Chapter 186: Showing Everyone an Ultimate Skill, Learning a Martial Technique in Two Seconds

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“Not bad, not bad! You can cultivate this martial technique to the entry level in two hours! Your talent is really not bad!”

Even Teacher Zhao clapped for Zi Yanrou.

Clearly, her talent was indeed extremely outstanding!

Even in the Supreme Academy, it was an extremely outstanding existence!

“Unfortunately, the requirement was an hour, but I took two hours to successfully reach the entry level…”

Zi Yanrou wiped the cold sweat on her forehead and smiled helplessly, feeling extremely dejected.

“You’ve already done very well!”

Teacher Zhao shook his head and said to Zi Yanrou with certainty, “Next student!”

Then, this martial technique began to be passed around again.
With Zi Yanrou’s experience of success, the disciples below also wanted to try.
However, they did not have such outstanding talent.
No one had successfully reached the entry level.

“It’s my turn!”

Finally, when Wang Chong shook his head and handed the martial technique to him, Gong Ziliang reacted and hurriedly nodded.

“Student, are you still asleep?”

‘When Teacher Zhao saw that Gong Ziliang had actually fallen asleep on the table while waiting, he could not help but frown!

Good lord!

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If he slept during the first lesson, what would happen in the future?!

“Sorry! I was too bored and could not help but sleep.”

Gong Ziliang nodded and looked at the sky outside.
He saw that this lesson had actually not ended until night!

Just as Teacher Zhao could not help but be angry, Gong Ziliang had already received the martial technique.
After casually flipping through it, he handed the martial technique to the next student.
“Good kid! You’re so perfunctory!”

Looking at how Gong Ziliang had only casually flipped through it for less than two seconds, Teacher Zhao was so angry that he laughed.
“Perfunctory? No! I’ve already learned this martial technique!” Gong Ziliang looked at Teacher Zhao and said in a wronged tone.

“It’s him!”

Below, Zi Yanrou also saw Gong Ziliang’s appearance.
She could be said to remember him well!

It could not be helped.
In the previous Three Sect Trials, the talent that Gong Ziliang displayed had completely crushed these genius disciples of their high-grade sect.
“If there’s really a disciple here who can cultivate a martial technique to the entry level in an hour, perhaps it’s only him!”

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Zi Yanrou guessed in her mind.

“That’s because I’ve already learned this martial technique!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s calm voice sounded from ahead, causing all the students present to look at him in extreme surprise.

“What did you say??”

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‘When Teacher Zhao heard Gong Ziliang’s words, his eyes widened.
He did not react for a long time.
“You said that you’ve already learned it?”
“That’s right!” Gong Ziliang nodded.

Unranked martial technique?

This was simple!

The system did not even need ingots to learn this skill.
He directly learned it for free.

“Kid, don’t brag! I…”

Teacher Zhao looked at Gong Ziliang’s calm expression and thought that he was lying.

However, just as he was about to continue lecturing Gong Ziliang, a faint sword intent emitted from his body.

‘Then, under Teacher Zhao’s unbelievable gaze, this sword intent on Gong Ziliang’s body slowly condensed and finally condensed into the shape of a short sword!
Then, this short sword pierced lightly in the air, and it immediately emitted a sword cry that tore through the sky!

Although this was only an unranked martial technique, after Gong Ziliang used it, the expressions of the surrounding disciples changed greatly.
Teacher Zhao looked at the short sword in the air, his face filled with shock and disbelief!

What happened?

‘Who could tell him what had happened?

This martial technique was something he had casually brought over before class.
It could be said that it was completely impossible to reveal it in advance!

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However, if Gong Ziliang really learned this martial technique in such a short time, how embarrassed would he be?

“Gasp! How is this possible?!”

“He, he, he, he actually learned this martial technique after just flipping through it once!?”

“How can this be done by a human?”

“Oh my god! I don’t believe it! I simply don’t believe it!”

The students at the side reacted at this moment.
Not only did the shock on their faces not disappear, but it became even more!

He could learn a martial technique just by flipping through it?

This was not a joke?!

“His talent has actually reached such a level…”

Zi Yanrou gently covered her mouth at this moment, her beautiful eyes filled with extreme shock.

Did such talent really exist?

“How is it, Teacher? Can I obtain your recognition now?”

Looking at Teacher Zhao who seemed to have turned into a clay statue in front of him, Gong Ziliang asked slowly.

“You, you, you, wait!”

After taking a few deep breaths, Teacher Zhao finally stabilized his mind, “It’s not so easy to obtain my recognition!”

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“This is a high-grade Yellow-rank martial technique.
If you can still learn it in one lesson, I’ll admit your talent! From now on, you don’t have to come to my class at all!”
‘As Teacher Zhao spoke, he placed an ancient book in front of Gong Ziliang.

“Hmph! Kid, you actually want to take me down a notch! I don’t believe you can complete something that even these third-year graduates can’t do…”
Teacher Zhao looked at Gong Ziliang and started to smile coldly in his heart.
He had already begun to imagine the ugly scene that would happen later.
“A high-grade Yellow-rank martial technique…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the martial technique in front of him and raised his brows.

He did not expect to obtain a martial technique in this first lesson!

‘As he spoke, Gong Ziliang picked up this martial technique and took a look.
After a few minutes, he put it down.

“What? You’ve given up?”

Teacher Zhao looked at the way Gong Ziliang calmly put down this martial technique and could not help but chuckle.

“Actually, you don’t have to be discouraged! After all, your talent is already considered very good! In the future, when you study in the Supreme Academy, you will definitely…”
Then, Teacher Zhao said the lines that he had long prepared.
In this way, he showed this kid his strength again.

It also made him look like a proper mentor.
It was really killing two birds with one stone!

“There’s no need! I’ve already learned this martial technique!”

However, just as Teacher Zhao was thinking, Gong Ziliang’s voice directly interrupted his thoughts.

‘When Teacher Zhao heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he subconsciously said, “Hmm… I’m glad you think that way! Wait, what did you say…”

However, he quickly realized that something was amiss..

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