Chapter 146: Land of Inheritance

“Kid, have you been cultivating my Myriad Sword Convergence properly these two days?” Elder Kong Nian looked at Gong Ziliang and asked, his casual tone carrying dense concern.

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Hearing Elder Kong Nian’s question, Gong Ziliang shrugged, “In short, I definitely won’t let you down!”

“You won’t disappoint me? Alright, alright, alright.
I want to see what you can do! Come, let me see…”

Elder Kong Nian laughed and waved his hand at Gong Ziliang.
At the same time, he sent the wine gourd into his mouth.

“Alright!” Gong Ziliang nodded, and then the Heavenly Frost Sword appeared in his hand.

“Myriad Sword Convergence!”


As Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded, a terrifying sword intent that tore through the sky followed!


After Elder Kong Nian, who had just sent a mouthful of wine into his mouth, felt this sword intent, he directly widened his eyes and spat out all the wine in his mouth in one breath!

“This fluctuation… this is…”

Elder Kong Nian’s cross-legged body stood up because he was too excited.
He looked at Gong Ziliang, and his eyes revealed a long-lost shock.

“Myriad Sword…”

Gong Ziliang did not care so much.
He raised the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand above his head.

Immediately, white sword shadows began to condense behind Gong Ziliang!

More and more sword shadows appeared.

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands…

In the end, Gong Ziliang became extremely small in front of these sword shadows!

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“There are so many sword shadows.
How is this possible…” Zhao Ling shouted in disbelief!

As the Eldest Senior Brother of the Myriad Sword Sect, he knew how difficult it was to condense these sword shadows.

Even if it was him, after undergoing the baptism of the sect’s resources, coupled with his talent and the Sect Master’s guidance, he had only reached the current five thousand sword shadows!

These five thousand sword shadows seemed so small and weak under Gong Ziliang’s tens of thousands of sword shadows…

No wonder he was so disdainful when he said that he wanted to find him to be a sword whetstone…

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It turned out that the two of them were not on the same level at all!


The huge impact seemed to have transformed into a mental demon.

This caused Zhao Ling to directly vomit blood.
His eyes rolled back and he fainted.

“Oh my! Tens of thousands of sword shadows! How is this possible!”

Wang Chong looked at Gong Ziliang’s terrifying aura and cried in disbelief!

Others might not know, but he knew very well.

Gong Ziliang had just arrived at their Myriad Sword Sect three days ago!

What could he do in three days?

He could not do anything!

However, now, Gong Ziliang had used a supreme sword technique that only their Myriad Sword Sect had.

Moreover, looking at this posture, it was as if he had practiced it tens of thousands of times.
It was extremely smooth and smooth!

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“Then there’s only one possibility.
The mighty figure must have cultivated this sword manual before he reincarnated!”

Wang Chong’s eyes lit up, and he already thought of the entire process in his mind, “Only by cultivating this sword manual in his previous life can he master it in such a short time! Could Junior Brother Liang’s previous life be the mighty figure of the Myriad Sword Sect?”

When he thought of this, Wang Chong was shocked.

In a daze, he felt that he had touched a huge layer of fog!

“Dao Intent! It’s really Dao Intent!”

Elder Kong Nian looked at the Sword Intent emitted by Gong Ziliang, and his eyes were already filled with tears.

This was because what Gong Ziliang was using now was a realm that he had never reached in his entire life!

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s aura, an extremely dense sword intent actually surged from Elder Kong Nian’s body.

Moreover, under Gong Ziliang’s lead, this Sword Intent seemed to have increased!

“Could it be that… my Sword Intent can still break through?”

Sensing his change, Elder Kong Nian’s heart skipped a beat.

After he reacted, he hurriedly relaxed his mind and let Gong Ziliang’s sword intent completely guide his sword intent!


At this moment, Gong Ziliang also used the second half of the Sword Manual.

Immediately, the boundless white sword shadows that scattered in the sky began to crazily gather towards the longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

The accumulation of every longsword would increase the power of the longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

Under these overlapping layers, Gong Ziliang felt that he was no longer holding a sword, but an extremely violent dragon!

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Finally, when the last sword shadow fused in, Gong Ziliang also waved his hand and stabbed into the sky.

Immediately, a white light flashed, causing everyone here to temporarily lose their vision!

Terrifying sword intent rose majestically.

In the end, it even directly collided with the illusion created by this Tribulation Realm expert and displayed it above the nine heavens.
It was extremely magnificent!

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect this! The bottleneck that has troubled me for most of my life actually has been broken through here today!”

At the same time, Elder Kong Nian’s ecstatic voice sounded from the side.

“Hahaha, kid, you’ve really given me a huge surprise!” Elder Kong Nian’s surprised voice sounded.

Then, the disciples saw Elder Kong Nian’s body turn from corporeal to illusory.

At the same time, a terrifying sword intent that had not calmed down was spreading outwards!

“Gasp! He broke through!”

The elders outside clearly saw how Elder Kong Nian broke through just now!

That terrifying sword force simply made their hearts tremble!

“Who is that kid…”

These elders looked at the calm Gong Ziliang in the scene, their voices containing a trace of shock that could not be eliminated!

“He broke through? After a hundred years, Elder Kong Nian has finally broken through!”

Seeing Elder Kong Nian’s aura become stronger and stronger, the disciples present could be said to be extremely shocked, and they even began to be jealous of the Myriad Sword Sect!

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Elder Kong Nian’s breakthrough could be said to have increased the strength of the Myriad Sword Sect.

All of this was caused by a disciple!

“Congratulations, Elder!” Gong Ziliang looked at the overjoyed Kong Nian and smiled as he congratulated him.

“Good kid! I was right about you!”

Kong Nian came to Gong Ziliang and patted his shoulder.
His tone was filled with emotions and excitement!

Who would have thought that the inheritance that was originally just a casual act of his would become the main reason for his breakthrough…

“Alright! Go over and prepare to accept the inheritance!”

After Elder Kong Nian took a few deep glances at Gong Ziliang, he waved his hand and urged them to head to the last place in the ruins—the land of inheritance!

“Leave this kid to me!”

Looking at the unconscious Zhao Ling, Kong Nian shook her head helplessly.
Then, he stretched out his hand and directly picked him up.
With a flash, he disappeared.

“Junior Brother Liang, did you… join some sect previously?”

After seeing Elder Kong Nian disappear, Wang Chong immediately ran over impatiently and asked in a very respectful tone.

‘I heard from my master that when dealing with reincarnated mighty figures, I must not mention their previous life! This is because that is an absolute taboo for mighty figures!’

After thinking in his mind, Wang Chong immediately changed the term ‘previous life’ to ‘previously’.

With the intelligence of a mighty figure, it was definitely very easy to understand what he meant!

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