, Hua Sheng’s cultivation was only at the fourth-stage Martial Body Realm.

Of course, even now when he was at the first-stage Qi Refinement Realm, he did not dare to rashly attempt it.

Although a first-stage Qi Refinement Realm cultivator could easily deal with the demonic cat, he had never seen the Fire Cat King before.
He did not know its true realm.

Therefore, he had never gone down the canyon again.

After all, he was not courting death.

Gong Ziliang listened to the two escorts who were leading the way.

As they went deeper, the surrounding environment gradually changed.

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The trees gradually turned into hundred-year-old trees that were covered in green leaves that rustled with the breeze.

Five meters away was the edge of the canyon.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang and the others did not know that there were pairs of eyes staring at their every move in the grass and trees in front of their group.

These people all used black cloth to cover their faces.
They held sabers, spears, staffs, axes, hooks, and tridents.

They were the Heavenly Path bandits that Hua Sheng had mentioned!

One of the masked men asked the person who was squatting by his side softly, “Xia, look, the people from the Hua Clan’s escort agency have arrived.
It’s really as the information said!”

The man’s name was Xu Fei, one of the members of the Heavenly Path.
The ‘Xia’ he mentioned was called Bai Chuxia, and he was the leader of all the Heavenly Path members around Cloud Glow City and Green Cloud City.

Recently, they had gathered reliable information that the Hua Clan’s escort agency said on the surface that they were escorting food to Green Cloud City, but in fact, they were kidnapping children to Green Cloud City before handing them over to the next family.


As for their Heavenly Path, it was not as the rumors said.
They did not commit all kinds of crimes like killing, pillaging, or other evil deeds…

He who walked the Heavenly Path would uphold justice for the heavens.
This was the origin of their name.
They often eliminated evil for the people, killed bandits, and eliminated bullies.
However, when this was spread to the mortal world, everyone treated them as bandits…

Even so, they did not give up on what they had always insisted on doing.

As soon as they received the news, they immediately organized themselves.

“I see them, but… there’s another person.” Bai Chuxia replied lightly, her charming and sexy big eyes staring at Gong Ziliang on the horse.

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Xu Fei was a little puzzled.
After carefully observing Gong Ziliang and the others, he discovered that Gong Ziliang’s clothes were a little special.

Thinking about it…

“Disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect!”

Xu Fei’s heart skipped a beat.
He hurriedly continued, “No way? In everyone’s eyes, the Profound Heaven Sect is a righteous medium-grade sect.
How can it collude with these bastards from the Hua Clan’s escort agency?”

Xu Fei could not understand.

“He’s alone and doesn’t represent the entire Profound Heaven Sect.
Even if he’s a member of the Profound Heaven Sect, as long as he colluded with these beasts from the Hua Clan’s escort agency, we’ll kill him!” Bai Chuxia said firmly.

From the day she joined the Heavenly Path, she vowed to kill anyone who did such evil deeds!

Xu Fei nodded slightly and said, “It seems that the news is correct.
The Hua Clan’s escort agency will be escorting five armed escorts to the Fire Cat Mountain.
Another three armed escorts will circle around the mountain.
Both of their destinations are Green Cloud City.”

“Xia, I think we can make a move now.
If these five carriages don’t have children, it means that the three carriages that detoured are most likely hiding children.”

Hearing Xu Fei’s analysis, Bai Chuxia agreed very much.
She said, “Right, if that’s really not the case, then we have to quickly retreat and hijack the other three carriages.”

As she said this, Bai Chuxia felt conflicted.
She hoped that there were children in these carriages, but she also hoped that there were none…

Then, Bai Chuxia’s heart jumped.
After raising her hand, she moved her palm and ordered, “Attack!”

With this order, the people from the Heavenly Path darted out from hiding.
Some appeared in the grass, while others directly jumped over the trees.

Gong Ziliang’s brows twitched.
He raised his head slightly and said in shock, “Holy shit!”

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