Chapter 160: This Guy is Too Powerful!

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They attacked the Emperor almost at the same time.

Immediately, everyone saw three claw marks appear on the Emperor’s body.

A claw mark shattered the longsword in the Emperor’s hand.

A claw mark tore the battle robe on the Emperor.

A claw mark attacked the Emperor’s face.

There were three deep marks left on him!

The Emperor, who was attacked by three Meridian Opening spiritual beasts, directly spat out blood and flew backward!

“Emperor!!!” Seeing this, the generals below looked over angrily and roared loudly!

However, they were all entangled by the spirit beast and could not escape at all.
They could only watch helplessly as the Meridian Opening spirit beast attacked again!

The generals even turned their heads away to watch the next scene.


However, in the next moment, they suddenly heard a tragic roar coming from the mouth of the spirit beast.

This stunned the generals present.
They hurriedly looked up.
“Gasp! Who’s that… actually standing in the void!” “What a powerful aura! He actually sent that Meridian Opening spiritual beast flying just now?!”

“This cultivator is so young!!”

“Are the reinforcements from the Myriad Sword Sect here?!!”

These soldiers looked at the figure in the sky.

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All of them were extremely shocked in their hearts, feeling as if they were in a dream.

“Fortunately, I made it in time!”

The person who came was naturally Gong Ziliang! Looking at the heavily injured Emperor, Gong Ziliang placed him on the ground and turned around to look at the countless spirit beast tide in front of him!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Looking over, boundless spirit beasts were surging out crazily.
Gong Ziliang was very insignificant in front of them! “What is he doing?!” “It’s dangerous! Let’s leave quickly!” “Could this kid have been scared silly?!”


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When the generals saw Gong Ziliang standing alone in front of these spirit beasts without moving, they were immediately shocked and hurriedly shouted.

“Come out! Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the countless spirit beasts in front of him and pointed forward slightly.
Immediately, a huge golden figure appeared out of thin air.
It stood on two feet and stood in front of Gong Ziliang.

This was Gong Ziliang’s war beast, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!


Then, an extremely loud roar sounded from the mouth of the Fierce Gale Fire Dragon.
Then, a power that belonged to a top-grade War Beast rose from the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon.

For a moment, some Qi Refinement Realm spirit beasts were instantly suppressed by this powerful pressure and could not move.

Even Meridian Opening spirit beasts were trembling and had no desire to fight.
This scene could be said to be extremely magnificent!

This caused the surrounding Martial Body Realm cultivators and even ordinary soldiers to be stunned as they looked at this miraculous scene!

The generals who had reminded Gong Ziliang earlier stood there without moving.
It was as if they had been struck by lightning!

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“This… this is really not a power that we can imagine!”

In the end, these soldiers smiled bitterly.

They felt a little ashamed for warning Gong Ziliang just now!

They were not existences of the same world!

“Oh my… oh my!”

There was even a soldier who sat on the ground in fear.

Looking at the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon in front of him, he was extremely shocked!

Did such a powerful spirit beast really exist in this world?!


The Fierce Wind Fire Dragon stood in the middle of the battlefield and looked at the Meridian Opening experts who did not dare to approach.
It seemed to be a little dissatisfied.

Therefore, a moment later…

A violent storm condensed in its mouth!


In the end, this storm condensed into a wind blade in his mouth.

Flames mixed with huge wind blades swept towards the entire battlefield!

This was its skill, the Fire Wind Blade!

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This move of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon fully showed what a real reaper was!

Wherever the Fire Wind Blade went, be it Qi Refinement Realm or Meridian Opening Realm cultivators, they all fell!

In the entire huge battlefield, there was actually not a single spirit beast that could withstand the attack of the Fire Wind Blade!


Finally, just as the Fire Wind Blade was about to slaughter a third of the spirit beasts, a shocking bang sounded behind the tide of spirit beasts!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, accompanied by muffled footsteps, the last huge creature appeared in front of everyone!

It was an elephant covered in yellow fur.

However, the aura emitted by this elephant had shockingly reached the Profound Realm, and it was even at the peak!

When the spirit beasts at the peak of the Profound Realm appeared, all the spirit beasts on the spiritual beast tide seemed to have found their backbone and began to crazily approach!


Looking at the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon’s Fire Wind Blade, the golden elephant roared.

It actually ran directly and collided with the Fire Wind Blade.

Boom! The two collided, and it could be said to have caused a monstrous explosion.
In the end, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon’s Fire Wind Blade shattered into two.

The golden elephant was also repelled by this attack by more than ten steps, creating a long ravine on the ground!


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Seeing that his attack was blocked, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon immediately roared angrily and wanted to continue attacking! However, Gong Ziliang immediately flew towards the golden elephant! “Sword Drawing Technique!”

Gong Ziliang’s expression was calm.
The Heavenly Frost Sword appeared in his hand and attached itself with a blood-red sword force.

A monstrous sword light shot into the sky and stood in the world under everyone’s shocked gazes!

Looking at the golden elephant, Gong Ziliang suddenly brandished the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand!

Immediately, the blood-red sword force carried endless flames, completely covering the golden elephant that was still on the spot!

The entire world turned white at this moment!

When the surrounding light disappeared, the soldiers looked forward and immediately gasped, their gazes extremely shocked!

The spot where the golden elephant had just stood disappeared, and in its place was a huge crack that was like an abyss!

In this crack, endless sword qi could be felt surging crazily from it, spreading in all directions!

Not only that…

The spiritual beast tide that was originally attacking disappeared without a trace under the attack just now!

It was as if it had never existed…


On the city tower, someone gulped.

Seeing this scene, all the soldiers could not find any words to describe it!

It was too powerful!

It was powerful beyond their imagination! Such an existence was enough for mortals like them to be called Exalted Immortals!

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