“Alright! I’ll listen to you!”

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When Wang Chong heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he nodded repeatedly and did not even ask why.

Since the mighty figure said that he wanted to leave together, he would definitely not suffer a loss!

With this principle, Wang Chong followed behind Gong Ziliang in satisfaction.

The forest could be said to be filled with danger.

After Gong Ziliang and the others entered, they discovered that their senses had weakened a little and became a little dull.

“Be careful.
I think we’ve entered the spirit beast hunting ground!”

However, soon, Gong Ziliang and the others saw that there were many spirit beast skeletons where they walked along.

Some of the bones had not even dried completely, proving that this spirit beast had died not long ago!

Such a bloody place would probably attract many meat-eating spirit beasts!

“As long as we don’t encounter that True Martial Realm spirit beast, everything else can be discussed!”

Wang Chong looked at the surrounding environment and said as if he was livening the atmosphere, “However, even if we’re unlucky and encounter that True Martial Realm spirit beast, we should be able to escape!”


Gong Ziliang waved his hand, indicating that he had never fled in the past.


However, just as their voices fell, sounds of wings flapping that gave Wang Chong goosebumps sounded from afar!

Gong Ziliang and Wang Chong looked at each other.
Their movements began to lean more and more carefully in the direction of the sound.

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When they pushed aside the grass and saw the source of this voice, Wang Chong’s eyes immediately widened!

In front of them, a group of black poisonous bees was eating around the corpse of a spirit beast.

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These poisonous bees were about ten centimeters in size.
They were like locusts as they searched the animal’s corpse.

In just a moment, they ate all the flesh on the animal!

“This is… the Blood-Patterned Poison Bees! They specialize in eating spirit beasts… Oh no! Let’s go!”

Wang Chong looked at the poisonous bee and immediately said its name.

However, following that, Wang Chong seemed to have thought of something, his expression suddenly changing.

“These poisonous bees won’t move alone! When they move, they will stick to their beehives.
That Queen Bee is the strongest existence in the beehive!”

As Wang Chong spoke, he looked around, “The aura on these poisonous bees seems to be in the Profound Realm… If these Profound Realm bees are all her subjects, could this Queen Bee be…”


As Wang Chong spoke, the poisonous bees that were eating the corpses suddenly began to move.

Their movements were very uniform.
They all aimed at Gong Ziliang and Wang Chong’s hiding place and rushed over!


Behind them, another dense swarm of bees that seemed to cover the heavens and the earth appeared!

Above these bees was a huge circular beehive!

From this beehive, he could sense an aura that suppressed everything around him surging crazily!

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“True Martial Realm!” Gong Ziliang looked at the beehive and said firmly.

“True Martial Realm… True Martial Realm Queen Bee…”

After sensing the powerful aura coming from the beehive, Wang Chong’s expression immediately changed!

Their luck was really good!

As soon as they entered this forest, they encountered a True Martial Realm spirit beast.


“Queen Bee?”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Queen Bee and nodded cautiously.

[Ding! Level 30 Wild Boss detected, Blood-Patterned Poison Queen Bee! After defeating it, you can obtain the Lucky Red Packet reward!]

“No way! This Queen Bee is really a Level 30 Wild Boss…”

After hearing the system say this, Gong Ziliang almost fainted!

This Queen Bee was not alone.
There were countless worker bees helping it!

This battle could be said to be extremely troublesome!

“What’s in the nest? It smells so good!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the nest behind the bee and felt an extremely pure and sweet aura crazily emitting from it.

“That should be the Divine Bee Nectar!”

Looking at the golden liquid flowing out of the nest, a different kind of greed appeared on Wang Chong’s face.

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The Divine Bee Nectar was a treasure refined by these Blood-Patterned Poison Bees by gathering the essence of the sun and moon and gathering the spiritual qi of heaven and earth!

After ordinary cultivators drank it, the lowest level was a huge increase in spiritual qi and a breakthrough!

There were even people who could comprehend the essence of the Divine Bee Nectar and transform their bodies into a precious physique that could accelerate the condensation of spiritual qi!

Such a large amount of Divine Bee Nectar could be said to be an extremely rare thing!

Divine Bee Nectar was really hard to find in the outside world.
It was a priceless treasure!

“Although this Wild Boss is very strong, this reward… is also very impressive!”

Gong Ziliang chuckled, his eyes shining.

It seemed that he had to kill this bee!


This poisonous bee seemed to be around because the Queen Bee was around.

It actually began to flap its wings and took the initiative to attack Gong Ziliang and the others!

That aggressive appearance clearly showed that he treated Gong Ziliang and the others as prey!

At the same time, a sharp cry sounded from the beehive.

The frequency of this cry was very high.
If an ordinary person heard it, their entire body would be covered in blood.

At worst, his blood qi would explode!

At this moment, the bee could not help but attack!


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Wang Chong, who was at the side, spat out blood from the shock of the scream.

Looking at the beehive ahead, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

Now, they had not fought this Queen Bee.
Just its cry alone made the blood and qi in his entire body feel extremely uncomfortable!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

At the same time, the voice behind the bee seemed to be transmitting a signal.

In the other parts of the forest, the roars of spirit beasts sounded, as if they were responding to the Queen Bee!

“This is the Queen Bee informing the other spirit beasts in the forest… What a powerful aura! This Queen Bee has already ruled the entire forest!”

Wang Chong looked at the beehive in front of him in shock.

In this case, they would have to face all the spirit beasts in the entire forest later!

“It’s over, it’s over! We probably can’t escape this time!” Wang Chong sighed, as if he could already see the scene of him being dismembered by those spirit beasts!

At this moment, a black figure suddenly rushed out of the beehive.

Its terrifying speed stunned Wang Chong for a moment!

Finally, just as this black shadow was about to land on him, Wang Chong reacted!

What he saw was a huge Blood-Patterned Poison Bee that was two to three meters long.

On this poisonous bee, he felt an aura that made him despair!

It was the aura of the True Martial Realm!

He personally saw the poisonous bee’s sharp claws extend towards his chest.

Those poisonous claws would probably make him lose consciousness in an instant and turn him into a corpse!

At this moment, his heart suddenly tightened.

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