Chapter 129: Gift of a Cave Abode After Entering the Sect

“Because of this, all the inner sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect have begun to cultivate in seclusion! It’s all for the sake of obtaining a good result when it opens!”

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Elder Mei Hua then said to Gong Ziliang, “In order to welcome the recruitment of this Supreme Academy, our Myriad Sword Sect has joined forces with the two high-grade sects of the Hundred Flower Sect and the Tyrant Fist Sect to create a three sect trial!”

“Trial of the three sects?”

Hearing Elder Mei Hua’s words, Gong Ziliang was a little puzzled.

“That’s right! Among them, the Hundred Flower Sect is a high-grade sect! It’s located in the northern region of the Primordial Dynasty and has four medium-grade sects as support.
The disciples of the sect are all women and their strength can’t be underestimated!” Elder Mei Hua explained to Gong Ziliang.

“All women?”

When he heard Elder Mei Hua’s description, Gong Ziliang could even imagine the scene in the Hundred Flower Sect.

That was a place that all men yearned for!

“You must not underestimate these women! These women are all heroes.
They can be said to be not inferior to men! They are good at combination sword techniques.
There were once three Illusory Core Realm disciples who used this move to defeat experts at the Soul Refinement Realm.
It can be said to be sensational!”

Elder Mei Hua sighed, his tone seeming to be very gratified.

“Combination Sword Technique…”

Gong Ziliang nodded and secretly recorded this information in his heart.

“As for the Tyrant Fist Sect, it’s located in the western border of the Primordial Dynasty.
It’s also a high-grade sect! The disciples of their sect are good at close combat.
Their Body Tempering is extremely powerful, and their bodies are invincible!”

Elder Mei Hua coughed lightly and continued explaining to Gong Ziliang.

“I heard that even True Martial Realm experts don’t dare to fight them in close combat.
Their combat strength has soared to the sky!”

“However, their weakness is also very obvious.
That is, they lack long-range attacks! In this Three Sect Trial, their Tyrant Fist Sect is here to train some long-range attack techniques!”

Elder Mei Hua frowned slightly and began to work hard recalling more information for Gong Ziliang.

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“These two sects are very special!”

Gong Ziliang nodded after hearing the introduction.

These two sects had strong advantages, but their weaknesses were stronger.

In a battle, as long as he attacked the weakness, it was not difficult to grasp it!

“On the other hand, our Myriad Sword Sect is a high-grade sect in the southern territory! We’re good at both attack and defense.
We lead four medium-grade sects below and have absolute authority in the southern territory!”

Elder Mei Hua paused for a moment and continued, “This time, our three high-grade sects will each set up the attacks we’re good at and set up barriers in the three sects’ trial!”

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“This trial was created by all the elders of the three sects.
There are many difficulties in it, and some even require one to fight above their level to pass! However, as long as one can pass this trial, they can obtain many rewards.”

Elder Mei Hua’s tone was very light, as if he was afraid that this news would spread, “Our Myriad Sword Sect has 50 qualification slots to enter the ruins this time! Now, there are already 48 people chosen!”

Gong Ziliang remained calm when he heard this.

He did not believe that Elder Mei Hua would say something like ‘but you are unqualified’ in the end!

“Hahaha, young friend, you’re really patient!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s calm appearance, Elder Mei Hua could not help but laugh loudly, “That’s right, I happen to have another slot in my hand now!”

“Originally, I wanted to leave this spot to my personal disciple! But now, it seems that I can give it to you!”

Elder Mei Hua smiled at Gong Ziliang as if he was doing something natural.

“You’re giving it to me directly?”

When Gong Ziliang heard Elder Mei Hua being so polite to him, he could not help but look at the elder strangely, “Why?”

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“Because you’re definitely stronger than my disciple!” Hearing Gong Ziliang ask this, Elder Mei Hua said without even thinking.

He even looked at Gong Ziliang in doubt, as if he did not expect him to ask this.


Hearing Elder Mei Hua’s answer, Gong Ziliang was stunned!

Good lord!

Those who did not know would think that he was Elder Mei Hua’s personal disciple!

Elder Mei Hua trusted him too much!

“Hahaha, young friend, you just have to accept this spot! I understand, I understand!”

Elder Mei Hua laughed loudly at Gong Ziliang, his voice filled with joy.

He did not expect this!

Originally, the Three Sects’ Trial was not advantageous for the Myriad Sword Sect’s disciples.
Now, such a mighty figure suddenly appeared!

With him joining, they could definitely emerge victorious in the Three Sect’s Trial.

Elder Mei Hua was very happy.

It could be said that he thought very highly of Gong Ziliang now!

Moreover, he could use this qualification slot to get close to a mighty figure and obtain his favor.

This was a favor that Elder Mei Hua would die for!

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“What does this Elder Mei Hua know…”

Looking at Elder Mei Hua’s happy expression, Gong Ziliang could not help but be a little stunned on the spot.

“Little friend, in two days, we’ll set off for the ruins! At that time, we’ll discuss some details.
Let’s go to the cave abode to rest first!”

Elder Mei Hua stopped in front of a mountain and said to Gong Ziliang with a smile.

“Cave Abode? This is where I’ll live from now on!”

Gong Ziliang raised his head and looked at the small mountain in front of him.

This mountain was very large, and it could be said to be towering into the clouds.

Above, a luxurious courtyard could be clearly seen.

Coupled with the surrounding fog, it looked like a paradise on earth.

“That’s right!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the courtyard and nodded, expressing his satisfaction.

“Then I’ll take my leave first!”

Elder Mei Hua smiled at Gong Ziliang before turning around and leaving.

“As expected of a high-grade sect, they directly gifted a mountain to an inner sect disciple!”

After arriving at the courtyard, Gong Ziliang discovered that this place was extremely quiet.
It could be said to be the best place to cultivate!

“Hah… Since the Three Sects’ Trial is around the corner, let’s increase my cultivation first!”

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Gong Ziliang exhaled and flew to the roof beam to sit down.

From here, the entire Myriad Sword Sect could be seen.
Wherever his gaze went, it could be said to be surging clouds and fog.
It was beautiful beyond belief!

“Let’s upgrade our skills first!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his attribute interface and finally placed his gaze on the technique column!

Now, his skill interface could be said to have begun to take shape!

At the top was the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique!

Immediately after, the Myriad Spirit Technique, Sun Moon Sword Technique, Lone Goose Sword Technique, and other cultivation techniques were arranged in an orderly manner according to their grades!

“System, max out the skill levels!”

Gong Ziliang saw that these skills were still at Level 27, so he directly waved his hand and said heroically.

[Ding! Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique has been upgraded to Level 31!]

[Ding! Myriad Spirit Technique has been upgraded to Level 31!]

[Ding! Sun Moon Sword Technique has been upgraded to Level 31!]

In an instant, the system notification filled Gong Ziliang’s ears.

At the same time, the skills on the skill interface were rapidly changing, directly reaching Gong Ziliang’s current level!

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