Chapter 246 Divine Beast Bloodline? What About My Fire Phoenix?

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“No! This Seven-colored Divine Phoenix is a little strange…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix and immediately frowned.

This was because although this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix looked extremely realistic, its body was still transparent.
Overall, it looked like a phantom! Moreover, a black shadow could be seen continuously moving around the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix!

The spirit design surrounding the entire mountain peak was emitted from this black shadow!

“Something’s not right…”

Looking at this black figure, Gong Ziliang did not choose to act rashly.

“It’s the Divine Beast True Shadow of the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix!”

At this moment, a sharp voice sounded from behind Gong Ziliang.
Gong Ziliang turned around and saw that the yellow-clothed girl he had encountered had also arrived at the mountaintop.
The girl looked at the Seven-colored True Phoenix in the spirit design and could not help but say excitedly.
“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Quickly prepare to break the formation!”

The yellow-clothed girl took a deep breath and hurriedly said to the guard beside her.


When these guards heard this, they hurriedly surrounded the entire peak of the Fallen Phoenix Hill.

At the same time, True Martial Realm auras erupted from their bodies!

Gong Ziliang looked at these almost twenty guards.
Every one of them actually had the strength of the True Martial Realm.
Such a lineup was probably impossible to be pieced together by any faction other than the imperial family… This made Gong Ziliang involuntarily look at the girl beside him…

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The young woman was also paying attention to Gong Ziliang’s movements.
However, to her relief, he stood there without moving, and he seemed to be watching a show.
This caused the young woman’s heart to involuntarily calm down.

“Perfect! Let’s see what that black shadow is…”

In fact, after Gong Ziliang saw these guards attack, he was very happy.

After all, he could not understand the current situation!

“Break the formation!”

Accompanied by the low roar of the surrounding guards, the more than 20 guards actually emitted their powerful spiritual qi at the same time.

In an instant, various cultivation techniques and martial techniques were released to their hearts’ content, attacking the spirit design in the middle!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, with endless explosions, these martial techniques struck the spirit design.

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Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Rings of water-like waves immediately appeared on the circular spirit design!

A mixed and wild power surged crazily in all directions like an unruly horse!


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After these True Martial Realm experts suffered this impact, they spat out blood and flew out!

After these guards attacked, the spirit design actually formed a terrifying backlash that devoured the surroundings!

“Oh no! Your Highness, leave quickly!”

Seeing this, the eyes of these fallen guards were filled with shock.

Then, the terrifying devouring force almost instantly enveloped eight or nine guards and swallowed them!


The remaining guards shouted crazily as if they had woken up from a dream.
Only then did they retreat to the girl’s side.

“Your Highness, this spirit design contains the power of a divine beast.
It’s not something we can break at all! Unless it’s an existence with the bloodline of a divine beast, otherwise, breaking the formation is equivalent to courting death…” The guard looked at the girl and hurriedly explained everything.

“Only an existence with the bloodline of a divine beast can crack the spirit design…”

Gong Ziliang’s eyes flashed when he heard this, and he already had a plan in his mind.

“Divine Beast Bloodline?? Which existence that has the Divine Beast Bloodline is not a supreme genius?! Not to mention our small Primordial Dynasty, even in the entire Great Xia Empire, there are only a few existences that have the Divine Beast Bloodline…”

When the girl heard the guard’s words, her small face was immediately filled with despair, “Could it be that I’m destined to have no fate with this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix’s true shadow… This is the method to awaken the ancient Divine Phoenix Body!”

“Your Highness, we can’t try again!”

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Even when he heard the girl’s words, the guard at the side shook his head and did not allow the girl to take another step forward.
“In that case, I won’t waste any time!” After retracting his gaze from the girl and the others, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and walked forward.


Gong Ziliang’s sudden action was naturally seen by the girl and the others.

Although they did not know each other, when she saw Gong Ziliang walking towards the spirit design, this girl still looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.


In the end, the young woman could not help but say to Gong Ziliang, “This spirit design is not something we can touch! You must not lose your mind because of the Divine Phoenix Shadow inside.
Don’t court death!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he turned around and smiled before continuing to walk towards the spirit design.


When the girl saw that Gong Ziliang still walked forward, she could not help but sigh.

She was not related to him.
It was already very kind of her to remind him!

“If it’s the Divine Beast Bloodline, I wonder if my Fire Phoenix can do it…”

Gong Ziliang opened his mouth.
As his voice sounded, the girl behind him saw sparks actually appear on his body!

“No! That’s not a spark…”

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Soon, the girl realized that something was amiss!


The sparks on Gong Ziliang’s body were transparent.
Although they contained an extremely high temperature, they did not cause any damage to his clothes!

Finally, with an extremely loud phoenix cry, a fiery red figure rushed into the sky from Gong Ziliang’s body and flew into the sky! Immediately, endless flames lit up around him.

The intense temperature illuminated everything around.
Even the clouds in the sky were dyed red! “Gasp!! This is…” Looking at the fiery red figure flying in the sky, an extremely shocking light appeared in the girl’s eyes!

This was because she could sense that this red figure contained a power that could burn everything!

Finally, after another long cry, the girl finally saw this red figure clearly!

It was a huge phoenix.
As the phoenix waved its tail, it triggered countless changes in the wind and clouds, causing the entire space to almost burn!

The phoenix’s eyes looked down on the world.
In a daze, one could even see it burning the world!

“Divine Body phenomenon! This is definitely a Divine Body phenomenon!! Moreover, looking at this phenomenon, it seems to be the legendary Undying Phoenix Body!”

When the girl saw the Fire Phoenix, her mouth opened in shock.

At the same time, she instantly recognized Gong Ziliang’s Divine Body!

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