y, he had planned to let Teacher Wu teach Gong Ziliang a lesson in today’s class.
In this way, not only would he regain his dignity, but he would also teach Gong Ziliang a lesson.
He had to know that the first-grade lesson was not so simple!

This feeling was really killing two birds with one stone!

Therefore, Teacher Zhao brought the other teachers to see Gong Ziliang make a fool of himself.

“Old Wu! Don’t forget what I told you previously.
You have to give that kid a hard time!”

When Teacher Zhao arrived, he waved his fist at Teacher Wu and said in a very angry tone!

However, when he finished speaking, he felt that something was amiss, because at this moment, everyone present looked at him with strange gazes!

Even Teacher Wu looked over.

“What’s wrong…”
Teacher Zhao touched his head in confusion.
He was about to ask when an extremely powerful bloodline aura suddenly erupted in front of him!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

‘Then, under the shocked gazes of Teacher Zhao and all the students, the golden veins on Gong Ziliang’s body appeared.

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This golden vein set off from the heart of his brows and stretched all around his body.
In just a moment, it had already covered Gong Ziliang’s entire body!


At the same time, a force that belonged to the Indestructible Golden Body erupted here!

“Teacher, can I do this?” Gong Ziliang looked at the stunned Teacher Wu and asked softly.

“This, this, this, this!”

Teacher Wu looked at Gong Ziliang.
His mouth twitched and he held it in for a long time, but he did not say anything.
In the end, he looked at Teacher Zhao and his mouth tilted.
“Old Zhao! I can’t do it either!”

‘As Teacher Wu spoke, he hurriedly waved his hand.

What a joke!

If he encountered an ordinary student, helping Teacher Zhao regain his dignity would be a simple matter.

However, who would have thought that they would encounter Gong Ziliang today!

A cultivator with a Divine Body directly defeated Teacher Wu wordlessly!

“You’re good! You’re really good!” Teacher Wu took a deep breath and said to Gong Ziliang.

“Teacher, what do you want to teach me…” Gong Ziliang looked at Teacher Wu and could not help but say casually.

“Teach what? I don’t know! I can’t teach! I can’t teach anything at all!”

Teacher Wu waved his hand and felt his heart twitch.

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Good lord!

He remembered that the last time he saw a Divine Body, it was a renowned expert!

‘That expert’s strength was invincible even if he encountered three enemies of the same realm.
It could be said to be a supreme expert!

After that, he saw this Gong Ziliang.

He knew too little about the Divine Body.
There was no way to teach it at all.

“Don’t come to my class in the future!”

Teacher Wu looked at Gong Ziliang and his face turned green.

“He skipped another lesson…”
Hearing Teacher Wu’s words, these disciples who were in the same batch as Gong Ziliang felt like their hearts were about to explode!
At this rate, they would probably just finish their third lesson here and Gong Ziliang would be ready to graduate!

This difference was too great!

“Seriously, I don’t have the strength to chase after him!”

Ba Shan and Zi Yanrou looked at Gong Ziliang’s back and smiled bitterly.

‘The two of them were already the top geniuses among this batch of disciples.

However, compared to Gong Ziliang, this difference was really not small!


Gong Ziliang nodded and took out the class schedule to draw on it.

Now, he only had one combat class left!

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