Chapter 252 Truly the Reincarnation of a Mighty Figure

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Their Myriad Sword Sect was at least half a month’s journey from here.

However, the guard who brought him here simply seemed to want to die.
His strength at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm erupted all the way.

It was almost at the price of being heavily injured that he brought him from the Myriad Sword Sect overnight to the Heaven Capital! “How much do you know about Gong Ziliang?” Looking at Elder Mei Hua in front of him, Qin Yu did not beat around the bush and directly said.
“Gong Ziliang??”

Hearing this name, Elder Mei Hua’s heart skipped a beat.
He looked at Qin Yu in front of him in surprise.
As the Crown Prince of the Primordial Dynasty, Qin Yu, asked him this question.
Even if Elder Mei Hua used his toes to think, he knew that Qin Yu had discovered Gong Ziliang’s extraordinary place.

“Could it be that you’ve also discovered it??”

Looking at Qin Yu’s cautious appearance, Elder Mei Hua could not help but signal with his eyes, expressing his admiration for Qin Yu’s observation ability.

As expected of the Crown Prince of the Primordial Dynasty, he had actually discovered the secret that Gong Ziliang was actually the reincarnation of a mighty figure so quickly…

“That’s true!!!”

After seeing Elder Mei Hua’s gaze, Qin Yu’s heart could not help but tremble violently.
He was simply in disbelief!

It seemed that his guess was right!

This Gong Ziliang was indeed a young supreme being sent by the Empire!

Moreover, he was discovered by Elder Mei Hua in the Myriad Sword Sect!!

When they thought of this, Elder Mei Hua, Qin Yu, and the others looked at each other with admiration in their eyes.

After all, there were not many existences who could observe as carefully as the two of them! “When did you discover this??”

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Qin Yu pondered for a few seconds and hurriedly said as if he had found a common topic.

“I discovered it at the beginning…”

Elder Mei Hua smiled bitterly and recalled the first time he had seen Gong Ziliang in the Profound Heaven Sect.

Even now, Elder Mei Hua still remembered the spiritual qi vortex of 33 miles very clearly!

“As expected! I also discovered it after he arrived…”

Hearing Elder Mei Hua’s words, Qin Yu seemed to have found a friend and hurriedly said, “He’s really too obvious! He was exposed when he came here!” “That’s right!” Elder Mei Hua nodded and agreed.

“However, Your Highness, you must not tell anyone about Gong Ziliang’s identity…”

Looking at Qin Yu in front of him, Elder Mei Hua suddenly said.

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After all, in Elder Mei Hua’s opinion, the reincarnation of a mighty figure was already an extremely shocking matter.
If Qin Yu revealed this matter, their Primordial Dynasty would probably not be able to withstand it! “Of course, of course! How could I tell anyone…”

When Qin Yu heard Elder Mei Hua’s words, he also nodded repeatedly.

Gong Ziliang was a young supreme being who had come from the Empire or the Holy Land.

He could not wait to curry favor with him, so why would he take the initiative to reveal his identity! Wasn’t this asking for trouble? “I understand! Thank you for telling me, Elder!”

Looking at Elder Mei Hua, Qin Yu bowed.
His etiquette could be said to be very thoughtful.

“It’s fine!”

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Elder Mei Hua waved his hand at Qin Yu and hurriedly left.

“Your Highness…”

Earlier, Elder Li could be said to have heard the conversation between Qin Yu and Elder Mei Hua clearly.

Hearing that Elder Mei Hua also admitted it, Elder Li naturally thought that Gong Ziliang was a young supreme being from the Empire or the Holy Land!

“I understand! Let me think…”

The Crown Prince looked at Elder Li’s expectant gaze and naturally knew what he wanted to say.
Therefore, he nodded and began to think

“A young supreme being of the Empire… We have to treat such an existence well!”

Qin Yu narrowed her eyes and took a deep breath, “I’ll go see him now while there’s still time!”


Elder Li nodded and hurriedly followed behind Qin Yu.

Just like that, the Crown Prince of the Primordial Dynasty and an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm walked together and hurriedly walked in the direction of Gong Ziliang’s inn.


On Gong Ziliang’s side, as the white flames in his hand continuously erupted, his entire body was an invincible existence in the 50th level of the Infinity Tower!

Almost these figures condensed from the surrounding flames did not last for a moment before they fell.

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It was slowly devoured by the white flames! Gong Ziliang also relied on this force to quickly arrive at the 59th level.

On the 59th level, Gong Ziliang had to face the entire sea of flames!

Endless flames continuously surged here.
In the end, all the flames condensed into a huge palm that was dozens of meters tall!

This palm that was completely condensed from flames descended from the sky with intense heat, causing Gong Ziliang to feel that the clothes he was wearing were about to melt!

Under this flaming palm, Gong Ziliang was really as small as an ant!


Looking at the flaming palm that covered the sky, the white flames in Gong Ziliang’s hand appeared again.

Then, Gong Ziliang flicked his finger, and the white flames immediately increased in speed, turning into a light spot that flew towards the flame palm in the sky!

As the point of light approached the flaming palm, gradually, a terrifying suction force emitted from this light!

Immediately, like a tornado condensed on the flame palm, it was continuously devoured by this light!

As it continuously devoured the power of the flame palm, the light dot became bigger and bigger, and the devouring ability became stronger and stronger!

A moment later…

This light dot became a white flame again.

Flames rose.

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Under the control of this white flame, the entire flame palm was completely devoured when it was about a hundred meters away from Gong Ziliang!


After devouring this flame palm, Gong Ziliang seemed to have heard a burp sound from the white flames.

Then, this white flame obediently landed in Gong Ziliang’s hand and disappeared.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
These flames are really domineering!”

Sensing the terrifying temperature in the white flames, Gong Ziliang could not help but click his tongue twice and feel surprised.

The origin of this white flame was definitely extraordinary!

“It’s about time! Let’s see what’s on the 60th level.”

After absorbing the flame palm, Gong Ziliang saw a large number of shining vouchers.
After collecting all these vouchers, he prepared to continue upwards to see the 60th level of the Infinity Tower!

[Ding! Level 60 of the Infinity Tower will be opened after the fifth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm!)

However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to enter, the system’s voice sounded.

“Tsk! There’s such a limitation…”

After hearing this notification, Gong Ziliang could not help but roll his eyes.

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