Chapter 206: There’s Really Someone On That Spirit Beast!


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“Has the reinforcements from the Supreme Academy arrived yet?”

After Ning Ji heard the servant’s report, he could not help but ask others in a tone of anticipation.

“The Supreme Academy is too far from our Eastern Border! Even if they travel overnight, it’ll probably take half a month to arrive!” The servant hurriedly said to Ning Ji.
“Half a month? According to the current situation, I’m afraid that not to mention half a month, even today, it will be difficult to hold on!”

Ning Ji sighed when he heard this, and his face seemed to have aged a little!

“Forget it, forget it! Take my armor…”

After taking a deep breath, Ning Ji said to the servant at the side, “As the City Lord of Flatwater Pass, even if I die, I’ll die in front of the citizens in the city!”

“City Lord!!”

When they heard this, the expressions of the surrounding servants changed greatly and they hurriedly knelt down.

“There’s no need to do this!”

Ning Ji shook his head.
As he spoke, he had already worn a silver armor.
His entire aura was like the sun in the sky, and the aura of the True Martial Realm shocked everyone present!

As he spoke, Ning Ji had already taken the lead and walked out of the City Lord’s Mansion, arriving on the city tower outside!

From here, he could see that on the flat ground a thousand meters ahead, extremely intense battles were erupting!

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The most shocking thing was a huge red wolf demon!

This wolf demon looked to be more than 20 meters tall.
In the arena, not only did it block all the attacks, but its body also became bigger and bigger, as if it was continuously absorbing the surrounding power!
“Ning Ji, when are you going to surrender?”

On the other side of the battlefield, there was also a large group of people standing there looking at Ning Ji on the city tower.

“If you don’t surrender, I’ll make this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf kill you!”

A general in the group looked at Ning Ji and smiled disdainfully, as if he could already see the final outcome of this battle.

‘These were the generals of the Bright Fire Dynasty!

“Damn it…”

Hearing these mocking voices, Ning Ji tightened his grip on the spear in his hand, prepared to kill this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf even if it cost him his life!

“City Lord, look what that is…”

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However, at this moment, a soldier beside Ning Ji suddenly froze and hurriedly pointed at a corner of the battlefield.


‘When Ning Ji heard this, he was slightly stunned and hurriedly looked over.

Above the battlefield, a golden shooting star actually flew towards the battlefield!

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“No! No! That’s not a shooting star… That’s a spirit beast!”

In the eyes of a seventh-stage True Martial Realm cultivator like Ning Ji, how was that a shooting star? It was clearly a spirit beast that was emitting golden sparks!
“Moreover, there seems to be someone on that spirit beast!!”

Ning Ji’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“There’s someone on that spirit beast!!!”

He had discovered something unbelievable!

“What? There’s someone?? No way!!”

‘When the other soldiers heard this, they also widened their eyes and looked at the golden shooting star.

However, they did not have the strength of the True Martial Realm, so they could not see what was inside the shooting star.
“There… there’s really someone!”

Ning Ji nodded and said firmly, “Who is this person? He doesn’t want to live anymore?! He actually ran directly into the battlefield…”
Ning Ji’s face twitched crazily.

Even he, a seventh-stage True Martial Realm cultivator, did not dare to walk into the depths of the battlefield.

This was because they did not have to face a few or more cultivators.
Instead, they had to face thousands of cultivators attacking at the same time!

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No one below the Spirit Refinement Realm could guarantee that they could enter and leave the battlefield as if they were in an uninhabited place!

“Little Heaven, you’re too fast!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was sitting on the back of the Golden Fire Lion.
As the Golden Fire Lion’s speed became faster and faster, he could clearly feel the sound of the wind continuously sounding in his ears!
In just a few flashes, Gong Ziliang saw various scenes flash in front of him continuously.
The smell of blood around him also became stronger and stronger.

“Have we arrived at the battlefield…”

Looking at the falling figures around it, the Golden Fire Lion relied on its speed to charge forward without touching anyone!

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(Ding! Congratulations on obtaining 1000 ingots!]

Immediately after, all kinds of rewards sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears without stopping for a moment!

“What is that… Quickly stop him!”

‘The experts from the Bright Fire Dynasty also widened their eyes when they saw Gong Ziliang rush over.
They felt that it was extremely unbelievable!

Then, a large number of cultivators stood out.
The strongest among these cultivators was only at the Meridian Opening Realm, but there were more than a thousand of them!

At this moment, after these cultivators stood in a row, in an instant, everyone used their long-range attack martial techniques at the same time and smashed in Gong Ziliang’s direction!

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Immediately, endless martial techniques mixed with unprecedented terrifying spiritual qi made Gong Ziliang feel as if the air had frozen!

“With such a terrifying speed, this person is probably at least a Spirit Refinement Realm existence!”

Looking at the boundless martial techniques smashing crazily towards Gong Ziliang, a general of the Bright Fire Dynasty could not help but reveal a cruel smile, “But so what if you’re a Spirit Refinement Realm expert! Although these martial techniques might not be able to kill you, there should be no
problem in heavily injuring you!”

“Unless you can escape into the sky! Otherwise, you’ll be seriously injured!”

The general of the Bright Fire Dynasty smiled coldly, as if he could already see Gong Ziliang vomit blood after being hit!

“Lone Goose Movement Technique! Soaring Wings!”

After Gong Ziliang felt this powerful aura in the air, he did not hesitate and directly used all his speed increasing methods!

Immediately, the speed of the Golden Fire Lion increased by more than ten times!

The golden shooting star that everyone could originally see had already disappeared from their eyes, reaching a level that they could not capture at all!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the boundless martial technique finally smashed in Gong Ziliang’s direction.
In just an instant, a huge pit was created in the area where Gong Ziliang was just!
However, there was no sign of Gong Ziliang in this deep pit!

“What’s going on… Did I see wrongly just now?”

Seeing that there was nothing in the deep pit, the general of the Bright Fire Dynasty could not help but wipe his eyes and feel very shocked!

Not only him, but City Lord Ning Ji also widened his eyes in disbelief!

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