Chapter 172: First Round of the Competition

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This door was the door to the Supreme Academy!

This cloud was the representative of the Supreme Academy!

At this moment, in front of this door were numerous arenas with numbers.

In the match schedule yesterday, all the disciples knew which stage they would fight on this time.

Gong Ziliang looked at the crowd behind him.
He estimated that there were tens of thousands of cultivators who could come here today!

Moreover, this was not a cultivator that existed in the Holy City!

It could be said that this Grand Competition was not only a major event for the Supreme Academy, but it was also a major event for the entire Primordial Dynasty!

“It’s starting!”

At this moment, a judge in white clothes walked out from the Supreme Academy.
They arrived on the platform and nodded at the disciples below.

Immediately, in a series of cries, almost thousands of disciples took a step forward at the same time!

Only this Supreme Academy could support so many disciples on the stage at the same time!

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Gong Ziliang looked at the battle schedule in his hand and arrived at the corresponding arena.

At this moment, there was already someone waiting for him on the platform.

The person on the ring looked very thin.
There was not a bit of excess fat on his entire body.
He was completely covered in robust muscles!

“Kid! Your luck is not good!”

‘When this person saw that Gong Ziliang did not look like he was emitting any aura, he could not help but smile at him.

“In the first round, you actually encountered me, Li Zhenlong! Hmph! Kid, you’ll lose fair and square!”

Li Zhenlong looked at Gong Ziliang, and his tone was filled with provocation.
“Do you know that I’ma fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm expert! In our sect, I can be considered a decent genius!”
“You’re lucky to be defeated by me!”

Li Zhenlong grinned, revealing a row of white teeth.

“Judge, can we begin?”

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Gong Ziliang looked at Li Zhenlong’s arrogant appearance and did not want to bother with him at all.

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‘The judge looked at the two of them and nodded expressionlessly.

“Kid, remember this! The one who defeated you is the Earth Chief Sect’s Li Zhenlong!” Li Zhenlong looked at Gong Ziliang and smiled proudly.

Then, his entire body let out a roar that was similar to a dragon.
The aura on his robust body erupted!

The strength of a fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator spread in all directions!

In the next moment, Li Zhenlong’s figure descended from the sky and landed in a corner of the arena covered in black.
The clothes on his body also became tattered, his fate unknown!

Seeing this result, the audience who had been paying attention to Gong Ziliang’s battle seemed to have their necks pinched.
They stretched their necks and did not move, looking very funny!
It was too fast!

They did not see clearly when Gong Ziliang attacked just now!

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In their eyes, they saw that Li Zhenlong was directly sent flying in the next moment!

The entire process ended in the blink of an eye

“Myriad Sword Sect, Gong Ziliang wins!”

The judge also glanced at Gong Ziliang with a strange expression in his eyes, and then he announced the victory of this battle expressionlessly.

“May I ask if I have the right to read the teachers’ information of the Supreme Academy now?” Gong Ziliang looked at the referee and asked politely.

“Alright! You can already choose your mentor!”

‘The judge nodded.
As he spoke, he handed over a book.

Gong Ziliang took it over and took a look.
On it was the information on the teachers of the Supreme Academy!

After obtaining this book, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.
He hurriedly walked down the ring and did not care about the surprised gazes of others.

Gong Ziliang directly took out the token and started to read this information.

“Found it!”

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Ina while, Gong Ziliang’s eyes suddenly lit up!

This was because he had already found the information of the old man he had seen previously.
However, the few blood-red words on the old man’s information also appeared in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
The previous Academy Master of the Supreme Academy—Wu Hai!

He had died in the battle of the Demon Cult three years ago!

“The… the previous Academy Master?!”

Looking at the introduction, Gong Ziliang could not help but be slightly surprised.

‘Who would have thought that the beggar-like old man he saw previously was actually the previous Academy Master of the Supreme Academy?!

How could the Academy Master fall to such a state?!

While thinking, Gong Ziliang looked at the rest of the information.

“Three years ago, Academy Master Wu Hai and the Demon Cult Branch Altar Master fought to the death at the Forgotten Cliff! In the end, the two of them perished together and the Demon Cult retreated.
Academy Master Wu Hai earned three years of peace for the Primordial Dynasty…”
Looking at the description of Academy Master Wu Hai on this information, he secretly recorded this information.

“Forgotten Cliff, what a familiar name!”

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