Chapter 216: Three-Headed Dog

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“With my blood, I undo the seal of the ancient demonic puppet!”

‘The Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s left hand directly dug into his chest.
Accompanied by a mouthful of blood, a small black demonic puppet appeared in his hand!
Looking at this demonic puppet, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son placed his left hand that was covered in his blood.

In just a moment, this demonic puppet absorbed all the blood on it.
At the same time, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s expression became extremely pale.


Looking at Gong Ziliang, the Demon Cults Holy Son directly threw the demonic puppet in his hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This demonic puppet quickly enlarged in the air.
In the end, it even became a huge three-headed dog that was about three to five meters tall!

This three-headed dog was wearing a layer of black armor.
At the heart of its brows, a blood-red eye opened, looking extremely strange!

After the three-headed dog came out, it let out a long cry towards Gong Ziliang.

Immediately, sound waves almost materialized and blasted towards Gong Ziliang!


Looking at this three-headed dog, Gong Ziliang’s eyes narrowed.
The Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand slashed out a sword light!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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Immediately, Gong Ziliang’s sword qi and the three-headed dog’s electricity mixed together, forming a powerful shock wave that spread out!

“What the heck is this!”

“What a powerful demonic aura!”

“Everyone, be careful! This demonic puppet’s strength is probably even stronger than the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!”

At this moment, Lin Xiao, Shangguan Yan, and Li Xiao walked over.
They looked at the three-headed dog in front of them and revealed extremely vigilant expressions.
“Hahaha, chase me? You still dare to chase me??”

He watched as Gong Ziliang and the others stopped in their tracks.

The Demon Cult’s Holy Son immediately smiled smugly at the side.
“Let me tell you! This demonic puppet has the strength of the Spirit Refinement Realm.
Even if the few of you combined forces, you’re not its match!”
“However, don’t worry! I won’t kill you now! I’ll smash your bones one by one and separate your flesh and blood.
I’ll let you beg for death!!”

‘The Demon Cult’s Holy Son looked at Gong Ziliang and the others.
The killing intent in his eyes was about to materialize and surge out!

“Such a demonic creature should be very afraid of the white flames on the Intent of Fire…”

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Gong Ziliang did not care about the ferocious appearance of the Demon Cult’s Holy Son.
Instead, he recalled that when he defeated the Demon Cult disciples previously, the Fire Intent seemed to deal an additional layer of damage to the Demon Cult disciples.

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang flipped his palm.

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In the next moment, a white flame slowly rose from his palm!

‘When this white flame rose, everyone present, excluding Shangguan Yan who was touching his head in a daze, was shocked!

The moment white flames condensed in Gong Ziliang’s palm, almost everyone present was shocked!

“This… this is the legendary holy flame?? You, you, you, who are you…”
Firstly, it was the Demon Cult’s Holy Son.
After he saw this flame, an unbelievable expression appeared on his face.

It was as if he had seen the most impossible person take out the most unbelievable thing, making his eyes instantly widen.
“Elder Yao, was the aura we felt previously this white flame in Gong Ziliang’s hand?”

Lin Xiao looked at the white flame in Gong Ziliang’s hand and his eyes widened.

Previously, when Gong Ziliang first comprehended the Fire Intent, Lin Xiao and Elder Yao had sensed the aura of this flame.
After that, Lin Xiao and Elder Yao searched for a long time in the Profound Heaven Sect, but they did not find any clues!
Now, they understood!

‘The aura that he had felt back then came from Gong Ziliang’s body!

“Gong Ziliang, what did he experience…”
Lin Xiao was very surprised!

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Only Shangguan Yan touched his head at this moment and stood there looking at the scene that had suddenly become silent.
He could not help but feel a little puzzled.
What was wrong with these people??

After Gong Ziliang took out the white flame, the three-headed dog also became a little uneasy, as if it was very afraid of this white flame!


Looking at the three-headed dog, Gong Ziliang flicked the flames in his hand.
Immediately, these flames turned into a white ray of light that landed on the three-headed dog.

The flames burned, and the three-headed dog immediately retreated, not daring to be contaminated by these flames!

“As expected!”

Seeing the three-headed dog retreat, Gong Ziliang immediately confirmed his thoughts.

Then, before anyone could react, his entire speed suddenly erupted, and then he quickly approached the three-headed dog.

At the same time, a white spark appeared in his hand.

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing Gong Ziliang’s action, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son was slightly stunned.
However, after he reacted, he could not help but be overjoyed!

“This demonic puppet’s body is made of ancient black gold.
In terms of hardness, it’s not inferior to the Divine Body at all! You actually dare to approach me!”

‘The Demon Cult’s Holy Son looked at Gong Ziliang rushing towards the demonic puppet and immediately laughed in extreme surprise.

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“Little Liang is in danger!”

Behind them, Lin Xiao and the others were all shocked when they saw Gong Ziliang’s action.

They felt that Gong Ziliang’s action was too rash.
This three-headed dog did not seem to be easy to deal with!

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, his eyes narrowed.
Not only did his figure not slow down, but it also became faster, and he almost instantly appeared above the three-headed dog!

“Good opportunity! Kill him!”

The Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s eyes lit up when he saw Gong Ziliang’s action and ordered the three-headed dog.

‘When the three-headed dog heard this, its three mouths actually opened at the same time!

Then, black hellfire spat out from its mouth, striking Gong Ziliang’s head!

“Hahahaha… fool!”

Seeing this scene, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son finally could not help but laugh loudly.

As long as he was stained by the three-headed dog’s hellfire, it could never be extinguished!

If it was spat on the head, unless it was an ancient super mighty figure, it was definitely impossible to extinguish this flame!

“Fire Intent!”

However, before the Demon Cult’s Holy Son could laugh a second time, a clear voice sounded from the black hellfire!

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