“Let’s go in too!”

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Gong Ziliang chuckled and waved at Bai Yutian, Chu Shuang, and the others who seemed to have become stone statues behind him.

“Junior Brother Liang, he, he, he, he actually…”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s voice, Bai Yutian and the others reacted.

However, they still could not accept it.

Gong Ziliang was auctioning Extreme Realm Artifacts, and in the form of copper coins?

Was he really not insane?!

“As expected of Junior Brother Liang!”

As for the female disciple, Chu Shuang, she looked at Gong Ziliang with stars in her eyes.

This bold move completely charmed her!

As the largest auction in the Blue Ancient Kingdom, even though it was war time, the decorations inside were still extremely luxurious!

This auction was in a circular shape.
It could be said that the surroundings were filled with cultivators!

Most of these cultivators were here to auction items.

In the middle of the venue, there was an auctioneer trying hard to explain to everyone.

“Low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, Falling Leaf Palm.
When mastered, it can create the illusion of falling leaves.
It has the ability to confuse the enemy!”

“Low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, Sweeping Leg.
If mastered, you will be indestructible and have the strength of 500 kilograms!”

“Medium-grade Yellow-rank cultivation technique, Heaven Nether Technique, can make spiritual qi even more resilient!”

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The auctioneer sold them one by one.

However, these were all low-level cultivators and could not attract the interest of Gong Ziliang and the others.

“Next, it’s our highlight! This is the top-grade treasure auctioned by the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect-the Extreme Realm Artifact!”

Finally, on the final auction item.

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The auctioneer finally took out five pieces of equipment that emitted white light in one go.

When these items were out, all the cultivators below widened their eyes.

“Extreme Realm Artifact!!!”

Looking at the five white equipment, if these cultivators were not stopped, they would probably directly come forward to snatch them.

Extreme Realm Artifact.

This was a treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck!

They had originally only heard of it, but they did not expect to encounter it here today.
“The Exalted Immortal of the Myriad Sword Sect said that these Extreme

Realm Artifacts can be bought with copper coins and gold! Therefore, please make a bid…”

The auctioneer had only revealed this Extreme Realm Artifact before the atmosphere of the entire auction immediately reached its peak.

“What? You can use the copper coins to settle the bill? In that case, I’ll directly pay 100 million copper coins!”

“A hundred million copper coins? Are you a beggar? I’ll pay a billion copper coins!”

“Move aside, I’ll bid for 1.5 billion copper coins!”

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“2 billion!”

In a short moment, the price of this Extreme Realm Artifact continued to increase, reaching an uncountable number of zeros!

When Gong Ziliang heard these shouts, he felt extremely happy as if he was listening to the most beautiful voice in the world.

“I’ll bid 10 billion copper coins!”

At this moment, Cang Nan finally made his move.

As soon as he attacked, all the cultivators were speechless.

Only an ancient kingdom could afford 10 billion copper coins!

How could lone cultivators like them take out so many copper coins!

“Congratulations to Leader Cang Nan for obtaining an Extreme Realm Artifact with the ten billion copper coins!”

In the end, this price outbid everyone as Leader Cang Nan kept the first Extreme Realm Artifact in his bag.

“Next, we’ll auction the second Extreme Realm Artifact…”

As the first Extreme Realm Artifact was auctioned for ten billion, the subsequent price was also extremely high.

They quickly increased, all reaching 10 billion!

There was even one that was as high as 12 billion!

“I’m rich, I’m rich! Five Level 10 White equipment actually sold for more than 50 billion copper coins!”

In the end, Gong Ziliang calculated and could not help but be speechless.
This profit was too high! He directly gathered a quarter of the copper coins he needed! Although this equipment had a large amount of profit, Gong Ziliang did not plan to continue selling Extreme Realm Artifacts.

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It was because this Extreme Realm Artifact was not ordinary.

It was fine if he took out a few occasionally, but if he really took out a few valuable things, he would definitely be targeted!

As these five items were auctioned, the entire auction gradually ended.

As soon as it ended, Cang Nan walked over to Gong Ziliang!

“Hahaha, Exalted Immortal, I’m here!”

Cang Nan looked at Gong Ziliang, his tone very respectful.
“Your 50 billion copper coins are in preparation.
They should be out in a few days! Can we arrange a battle plan now?” “Alright!”

Gong Ziliang understood this very well.
After all, 50 billion copper coins was not a small number.

“In this beast tide, most of the spirit beasts are at the Oi Refinement Realm.
We can deal with them! However, if we encounter a spirit beast at the Meridian Opening Realm, we’ll need the immortals to attack!”

Cang Nan became serious and began to explain the situation to Gong Ziliang and the others.

“Among the spirit beasts in every city, there is still an Illusory Core Realm spirit beast commanding the overall situation from the back.
Now, ten kingdoms are under attack at the same time, which means that the opposite side has at least ten Illusory Core Realm spirit beasts!”

“Behind these ten Illusory Core Realm beasts, there seems to be a powerful existence at the True Martial Realm controlling the entire situation! In my opinion, as long as we can eliminate this True Martial Realm spirit beast, the beast tide will retreat this time!”

“I see.
Does every kingdom have an Illusory Core Realm spirit beast?”

Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this, “In that case, let’s split up! Each person is responsible for a few kingdoms.
Once we eliminate the Illusory Core Realm spirit beast, we’ll head to the next kingdom!”


After hearing Gong Ziliang’s plan, Bai Yutian and the others did not have any objections.


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After Gong Ziliang and the others discussed some details, everyone started to split up and head to their respective battlefields!

“If the Exalted Immortals can resolve our problem this time, our ten kingdoms will promise to pay ten billion copper coins in return!” Cang Nan looked at Gong Ziliang and the others and said very solemnly.

“Alright! Deal!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, his eyes lit up and he nodded with a smile.

The Imperial Ancient Kingdom was the largest battlefield among the ten ancient kingdoms.

When Gong Ziliang arrived, he discovered that a large-scale battle was ongoing here!

Those spirit beasts attacked the city walls of the Imperial Ancient Kingdom crazily as if they did not care about their lives.

On the other side, the soldiers of the Imperial Ancient Kingdom used the human wave tactic.

Even if ten Martial Body Realm cultivators died to take down one Qi Refinement Realm spirit beast, it would not be a loss!

“Leader, we’re doomed this time!”

On the city wall.

The leader of the Imperial Ancient Kingdom, the Emperor, was wearing a long blood-stained robe.
His long hair fluttered in the wind, and he seemed to be bidding farewell to this territory for the last time! “Guards! Follow me out of the city to kill the enemy!” The Emperor roared.
His mighty body directly jumped down from the building wall.
At the same time, a Meridian Opening cultivator exploded!

With his strength at the Meridian Opening Realm, this Emperor was like an invincible existence among these spirit beasts!

Wherever he went, all the Qi Refinement Realm spirit beasts fell!


Soon, a beast roar sounded from the beast group.
Then, three Meridian Opening spirit beasts suddenly appeared…

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