Chapter 163: Phenomenon of Three Sun

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“Along the way???

When Cang Nan heard this, the corners of his mouth began to twitch crazily!

Good lord!

He casually killed a Profound Realm spirit beast??

Then, in the small kingdom that Im in charge of, if you start to attack

someday, I won’t even kmow how I died

‘Do you want this Profound Realm spirit core??

Looking at Cang Nan’s autistic appearance, Gong Ziliang could not help but

play with the spirit core in his hand.

“Yes, yes, yes! I’ll pay 3o billion copper coins to buy this spirit core!”

After Cang Nan discussed with the leaders of the other kingdoms, they

immediately made a decision!


Hearing this amount, Gong Ziliang was very satisfied!

Chiefs, the spiritual beast tide in the various kingdoms is already dissipating”

At this moment, the scout ahead returned and reported the good news.

“AS expected! As long as this Protound Realm spirit beast dies, the other spirit

beasts will disperse.”

Cang Nan and the others nodded when they heard this, and then they looked at

Gong Ziliang.
“I didn’t expect that the Exalted Immortals would complete the

mission so quickly! Don’t worry, I won’t give you less than 100 billion copper


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Then, Cang Nan turned around and left, preparing to prepare all kinds of

copper coins for Gong Ziliang!

In just halfa day, Cang Nan brought many carriages and arrived in front of

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Gong Ziliang in a mighty manner.

“Exalted Immor

al, these are all your copper coins this time.
There’s a total of

230 billion copper coins! They’re all here!”

As he spoke, Cang Nan pointed at the carriage behind him and said, “Because

we really could not find so many copper coins, we used gold to replace them.

Can you take a look?

“Yes!” Gong Ziliang nodded and said in satisfaction.

Then, he saw that in front of these carriages, Gong Ziliang waved his hand, and

the copper coins mountains disappeared.

The copper coins in Gong Ziliang’s system also began to crazily increase!

Gong Ziliang spent an entire day collecting 230 billion copper coins!

The next morning, Gong Ziliang looked at the 230 billion copper coins in his

bag and smiled in satisfaction!

“Perfect! It’s time for Body Tempering again”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and began to stabilize his aura.

Not long after, when Gong Ziliang opened his eyes again, there was no longer

any emotion in his gaze!

“System, increase the Body Tempering level!”

Then, Gong ziliang looked at the Body Tempering interface and directly clicked

on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, as soon as this Body Tempering began, Gong Ziliang felt as if a

small sun had risen in his body!

This small sun was very warm, causing his entire body to become warm.

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s body was also quickly breaking through various


Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, even Gong Ziliang did not notice it.

When he was tempering his body, three suns actually appeared above his head!

These three suns surrounded Gong Ziliang.

From afar, one could only see such a phenomenon in the sky!

For a moment, some ordinary people directly knelt on the ground and

kowtowed to the three suns!

Gasp! What kind of phenomenon is this? Three suns? Why have I never heard

of such a phenomenon”

“What pure physical strength! It’s as if I’m facing an expert whose body has

been cultivated to the extreme!”

“Could…could this be a Divine Body’s cultivation??”

Only those cultivators could sense how terrifying the life force contained in

this sun was!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the three suns continuously rose.

The final light released was actually much stronger than the real sun!

Under the three suns, Gong Ziliang’s face was red as if he was covered in blood!

In Gong Ziliang’s body, he felt that the warm light from before became hotter

and hotter.

As a result, his entire body’s flesh, blood, and meridians were evaporated by

this high temperature, causing his training to become even more willful!

At the same time, golden patterns began to appear under Gong Ziliangs skin

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and spread outwards!

More and more golden patterns appeared.
The sun in the sky became bigger

and bigger, causing this place to seem like the end of the world

This caused the ordinary people around to begin to escape crazily!

Continue to increase!”

Gong Ziliang could not help but feel intense pain.

He knew that this was the most critical moment for Body Tempering.

Therefore, he directly raised the level of Body Tempering to the highest!

The 200 billion copper coins that he had just obtained were immediately



The copper coins quickly disappeared, and following that, a heat that was

hundreds of times stronger than before appeared.

Under the stimulation of this heat, Gong Ziliang’s entire body trembled!

He could sense that his meridians and flesh were quickly divided and

reorganized under this heat!

After every reorganization, Gong Ziliang could feel that the strength of his

body was even stronger!

Almost every second, Gong Ziliang’s strength was improving rapidly!

At the same time, in a restaurant in the mortal world.

A spectator holding a wine gourd walked out.

He was wearing very inappropriate clothes and his hair was extremely fluffy.

was unknown how he was trimmed, but he looked like a beggar.

“Sigh, I originally thought that I was lucky to encounter a few little fellows

with good foundations in the mortal world..
I didn’t expect that other than

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coincidentally seeing a kid who had comprehended the Water Intent, I actually

didn’t encounter a single one after walking for so long!”

This old man opened his mouth and drank a mouthful of wine, his tone

Surprisingly depressed.

He was none other than the old man who had hidden in the city when Gong

Ziliang had comprehended the Water Intent!

However, at that time, this old man searched for a long time but did not find

Gong Ziliang at that time.
Therefore, he missed him!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, a bang suddenly sounded from afar.

The old man’s heart stirred, and he quickly looked over.

In the sky not far from him, three suns had actually appeared

These three suns were dazzling.
Each of them emitted extremely powerful light

and heat, causing the ordinary people in the city to look at them in a daze, as if

they had been immobilized!

“This is.
the Three Suns Transcendence, the endless force! Could this be the

Indestructible Golden Body Sacred Statue that’s ranked 45th among the Divine


A hint of shock appeared in the old man’s eyes as he looked at the three suns!

“Gasp! There’s actually someone who can cultivate such a Divine Body in this

remote village!”

“Hahaha, good, good, good! Found it! I’ve finally found a little fellow with good


In the next second, the old man disappeared without a trace, as if he had never


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