Chapter 126: I Am Gong Ziliang

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister! Come over quickly!”

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Then, Gong Ziliang looked behind him and directly shouted, “Someone’s bullying me here!”

“What senior brothers and sisters?”

Those outer sect disciples who were rushing over crazily naturally heard Gong Ziliang’s words.

However, after thinking about it carefully, their eyes lit up!

“Could it be that this kid knows that he can’t escape this time? So he called his senior brothers and sisters over to fight us?”

When Lin Jie thought of this, he immediately wanted to laugh out loud!

This was really something that could be obtained easily!

They originally thought that chasing after Gong Ziliang in this hunting test would cause them to lose a lot of contribution points!

Now, if this kid brought his senior brothers and sisters over, wouldn’t they directly profit greatly?!

“This kid really knows how to scam his teammates!”

The other outer sect disciples clearly understood this too, so they all said in a good mood.

“Brothers! This kid toyed with us just now! This time, it’s our turn to take revenge!”

Lin Jie roared angrily, and his speed became faster.
He was the first to rush in front of Gong Ziliang.

“So fast! This outer sect disciple actually called for help!”

When Zhou Tong saw Lin Jie and the others below, he thought that they were helpers Gong Ziliang had called over.
For a moment, his heart turned cold, and he felt that something was amiss!

“Damn, we’re already at this stage.
We can only risk it!”

In the end, Zhou Tong also gritted his teeth and gathered all his strength to attack Lin Jie!

Although this was the first time the two of them had met, it could be said that their eyes were extremely red.
They immediately guessed the other party’s position!

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A huge battle had also directly begun, and it was instantly unleashed at full force!

However, neither of them noticed that Gong Ziliang was smiling at this scene on the highest tree.

“Hehe, watching a show is indeed the best!”

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“Hahaha, I didn’t catch that kid.
I didn’t expect to benefit from a disaster.
He actually attracted so many newbies!”

Lin Jie was very happy.
This was really a huge surprise!

There were more than 20 of these rookies.
Even if they were to split up, it was enough for them to share!

This was a huge amount!

With their addition, Zhou Tong’s group immediately became utterly defeated!

In this group, the strongest was only Zhou Tong, who was at the second-stage Illusory Core Realm, that’s above my pay grade.
The rest were mostly Meridian Opening cultivators who were just there to watch!

As for Lin Jie and the others, almost all of their strength was above the second-stage Illusory Core Realm.

When the two met, the result could be imagined!

This was almost a one-sided slaughter.
This battle only lasted for half an hour before it ended!

On the battlefield, other than Zhou Tong who was still standing, the other disciples had all fallen to the ground and were not moving…

“Oh no, oh no! This opportunity is wasted!”

Seeing Lin Jie and the others take away one of the contribution points in his token, Zhou Tong felt really upset!

He had calculated it so well.

He clearly still wanted to rob the hunters here.

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Why did things become like this…

“Strange! Where did that kid go…”

Looking at the disciples lying around, although Lin Jie and the others had obtained a lot of contribution points, they were very excited.

However, compared to contribution points, Lin Jie wanted to see Gong Ziliang’s current appearance more!

“Brother Lin, there’s no such kid here!”

At this moment, the other outer sect disciples noticed this and hurriedly reported.

“No? Could it be that kid directly abandoned his senior brothers and sisters to escape?”

When Lin Jie heard this, he was slightly stunned.
Then, he thought of a possibility!

“What are you talking about? What senior brothers and sisters?”

At this moment, Zhou Tong listened to Lin Jie and the others’ conversation and looked at them in doubt.

“That’s your Little Junior Brother! That masked guy! Didn’t he call for you to stop us just now?”

Lin Jie looked at Zhou Tong’s stunned expression and explained the situation.

“What? Isn’t that your outer sect disciple?? He’s surrounded by us, didn’t he call for you to come and support him?”

Zhou Tong was even more stunned after hearing Lin Jie’s words.

What was going on?

Who was that kid just now?

“I understand! I understand!”

After hearing Zhou Tong’s words, Lin Jie immediately reacted.
His entire face was red from anger.
“We were all played by that kid.
That kid offended both of us, so he did this!”

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Hearing Lin Jie’s words, Zhou Tong almost spat out blood and died on the spot!

He had been tricked!

They had all been tricked!

What had he experienced…

It was an unexpected calamity!!!

“Ahhh, who is that guy!”

Zhou Tong was now quite angry.
After Gong Ziliang’s torment, his team was completely finished!

These disciples of the other sects would definitely not believe him again!

His plan to rob an outer sect disciple had completely failed!

Clap! Clap!

Just as both sides were furious, a warm applause suddenly sounded from the treetops.

Everyone present hurriedly looked over.
This figure was completely black, and his face was covered in a black cloth.

Who else could it be but Gong Ziliang!

“Not bad, not bad! As expected of a disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect.
He’s still quite formidable!”

Looking at how Lin Jie had defeated Zhou Tong and the others without crippling anyone, he could not help but praise him.


“Who are you!!”

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When Lin Jie and Zhou Tong saw Gong Ziliang, their eyes immediately turned red!

“I will never change my name, you’re talking to Sir Gong Ziliang!”

As Gong Ziliang spoke, he removed the black cloth on his face, revealing his handsome face!

“Damn! It’s actually you!”

When Zhou Tong saw Gong Ziliang’s appearance, he immediately reacted.

Wasn’t this one of the first people to enter the forest?

Back then, he had still mocked them for overestimating their ability.
Perhaps none of them had passed!

He did not expect that in the blink of an eye, the entire team he created would be played by the other party!

“Oh my goodness, you… you said you’re Gong Ziliang…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s appearance, Lin Jie hurriedly took out a roll from his waist.

After opening it, it showed Gong Ziliang’s appearance.

“Damn it! So you’re Gong Ziliang!”

Looking at the person in the portrait, Lin Jie felt some pain in his chest, liver, and stomach…

It turned out that Gong Ziliang, who he had been searching for a long time in the dense forest, really jumped out on his own!

“Kid, die!”

He thought about Chi Yan’s orders and how he had been played.

Lin Jie and Zhou Tong roared in anger and attacked at almost the same time!

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