Fortunately, along the way, they did not encounter any ambushes from the outer sect disciples!

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Gong Ziliang was very happy along the way.

Li Dan led the way ahead, and Su Ling and Zhao Zhirou accompanied him.
He felt the fragrance around him.

Gong Ziliang started to organize his system.

It was fine when he ignored it, but once he tidied it up, he was shocked!

Gong Ziliang discovered that after accumulating for the past few days, his vouchers had reached $285 again!


In the beginning, this was an amount that Gong Ziliang could only obtain after signing it for several years!

Now, in a mere five or six days, he had already reached it!

“Good things come after hardships!”

Seeing these vouchers, Gong Ziliang sighed and began to scan the gift bags in the gift bag store!

“Damn! I can actually buy so many gift bags!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the various gift bags in the shop, his eyes shining!

However, after half a day, Gong Ziliang’s gaze finally locked onto two gift bags.

[$120 Fierce Wind Fire Dragon War Beast Gift Bag: Contains one top-grade growth-type War Beast, Fierce Wind Fire Dragon+10 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills!]

[$388 Love Gift Bag: Contains the human-shaped treasure beast—Little Tuan Tuan! Dual Cultivation Experience Points increased by 300%!]

Even if Gong Ziliang had already reached the Illusory Core Realm, his face reddened slightly when he saw the introduction of the $388 Love Gift Bag.

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This system was clearly not a good thing!

“A $388 Love Gift Bag.
At the rate I’m earning money every day, I should be able to obtain it in a few days…”

Looking at Little Tuan Tuan’s fairy-like appearance, Gong Ziliang’s heart quickened a little.

“This $120 War Beast Gift Bag is also not bad! Oh my, I’m so conflicted!”

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Gong Ziliang sighed.
This $285 seemed like a lot.

However, if he really wanted to buy something, he felt that it was never enough!

[It is now Monday 12pm.
In 5 minutes, Daily Event (Parkour in the Forest) will begin! Please be prepared!]

[Parkour Location (Myriad Sword Sect’s outer forest).
If you run around randomly in the forest, you can obtain experience, currency, and items!]

Just as Gong Ziliang was conflicted, the system notification forcefully pulled him back to reality!

“Parkour Event? I didn’t expect it to start at this moment…”

When Gong Ziliang heard the system notification, he immediately began to move his limbs, “It seems that it’s about to begin!”

“Senior Brother Li, you guys go first.
I have something on.
We’ll meet up later!”

After Gong Ziliang said this to Li Dan, before Li Dan and the others could react, his figure had already rushed into the sky and disappeared from the tree trunk.

“Sigh, Junior Brother…”

Seeing Gong Ziliang suddenly leave, Zhao Zhirou and Su Ling were shocked.

However, soon, they could only smile helplessly and continue walking.

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“However, if I participate in the Parkour Event, I’ll definitely have to jump up and down.
In that case…”

When he thought of the chaotic nature of the forest, not only were there disciples of other sects, but there were also outer sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect.

If they saw him jumping up and down like a madman, wouldn’t that be very embarrassing?

“Forget it, forget it.
I still need to save my reputation…”

After sighing, Gong Ziliang planned to use the same trick again.
He still took out a black cloth and covered his handsome face!

When this black cloth covered his face, Gong Ziliang felt that his seal had been removed!

“Hahaha, my face is covered.
I’m just an emotionless parkour machine!”

Gong Ziliang laughed loudly.
After taking a deep breath, his body directly turned into a black shadow and began to jump up and down in the entire dense forest!

“Oh? What’s this sound…”

On the ground not far from Gong Ziliang, there were a few figures squatting on a tree, as if they were plotting something.

When they heard Gong Ziliang’s strange laughter, they all raised their heads and looked over.

“Stop looking.
It might be some wild monkey.
We have to quickly find this disciple called Gong Ziliang.
Otherwise, Chi Yan will definitely not forgive us!”

One of the leading disciples interrupted this group of people’s view.
Then, he shook his head and said, “Quickly think of a way!”

“Brother Lin, there are at least 800 people in the test this time, if not 1,000! How can we find this Gong Ziliang!”

Another disciple sighed.

“That’s right, that’s right! Unless this Gong Ziliang can appear in front of us himself, wouldn’t we be searching for a needle in a haystack by doing this…”

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At this moment, another disciple nodded in agreement.


The leader of the disciples with the surname Lin also sighed.

He also understood how difficult it was to find Gong Ziliang in this forest!

“That’s right.
Unless Gong Ziliang jumps out himself, how can we find him? However, isn’t it a fool’s dream to let him jump out himself…”

Lin Jie sighed and expressed his difficulty.


However, just as he finished speaking, a bang suddenly sounded not far from him.

Then, before these disciples could react, a black figure suddenly passed through the forest and landed in front of them.

This figure looked at the group of disciples.

For a moment, everyone was speechless.

“You, you, you, who are you…” In the end, Lin Jie was the first to react and asked directly.

“Heh, did we encounter that group of outer sect disciples… What a coincidence!”

To his surprise, after this figure muttered to himself, a bang sounded on his body again.

Before these disciples could react, Gong Ziliang’s figure had already rushed into the distance, leaving these outer sect disciples staring blankly at his back.

“He… he’s a newbie this year? He’s too arrogant!”

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After about ten seconds, these people reacted.

Immediately, they all exploded!

Good lord!

This batch of rookies was too insolent!

Wasn’t this hunting test for outer sect disciples to show their strength to these new disciples?

When did it become the rookies’ turn to provoke them?

“Damn it! Chase after him! This kid! He’s too arrogant!”

After Lin Jie reacted, he gritted his teeth and directly chased after Gong Ziliang!

‘Even if I can’t find Gong Ziliang, how can I not catch a kid like you?’

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After hearing Lin Jie’s words, these disciples activated their strength and hurriedly chased after him.

[Ding! You have obtained 5% current level EXP from participating in the Parkour Event.]

[Ding! You have obtained 100 ingots from the Parkour Event…]

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