Chapter 209: Half a Day, Perfect!

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This figure was a huge white tiger.
Just its body length alone had reached an astonishing 20 meters!

Its body emitted the powerful aura of a sixth-stage True Martial.
With a furious roar, it actually caused the entire battlefield to fall silent!

“What is this…”

“Oh my god! Why is there another spirit beast.

“This spirit beast is so powerful! It seems to be much stronger than the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!”

Immediately, the warriors below looked at the white tiger that rushed out in shock.
For a moment, they did not know what to say!

“Oh my god! This student actually has such methods!”

Looking at the white tiger that appeared in front of Gong Ziliang, Ning Ji and the others who were advancing also gasped!

No wonder this student said that he could stop the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.
With this method, what kind of spirit beast could not be stopped?

“Oh no! Could it be that this student is about to end the battle before we reach the city?!”

Ning Ji suddenly recalled Gong Ziliang’s words.

However, what Gong Ziliang said previously made them feel unbelievable.
Now, it seemed to be really about to happen!

“Everyone, charge!!!”

Ning Ji looked at the army behind him and directly raised his full strength as a seventh-stage True Martial Realm cultivator, causing spiritual qi to support him and let the other warriors run faster!

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‘As he spoke, the white tiger and the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf on the battlefield had already begun to fight.

The battle of the two huge spirit beasts immediately cleared a huge empty field.
In this empty field, only the two spirit beasts were fighting!

‘The white tiger condensed by Gong Ziliang still had the complete advantage.
Be it speed or strength, it surpassed the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!


In fact, before the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf could react, the white tiger dodged and landed its claw on the eye!


With a tragic cry, black smoke actually appeared in the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf’s eyes.

Moreover, it did not automatically recover after a long time, as if the damage the white tiger dealt to it was permanent!

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“Aren’t you going to die yet…”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang pursed his lips and smiled, feeling that this battle was very easy!

As expected, after losing its eyes, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf’s attacks went erratic.

The white tiger continuously attacked from all directions.
In just a few minutes, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf was covered in all kinds of wounds!

“Give it a swift final blow!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that was emitting black smoke and said indifferently.

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‘When the white tiger heard Gong Ziliang’s words, it immediately stopped in its tracks.

Then, a few seconds later, a terrifying white pillar of light emitted from the white tiger’s mouth and struck the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf did not even have the chance to cry out before it was instantly killed by the white pillar of light!

“Half a day, perfect!”

After killing the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, Gong Ziliang raised his head to look at the sun in the sky.
After nodding in satisfaction, he looked in Ning Ji’s direction.
“This… this is the end???”

“Oh my god, this is too fast!!!”

Sensing Gong Ziliang’s gaze looking over, Ning Ji, who had yet to rush to the city, was instantly covered in cold sweat.

Ning Ji immediately felt a huge pressure!

‘Was this Student Ziliang really at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm???

Why did it feel countless times more terrifying than a first-stage Soul Refinement Realm cultivator!

Such a huge Bone Eroding Blood Wolf had been fought for so long by so many people in their Flatwater Pass.
The Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that had lost countless warriors was actually defeated just like that!?
Moreover, how long had it been? He had not even reached the other party’s city!

“What… what happened…”

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Ning Ji was going crazy in his heart.
The generals of the Bright Fire Dynasty felt like they had gone crazy!

What did they see??

The invincible Bone Eroding Blood Wolf was actually dealt with so easily??

Moreover, the speed was so fast that their brains could not react!

What kind of attack was this??

‘What speed was this???

‘This young man was probably at least a fifth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator!

“General, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf has been defeated!”

The soldiers of the Bright Fire Dynasty looked at their general for a long time and still did not react.
Therefore, they could not help but remind him.

“This, this, this, this… I, I…”

‘When the general heard this, he seemed to want to say something, but in the end, his mouth only moved but he did not say a word.

“General, according to the spy just now, we discovered a large number of warriors of the Primordial Dynasty in front of our city…”
At this moment, another warrior ran over and hurriedly reported.

“What did you say?!!”

At this moment, it could be said that this general completely reacted.
Then, a large amount of cold sweat appeared on his face!

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“Oh no! We’ve been tricked! Retreat!”

‘The general roared and without saying a word, he turned around and ran towards his city!

This time, in order to attack Flatwater Pass, he had mobilized all the troops in the city.

Who would have thought that this situation, which was originally about to win, would be forcefully moved over!

“Little Heaven, let’s go over too!”

After dealing with the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, Gong Ziliang summoned the Golden Fire Lion.
Then, he rode on it and turned into a golden light that rushed towards the city of the Bright Fire Dynasty!
The city of the Bright Fire Dynasty was called the Heavenly Barrier City!

‘As the name suggested, the location of the entire city was high above and was very defensive.
If one wanted to attack, they had to have five or even ten times the number of troops!
‘When Gong Ziliang arrived at the Heavenly Barrier City, he discovered that the flag on the city wall had already changed to the flag of the Primordial Dynasty!
Clearly, although Ning Ji’s speed was a little slow, he still successfully took down this city in the end!

“Damn! Ning Ji, you shameless old thing, you actually did such a thing!! You have no morals!!”

At this moment, the general of the Bright Fire Dynasty had already returned.

He looked at Ning Ji who was currently standing above his city and looking at him, so he directly cursed in anger!

“I’m not a young man! What morals are there to talk about?”

Ning Ji looked at this general’s angry red face and could not help but laugh loudly… He felt extremely happy in his heart!

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