piercing manner.
Even if it did not land on his body, he could sense how terrifying the poison was!

“Be careful!”

Seeing this, Elder Li and Qin Yu roared at the same time and reminded Gong Ziliang.

“This is the final attack of this python.
It will definitely be very terrifying!” Elder Li looked at the poison in the air.
Even he felt a sense of fear!

It could be imagined that if he touched this poison, he would probably instantly die!


At this moment, a light scoff suddenly sounded behind Gong Ziliang.

Then, Elder Li and the others saw in extreme shock that a white figure appeared behind Gong Ziliang after him!

This figure looked to be about ten years old.
Her petite appearance looked extremely pure, as if she was the purest girl in the world!

This figure was Yi Yi!

At this moment, she placed her hands in front of her chest and looked at Gong Ziliang innocently.


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Then, white light blossomed in Yi Yi’s hand.
This light combined with the armor on Gong Ziliang’s body and released a faint white light! “Hmm?”

The moment Yi Yi released this light, Gong Ziliang felt as if he had entered a warm embrace.

“Armor enhancement!”

Sensing the warmth coming from the armor, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel relieved.

At the same time, the green poison finally passed through the air and arrived in front of Gong Ziliang


The poison quickly struck Gong Ziliang, causing the armor on his body to immediately emit white smoke.

However, as the smoke became fewer and fewer, this poison was actually slowly exhausted under the resistance of the armor!

“What?! That’s… an Extreme Realm Artifact…”

When Elder Li and the others below saw this scene, their eyes were about to pop out.

As the attack of the Blood Fiend Python before its death, how could it be so easily resolved?!

Such an attack should be something that even their Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts did not dare to face head-on!

However, when Elder Li and the others saw the Extreme Realm Artifact on Gong Ziliang, they were all silent!

No wonder!

No wonder!!

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As a young supreme being, how could he not have an Extreme Realm Artifact to protect himself?!

“However, what level of Extreme Realm Artifact is this? It can actually block the attack of the Blood Fiend Python…”

Elder Li and the others looked at the armor on Gong Ziliang’s body and felt endless surprise! Such powerful defensive armor was definitely a rare treasure!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As they spoke, the sword light had already landed on the Blood Fiend Python.

Immediately, the Blood Fiend Python did not even have the strength to resist.
Almost instantly, it turned to ashes and was annihilated here!

Gong Ziliang was not surprised by this.

The instantaneous eruption of power, coupled with the terrifying impact of the Myriad Star Technique, was enough to make all existences below the Tribulation Transcendence Realm unable to withstand the terrifying power of this attack!

One attack!

The outcome had been determined!

[Ding! Congratulations on defeating a Level 60 Personal Boss.
Please pick up your equipment as soon as possible!]

As the system notification arrived, Gong Ziliang saw that there were very neat equipment at the place where the Blood Fiend Python died.

When Gong Ziliang saw these equipment, his Treasure Beast had already moved and picked up everything!

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