ly and the evil aura on his body strengthened again.

Immediately, a seventh-stage True Martial Realm aura completely erupted from his body!

This time, the Demon Cult disciple finally used all his strength!

“Good lord! He wants to die with me!”

Gong Ziliang looked around calmly.

Now, he and this Demon Cult disciple were in the middle of the arena.
Therefore, if he wanted to wait for the guards to arrive, he would probably need to exchange three moves with this Demon Cult disciple!
These three moves were also the limit of the Demon Cult disciples!

He wanted to kill Gong Ziliang in three moves!

“Fire Intent!”

Gong Ziliang looked at this Demon Cult disciple and his third-stage True Martial Realm strength erupted!


‘At the same time, an extremely dense flame aura rose from Gong Ziliang’s body!

With the appearance of the flame aura, the entire arena became extremely hot!

“This… this is! Heaven and Earth Intent!”

The first to sense this aura was the Demon Cult disciples!

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His expression suddenly changed, even turning pale!

Heaven and Earth Intent.

He had comprehended the power of heaven and earth!

At the same time, it could be considered proof of his talent!

Even he was seeing Heaven and Earth Intent for the first time!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, now that the matter had already developed to this point, it was naturally impossible for him to stop.
He could only brace himself and rush towards Gong Ziliang.
In the end, their attacks collided fiercely.
Immediately, the expression of the Demon Cult disciple changed…

He felt the hot aura on Gong Ziliang’s body enter his body through their weapons!

The Demon Cult disciple’s body immediately became extremely hot.

Immediately, the evil aura in his body and the flames seemed to counter each other.
He directly used the body of the Demon Cult disciple as a battlefield and began to fight internally!

Inan instant, the Demon Cult disciple felt as if his body was torn apart.
The terrifying cutting force made him feel like he was better off dead!

However, it was obvious that the evil aura in the Demon Cult disciple’s body was still weaker.
He was retreating in front of the white flames.

In the end, his entire body seemed to have been burned as he let out a tragic cry!

“So hot, so hot.”

‘Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, this Demon Cult disciple’s entire body emitted white flames and he fell down.

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“Gasp! Defeated?”

Everyone watched as this seventh-stage True Martial Realm Demon Cult disciple descended from the sky and landed on the ground.
Their gazes were filled with shock!
What was going on?

Wasn’t this Demon Cult disciple supposed to be very powerful?

How could he be defeated so easily?

This did not make sense!

“Fire Intent! That’s definitely the Fire Intent!”

Above, Shen Wangian’s gaze remained on Gong Ziliang.

Even he, a big shot who had seen all kinds of major situations, was stunned by the talent Gong Ziliang displayed…

If his comprehension of martial techniques reached the level of Dao Intent, he could indeed be considered an extremely outstanding disciple!

But to be able to comprehend Heaven and Earth Intent, it was the symbol of a genius, the synonym of a monster!

‘With one of these two, he was already a top disciple standing in front of everyone!

However, if the two were combined, the value would be too significant!

Looking at the falling Demon Cult disciple, Gong Ziliang nodded in thought, “So this white flame of the Fire Intent is innately effective against the Demon Cult disciples!”
If not for his innate restraint, even Gong Ziliang could not have defeated him in such a short time!

“Don’t run!”

Looking at the fallen Demon Cult disciple, Gong Ziliang snorted coldly.

At the same time, his body flashed and tured into a golden light that instantly smashed towards the Demon Cult disciple!

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