Chapter 238 Rebirth Through Fire

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“This kid is really becoming more and more capable…”

After a moment of surprise, Wu Hai suddenly laughed loudly.
His laughter could be said to be filled with various delight.

“Good, good, good! Good kid…”

Wu Hai repeatedly praised, causing Mo Yun’s face to twitch slightly.

“What? You plan to hand Gong Ziliang over?” Mo Yun looked at Wu Hai and the others and asked calmly.

“Pfft… Mo Yun, you haven’t even slept and you’re already dreaming?”

When Wu Hai heard Mo Yun’s words, he could not help but sneer, causing Mo Yun’s expression to immediately become a little ugly.

“You mean to start a war?”

Mo Yun looked at Wu Hai and snorted coldly.
Then, with a wave of his hand, rows of Demon Cult disciples suddenly walked out from behind him!

These Demon Cult disciples were covered in black rocks!

When he saw these rocks, a shocked expression finally appeared on Wu Hai’s face.

“These are spirit bombs?? Where did you find so many spirit bombs??”

“What! These are… spirit bombs that are treated as strategic weapons on the battlefield?”

After hearing Wu Hai’s words, the students of the Supreme Academy standing behind him were all stunned.
As the name suggested, spirit bombs were extremely unstable bombs that some experts used their spiritual qi to forcefully compress spirit stones!



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Almost every spirit bomb was a product accumulated from thousands of spirit stones!

Once these spirit bombs exploded, it was equivalent to tens of thousands of spirit stones exploding at the same time.
The terrifying power was enough to instantly level a city to the ground!

Now, almost every one of these Demon Cult disciples had hundreds or even thousands of spirit bombs hanging on them!

Wu Hai simply did not dare to imagine how terrifying the commotion would be if these spirit bombs exploded here!

At that time, not to mention them, even the Supreme Academy behind them would probably be flattened in a moment!

This was simply a spirit stone war!

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Seeing the shocked expressions on Wu Hai and the others’ faces, Mo Yun sneered and did not urge them to make a decision as soon as possible.

“Begin Body Tempering!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang in the courtyard also began to prepare for Body Tempering.

After he clicked on the Body Tempering button, Gong Ziliang instantly felt his entire body swell!


Then, the Indestructible Golden Body almost automatically began to circulate.

Gong Ziliang’s body instantly turned completely golden!

However, even after opening his Divine Body, Gong Ziliang could still feel his muscles and bones continuously stretching.

The spiritual qi in his body was exhausted almost instantly! What was even more terrifying was that after consuming this spiritual qi, This terrifying devouring force actually began to devour Gong Ziliang’s blood!

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In just an instant, Gong Ziliang turned from a young man to a thin figure! “Absorb!”

After sensing his change, Gong Ziliang could not care less and directly circulated his Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique with all his strength!

Immediately, an extremely powerful attraction spread out from Gong Ziliang’s body and crazily devoured in all directions!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A moment later, Gong Ziliang gathered all the spiritual qi in the sky above the courtyard.

However, this was still not enough!

“Increase it!”

Helpless, Gong Ziliang increased his strength again.

This time, Gong Ziliang’s range appeared in the sky above the entire Supreme Academy!

At this moment, everyone raised their heads to look at the sky.
Even Wu Hai, Mo Yun, and the others who were confronting each other outside also stopped fighting and looked at the phenomenon in the sky in a daze.

“What is this…”

Looking at this huge vortex in the sky, be it Wu Hai or Mo Yun, they were all stunned.

Although the two of them were big shots who had seen the world, they were still shocked when they saw this vortex.

They had never seen such a thing before!! “Oh?!! Altar Master, this, this, this, what’s going on…”

Just as Mo Yun and the others were surprised, the Demon Cult disciples behind him suddenly cried out in surprise.

When Mo Yun heard this, he hurriedly turned around and saw a scene that almost made him collapse!

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The spirit bombs that he had tied to these disciples previously actually began to crazily release spiritual qi under the devouring of this vortex!

In just a moment, more than ten spirit bombs were absorbed and turned into ordinary rocks!

More than ten spirit bombs meant more than 100,000 spirit stones!

Even if they were the Demon Cult, they did not dare to squander like this!

“Old fool Wu Hai, what are you doing??”

Mo Yun looked at Wu Hai angrily.

In his opinion, this devouring vortex that suddenly appeared was definitely created by Wu Hai!


When Wu Hai saw Mo Yun’s angry appearance, he was also stunned.
The current situation also puzzled him!

“That direction is…”

Wu Hai turned around and looked in the direction where the vortex appeared.
His brows immediately jumped, and his heart skipped a beat.

“Could it be that kid again…”

Wu Hai’s mouth opened slightly, and he seemed to have been stunned.
Gong Ziliang’s figure naturally appeared in his mind.

“Is Gong Ziliang not here?”

Wu Hai looked at the disciples behind and could not help but ask.

After he asked this, the surrounding disciples looked at each other and did not speak.

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“Looks like it’s most likely Gong Ziliang…”

Seeing this, Wu Hai had already guessed most of it in his mind.

“Gong Ziliang…”

When Mo Yun heard this name, his face subconsciously trembled.

Didn’t he come here to capture this Gong Ziliang?!

Why did he not see the other party’s shadow yet, but the other party had already attacked and messed up his battle formation!


In the room, Gong Ziliang’s entire body had already turned from its original golden color to a scarlet-gold!

At the same time, Gong Ziliang felt that there seemed to be a blue flame continuously burning his meridians and flesh!

Under the burning of this flame, Gong Ziliang’s original meridians and flesh began to turn black and dry!

However, as his spiritual qi continuously replenished, the black meridian quickly grew new!

As for the newly grown meridians and flesh, they emitted a golden light that was more than ten times stronger than before!

Rebirth through flames and attain the true body!

“This feeling is quite comfortable…”

Although this process looked extremely terrifying and painful, Gong Ziliang did not feel it so deeply!

After all, his current body was already the Indestructible Golden Body!

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