s passed.

In these four days, Gong Ziliang polished his martial techniques, cultivation techniques, and Body Tempering.

After sensing that he had reached his original realm, he stopped!

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At the same time, Gong Ziliang obtained some Experience Pills these few days.

After synthesizing it into a medium-level Experience Pill and synthesizing it into a high-level Experience Pill, Gong Ziliang’s realm increased by another step, reaching the fourth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm!

Fourth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

This realm was definitely considered an expert in the Primordial Dynasty!

In the entire Primordial Dynasty, there were almost only a few hundred fourth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm existences.

Moreover, these few hundred people were distributed in all corners of the Primordial Dynasty.
Apart from the top cities of the dynasty like the Heaven Capital and the Supreme Academy,

In other cities, the Spirit Refinement Realm was still an expert that could not be encountered in a few years!

“Is everyone ready? We’re heading to the Heavenly Thunder Eight Voices Mystic Realm today!”

At this moment, Crown Prince Qin Yu’s voice sounded from below.

After hearing this voice, all the students in the inn walked out of their rooms excitedly and gathered at the entrance of the inn.

In just a moment, they were all gathered!

“Very good!”

Qin Yu’s gaze swept past these students.

When he saw Gong Ziliang, he lowered his head and smiled at him before continuing to look at the other students.

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“Junior brothers and sisters, I have to explain first.
Due to the border between the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty, not only are the students of our Primordial Dynasty going, but there are also people from the Bright Fire Dynasty going…”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and looked at these disciples as he said, “Therefore, at that time, both of us will definitely fight in the Heavenly Thunder Eight Voices Mystic Realm.
At that time, I hope that everyone will not hold back.
Anyone who defeats ten people from the Bright Fire Dynasty can come to my place to obtain a noble title and obtain a reward!”

“There’s also a reward…” Hearing Qin Yu’s words, the eyes of the students below lit up.

If they could obtain the title reward in the Primordial Dynasty, it would definitely be very beneficial to their future!

“Then let’s set off…”

Seeing the students below in high spirits, Qin Yu could not help but wave his hand.

Then, their group set off in a mighty manner.
Their destination was the Spirit Azure Ancient Vein at the border of the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty!

After the appearance of the Purgatory Snake Demon previously, the entire Spirit Azure Ancient Vein had already fallen into a state where no one was guarding.

At this moment, this place could be said to be filled with all kinds of evil aura.
This evil aura was emitted from the body of the Purgatory Snake Demon!

The consequence of this evil aura scattering was that all the plants on the entire Spirit Azure Ancient Vein withered!

If one looked down from above, they would see a dark brown land.
Apart from that, there was nothing! “Is this the strength of a World Boss…” Gong Ziliang arrived around the Spirit Azure Ancient Vein.

Even if the figure of the Purgatory Snake Demon had already walked into the depths of the Spirit Azure Ancient Vein, he could still sense how terrifying the surrounding aura was! Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.

After all, this was his World Boss!

Originally, Gong Ziliang thought that he could be considered an expert now.

However, he estimated that if he encountered this Purgatory Snake Demon now, his chances of winning would probably not exceed 20%!

He was far from being a match for this World Boss!

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