Chapter 219 Earth Intent

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“That’s right!” Elder Li also nodded when he heard this.
“I’m ashamed to say this! We’ve already entered the Spirit Refinement Realm for a hundred years, but we still haven’t touched the shadow of our spiritual sense… This is really a little embarrassing!”

“You can’t say that! After all, the spiritual sense is a power that can only be chanced upon by luck… At that time, being able to cultivate a trace will be enough for you and me!”

Elder Yuan smiled bitterly as if he had already accepted his fate.

“If only we could actually feel the spiritual sense… In that case, it would be even more useful for us to condense spiritual sense in the future!”

Elder Li sighed, his tone filled with anticipation.
“Unfortunately! Those fellows who condensed their spiritual sense are… each more arrogant than the last! It’s impossible for them to let us see their spiritual sense…”

“That’s right!”

Elder Yuan also sighed and nodded in agreement.


However, at this moment, a terrifying spiritual sense suddenly assaulted them from all directions.
This caused the expressions of Elder Yuan and Elder Li to instantly change greatly, and they even suddenly stood up from their seats!

“This, this is…”

Elder Yuan, Elder Li, and the others looked at each other, their gazes revealing incomparable shock!

“Spiritual sense! What a powerful spiritual sense!!”

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“Elder Yuan, Elder Li, what happened?”

Seeing the shocked appearance of these two old men, the middle-aged man at the side hurriedly asked.

He was none other than the City Lord of this Moon Goose Pavilion, Yu Cheng!

“We sense a spiritual sense! An extremely powerful spiritual sense!”

Elder Yuan looked at Yu Cheng, and the shock in his tone was not concealed in the slightest.
“This spirit refinement realm is too terrifying! I heard that even if a Spirit Refinement Realm great expert cultivates a spirit refinement realm, they’re already shockingly brilliant if they can cover an area of ten meters!”

“But this spiritual sense…”

Elder Li felt the power of this spiritual sense.

In an instant, he felt as if he had sunk into the sea.
It was boundless!

Even the entire Moon Goose Pavilion did not seem to be as large as the range of this spiritual sense!

This made Elder Li’s breathing become a little rapid.
With such a terrifying spiritual sense, not to mention a Spirit Refinement Realm existence, even a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert could not have such a large spiritual sense!

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This was simply a monster!

“A mighty figure has come to our Moon Goose Pavilion??”

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After he heard these two elders, Yu Cheng was completely stunned! It was definitely a mighty figure! Only a super mighty figure could make these two elders so shocked!

After all, the two of them represented the Primordial Dynasty behind them!

“Find him quickly! We have to pay this existence a visit!!”

Elder Yuan and Elder Li hurriedly urged them to move!

Yu Cheng naturally knew the importance of this matter, so he immediately sent out many experts of the Moon Goose Pavilion to search for the source of this spiritual sense with all their strength!

“Hah… Come on, come on!” At this moment, in the small house, after Gong Ziliang cultivated his spiritual sense for the first time, he took a deep breath and began to fiercely increase it!

In just a moment, the ingots in his bag were consumed at a terrifying speed!

At the same time, Gong Ziliang felt his spiritual sense become even clearer and lighter! It was as if he could directly extend his spiritual sense to see whatever he wanted to see and see its appearance extremely accurately!

[Ding! Congratulations on your spiritual sense reaching the (Roar) level!)

Finally, with the system notification, Gong Ziliang felt that his spiritual sense had finally risen to an extremely high level!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang even felt his spiritual sense connect with the entire world.

A natural fluctuation made Gong Ziliang’s body instantly reveal an extraordinary aura!

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Hearing this, Gong Ziliang could not help but be slightly stunned.

(Spiritual Sense Level: Roar, Howl, Chant, Song, Voice, Sound, Music!)

At this moment, the system placed the level division of the spiritual sense in front of Gong Ziliang, allowing him to clearly see his level.

“I see…”

Gong Ziliang nodded.
It seemed that the ‘Roar’ he had achieved now was only at the beginning stage! After experiencing the wonder of spiritual sense again, Gong Ziliang looked at the other functions of the system.
This breakthrough to Level 60 could be said to have upgraded and strengthened many of the previous functions!

The first thing Gong Ziliang saw was his Intent!

After clicking on it, Gong Ziliang indeed discovered that after the Water, Fire, and Wood Intents, there was a new Intent Mark that could be lit up.

That was the Earth Intent!

“Earth Intent!”

Looking at the 300,000 ingots left in his bag, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and began to level up his Intent!

[Ding! Do you want to spend 1,000 ingots to level up the Earth Intent?] “Upgrade!”

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Accompanied by Gong Ziliang’s low roar, light immediately rose from the Earth Intent.
In an instant, Gong Ziliang felt the earth attribute spiritual qi around him crazily condense towards him.

Not only that, what followed was a terrifying sense of suffocation!

It was as if his surroundings were already covered in soil!

Gong Ziliang wanted to break free from them, but he discovered that this soil had turned into sand again.
It floated according to Gong Ziliang’s strength, causing him to not only fail to walk out, but also sink deeper and deeper!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Just as Gong Ziliang was about to suffocate, the surrounding soil suddenly dispersed and formed a huge mountain in front of him! The mountain was heavy and fell with a huge pressure.
The terrifying air wave created made Gong Ziliang involuntarily take a few steps back!

“This Earth Intent is too ferocious!”

Gong Ziliang felt that this Earth Intent was difficult to tame.
He only felt that it was very troublesome!

Compared to the previous Intents, this Earth Intent was also very difficult to tame!

“Defend my inner heart!”

However, Gong Ziliang’s reaction was also very fast.

He completely understood the frequency of the surrounding Earth Intent’s vibrations.
Moreover, he began to use his inner heart to attempt to tame the uneasy soil around him!

Gradually, as time passed, Gong Ziliang seemed to be able to sense that the surrounding soil had calmed down!

Not only that, but this soil even transformed into large hands formed from sand that flowed beside Gong Ziliang! “Earth can not only display shocking explosive power, but it can also produce heavy defense! It can even protect itself extremely gently…”

After Gong Ziliang felt the change in the Earth Intent, he could not help but feel enlightened.

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