below raised their heads to the sky.
For a long time, no one moved!


A huge three-colored pillar of light rushed into the sky, directly causing a huge crack to appear in the sky.
The crack was like an abyss.

What was even more terrifying was that an eye actually slowly appeared in the abyss and stared at the Profound Heaven Sect below!

This eye was the same size as the crack.
In its pupil, there seemed to be a Yin Yang pattern that continuously rolled and surged!

In the end, under everyone’s gazes, it was really imprinted in the pupil!

When the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect below saw this eye, their bodies turned cold, and they did not dare to look into it.

It was as if they felt that this eye could see through them at a glance.

All the secrets would be exposed to this eye!

Some disciples even thought that this was a phenomenon of the heavens, and they actually directly knelt down and continuously kowtowed to the crack.

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“This… this is…”

Outside the Elder Pavilion, Mei Hua, Xuan Guangzi, and First Elder Liu did not move.

Even they felt that they could not hide from this eye.

Their strengths and weaknesses were almost all revealed.

The smile on Xuan Guangzi’s face froze.
The joy in his eyes slowly became shock!

As a Spirit Refinement Realm expert, he actually could not hide under the gaze of this eye and directly exposed his weakness…

The eye did not do anything but merely looked at him…

The last time such a vast phenomenon appeared, it was the Sun Moon Divine Body that was ranked 99th!

This time, although Xuan Guangzi knew that this phenomenon came from the Divine Body, even he did not know what Divine Body this phenomenon meant!

“Gasp! Could this be… the Heaven Suppression Divine Body that has immunity to all methods?!”

“Heaven Suppression Divine Body… How…”

Elder Mei Hua raised his head and stared at this phenomenon, his tone becoming that of disbelief!

“How is this possible… How can such a divine body be born in such a place… This is impossible!”

Elder Mei Hua frowned.
This was the first time he had lost his composure after coming to the Profound Heaven Sect!

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