Chapter 256 There’s Really a Dragon

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“Everyone, follow me.
The Heavenly Thunder Eight Voices Mystic Realm is ahead!”

Qin Yu led the way.

After passing through the surrounding winding paths, Gong Ziliang finally saw a huge black cave!

This cave existed in the middle of two mountains.
The shape of the cave was like an explosion caused by a huge creature.
It could be said that the surroundings were in chaos!

When Gong Ziliang and the others arrived, the guards of the Primordial Dynasty had already lined up and were waiting for them.


However, just as everyone was about to approach this mystic realm, an extremely violent beast roar suddenly sounded from the mystic realm.


This voice was extremely penetrating.
Caught off guard, many disciples directly spat out blood and fell back.
“Everyone, be careful! This is an attack from an unknown creature in the mystic realm.
This attack will descend every half a day! At that time, please be prepared.
Otherwise, you’ll definitely be injured by this cry!”

At this moment, Qin Yu said to the other disciples, “Now that this attack has just ended, let’s quickly enter! However, you have to be careful.
It’s not only the danger in this mystic realm, but also the threat from those people from the Bright Fire Dynasty!” “Alright!”

When the disciples heard Qin Yu’s words, they all nodded, and carefully walked towards the mystic realm.

“This mystic realm is not as simple as I thought…” Gong Ziliang looked at the Heavenly Thunder Eight Voices Mystic Realm in front of him and frowned.
This was because the roar just now actually contained a powerful divine beast aura!

This divine beast aura resonated with the Moon Cry Divine Phoenix Body in Gong Ziliang’s body.
It actually made the blood in his body boil!

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Without a doubt, this was definitely a reaction that could only be triggered when a top divine beast encountered it!

“Could it be that there really are dragons in this mystic realm…”

When he recalled Qin Yu’s words, Gong Ziliang raised his brows slightly and guessed.

Just as he was thinking, more than half the surrounding students had already entered.

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he also pursed his lips and walked towards the mystic realm.
“Your Highness, aren’t we inviting this person to go with us?”

Behind Gong Ziliang, Elder Li’s figure appeared behind Qin Yu.

“There’s no need! Such a young supreme being definitely has a mission for coming to a small place like our poor dynasty! If we follow him, it’ll make him feel uncomfortable…”

Qin Yu smiled.
He felt that his EQ had already reached a rather mature level!

“Moreover, this person has already obtained the map of the mystic realm that I gave him.
He doesn’t need to be with us at all! We only need to explore the mystic realm ourselves.”

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Qin Yu glanced at Elder Li behind her.
“Your Highness is wise!”

After hearing Qin Yu’s analysis, Elder Li immediately felt helpless!

At the same time, Qin Yu felt good.

In their opinion, Gong Ziliang had already accepted their good intentions.

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Then, next, he would definitely say a few words for the Primordial Dynasty in the Empire or the Holy Land behind him.

With the support of a young supreme being, perhaps their Primordial Dynasty could still be valued!

In a daze, Qin Yu seemed to have already seen the extremely glorious moment of the Primordial Dynasty!

“This map is really detailed…”

After Gong Ziliang entered the mystic realm, he discovered that the walls of the mystic realm were actually filled with blue gems.

With the light of these gems, Gong Ziliang could see the surrounding environment very clearly.

Coupled with the map of the mystic realm that Qin Yu had given him, although Gong Ziliang was ranked in the middle,

However, soon, he left the others behind.

“Looks like there are only two places in this mystic realm that are important…”

Just as Gong Ziliang entered the middle of the mystic realm, his footsteps gradually slowed down.

This was because the information on the map was becoming more and more general.

Clearly, this was the limit of the map.
Any further and he would probably have to explore it himself!

In the depths of the map, Gong Ziliang saw two huge forks.

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Clearly, these two places were the method to defeat the Purgatory Snake Demon that Qin Yu had mentioned previously, as well as the legend about the Divine Dragon…

“It’s here!”

Gong Ziliang matched the map and walked forward.
In the end, he was the first to arrive at the first place with a cross!

“Eh, there’s someone…”

However, when Gong Ziliang arrived, he discovered that there were actually a large number of guards here.

These guards wore black armor.
All of them were disciplined and had serious expressions as they guarded the entire area.

In front of these guards was a huge altar.

There were huge white stone pillars around the altar.
On the stone pillars were various figures!

On each stone pillar was an extremely thick chain!

These chains gathered in the center of the altar and tightly bound a red Divine Dragon!

The Divine Dragon only had a wisp of aura left.
The flames of life seemed to be able to disappear at any moment!

“Damn, you son of a watermelon! There’s really a dragon!!” Seeing this, Gong Ziliang’s heart trembled slightly.

Dragon, phoenix!

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These two were both auspicious divine beasts.
Although the legends of dragons and phoenixes were spread everywhere in the mortal world and the cultivation world, how many people had seen the existence of dragons and phoenixes with their own eyes!

Now, when Gong Ziliang saw this almost-dead Divine Dragon in front of him, he also felt very surprised!

After all, this was a living Divine Dragon!

“Perfect! I still lack many dragon horns on my body-tempering materials.
I wonder if this Divine Dragon can replenish some for me!”

Gong Ziliang looked at this Divine Dragon and could not help but think in his heart.

“Look after this place! There can’t be any mishaps with the Divine Dragon inside!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the side.

Gong Ziliang looked over when he heard this and saw a general wearing silver armor walking over with a silver spear in hand with an extremely serious gaze.
“People of the Bright Fire Dynasty…” Looking at the flag fluttering behind the general, the pattern on it was a ball of flames!

Therefore, Gong Ziliang was certain that these guards in front of him were the people from the Bright Fire Dynasty that Qin Yu had mentioned! “Looks like it’s not only Qin Yu and the others who found this place.
The Bright Fire Dynasty has also found this place!”

Gong Ziliang pursed his lips and prepared to see the future development.

“I didn’t expect that the dogs of the Bright Fire Dynasty would have such sensitive noses! They actually arrived here so quickly…”

Just as Gong Ziliang finished thinking, a familiar voice sounded from below.

He looked over when he heard this and saw…

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