Chapter 233 Returning to the Residence


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The sky outside had already darkened.
This was also the time for Gong Ziliang to return to the Supreme Academy to hand in the mission!
While he was thinking, Gong Ziliang had already walked out of the house he was staying in.

After coming out, he immediately saw that Shangguan Yan and Lin Xiao were there.

When the two of them saw Gong Ziliang come out, they immediately looked over!

“Little Liang, you’re out too!”

Lin Xiao looked at Gong Ziliang and nodded, then continued to tidy up his bag.


Looking at Lin Xiao’s posture, Gong Ziliang could not help but look at him in surprise.

“Little Xiao is not returning to the Profound Heaven Sect! He wants to explore this cultivation world by himself!”

Shangguan Yan looked at Lin Xiao and nodded with a smile, “I believe that Little Xiao will definitely be able to create a world of his own!”
“Are you going on an adventure yourself…”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he nodded.

Indeed, the current Profound Heaven Sect was really too small for Lin Xiao!

Moreover, there was the soul of a top-notch alchemist living in Lin Xiao’s body!

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With such a powerful existence guiding Lin Xiao, he believed that it would also be of great help to Lin Xiao’s development!

“That’s right, I’m not returning to the Profound Heaven Sect…”

At this moment, Lin Xiao nodded.

This was because he knew that among the three of them, only Shangguan Yan had remained in the Profound Heaven Sect for the subsequent years.
Until the Profound Heaven Sect became a high-grade sect or even a
colossus, Shangguan Yan had never left.

“I’m the only one left…”

Shangguan Yan watched as his brothers were about to leave one by one.
For a moment, he could not help but be stunned.

Now, he was really the only one left in the Profound Heaven Sect!

“Our paths are different…”

Lin Xiao looked at Shangguan Yan’s lonely expression and could not help but smile.

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“Little Yan, your mission is to stay in the Profound Heaven Sect! The two of us are bound to explore the outside world!”

“If we all go out to adventure and still don’t advance as quickly as Little Yan, wouldn’t that be awkward!”

Gong Ziliang looked at Lin Xiao and smiled.

“Damn! How long until we meet?”

Shangguan Yan, this big man, looked at the two brothers in front of him and could not help but say with reddened eyes.

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“Ten years is too long, three years is too long! Why don’t we set a year’s agreement!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the two of them thinking and said, “We’ll meet again in a year!”

“A year’s promise? Alright!”

When Lin Xiao and the others heard Gong Ziliang’s suggestion, they all clapped and cheered, expressing their agreement.

With the one-year promise, they had time to unleash their potential on their own.
Moreover, the time would not be too long.
It was simply the best!
Gong Ziliang also smiled and nodded.
After a while, everyone finally reached the moment of departure.
The three of them left in different directions.

He did not know what huge change this continent would undergo because of the three of them!

Supreme Academy.

Because the first-year members were all supporting the front line, the entire academy became relatively calm!
However, with the return of these front line students, the entire academy gradually became lively!

“Senior Brother Wang?? Congratulations! I wonder how his battle results are?”

“I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed! I only led a 100-man team to kill an enemy army of 1,000…”

“Wow! Senior Brother Wang, you’re too powerful! You actually led the team to defeat an army of 1,000 people alone!”
“Oh my god! Senior Brother Wang will definitely be ranked at the top in this battle merit competition!”

“Eh, wait! What’s this…”

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At the entrance of the Supreme Academy, some disciples who had coincidentally returned were discussing the insights they had obtained from participating in the war this time.
After all, they were still a group of

This was the first time they were on the battlefield, so they were all excited!

However, these returning students quickly realized that something was amiss.

This was because there was a small mountain of resources at the entrance of the Supreme Academy!

From afar, they could see various cultivation techniques and martial techniques, as well as spirit stones and weapons.
They were simply piled there without any cost, making these disciples dizzy!
What was going on??

In front of this pile of resources, there was a troop guarding this place.
Their bodies were standing straight, as if they were guarding something more precious than their lives!
“Who are these…”

These disciples looked at these resources with extremely strange gazes.

“You’re finally back…”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang sat on the Golden Fire Lion and leaned on his back comfortably, approaching the Supreme Academy.

Along the way, because of the mighty appearance of the Golden Fire Lion, everyone along the way widened their eyes.

After all, if they encountered such a spirit beast, they would have to kneel and escape.
How could they order it around like a mount!

“Student Liang, you’re finally back…”

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Just as Gong Ziliang was prepared to enter the door of the Supreme Academy, suddenly, a peal of laughter sounded from the side.

He was slightly stunned when he heard this and immediately saw a familiar face.

“Isn’t this City Lord Ning Ji?”

A strange expression flashed in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
This figure was none other than City Lord Ning Ji of Flatwater Pass!

“I previously said that I definitely won’t touch anything in the main city of the Bright Fire Dynasty! Therefore, we’ve pulled over everything in the city and let you choose…”
Ning Ji looked at Gong Ziliang and said in a very respectful tone.


When Ning Ji’s words fell into the ears of the disciples at the side, it immediately made their eyes drop!

If they did not hear wrong, this Ning Ji was probably a City Lord!

The City Lord of the Primordial Dynasty was an existence that could compare to the Academy Master of the Supreme Academy in terms of authority!

Why was such a big shot… flattering a new student now!

What huge contribution did this new student make to make this City Lord personally come here and offer so many resources!

“The Cloudless Space Envoy has arrived!”

Just as these disciples were shocked, a loud shout sounded from the side.

Then, under the shocked gazes of these disciples, another group of warriors took neat steps and arrived in front of Gong Ziliang….

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