Chapter 266 Why Haven’t I Heard of This Person?

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On the plaque behind these soldiers, a few words were clearly written.

Primordial Imperial Palace!

This was the palace of the entire Primordial Dynasty!

Qin Yu and Elder Li hurriedly arrived in front of the palace door.
The two of them walked forward and finally arrived at the imperial study before stopping.

“I have something important to report to Father!”

Qin Yu stood at the door and cupped his hands towards the room.

“Come in!”

Not long after, a dignified middle-aged voice sounded from the imperial study.
After Qin Yu and Elder Li heard this, they hurriedly walked


The two of them entered and saw a middle-aged man who was wearing a golden sacred robe and had a pair of ferocious eyes.
He was sitting in the high hall and talking to a young man.



Qin Yu looked at the middle-aged man and nodded.

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This man was his father and the monarch of the entire Primordial Dynasty, Qin Shanhe!

“This is…”

After Qin Yu greeted Qin Shanhe, he looked at the young man beside him.

This young man was wearing a golden sacred robe and holding a silver spear in his hand.
He looked extremely sharp and powerful! It was even to the extent that when Qin Yu looked at the silver spear behind him, he only felt an aura attacking his eyes, causing him to actually be unable to open them! This could not help but shock Qin Yu!

How terrifying was this realm? He was actually attacked just by looking at his spear!

“Your realm is too low.
You can’t look at my spear directly!”

The young man seemed to have sensed Qin Yu’s abnormality, so he used his hand to cover the light on his silver spear.
Only then did Qin Yu hurriedly take two steps back as if he had been pardoned.

“Who are you…”

After Qin Yu recovered from his shock, he looked at the young man in front of him and could not help but be shocked.
When did such a powerful young expert appear in their Primordial Dynasty? “This is the young supreme being from the Great Xia Empire, Zidi!”

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At this moment, Qin Shanhe stood up and introduced him to Qin Yu.

“Great Xia Empire, young supreme being…” After hearing his father’s words, Qin Yu could not help but feel shocked!

Almost all the young supreme beings in every Empire were nurtured after going through thousands of selections and many training!

To be able to obtain the title of young supreme being, it could be said that as long as he did not die, his future accomplishments were definitely limitless!

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Qin Yu did not expect that the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire would suddenly appear in their Primordial Dynasty! “It’s true! For the Supreme Battle of the Empire, I’m here to train my spear!”

Zidi looked at Qin Yu’s gaze.
His gaze turned to the spear on his back, as if in his eyes, everything was not as important as the spear on his back!

“I hope that someone in your Primordial Dynasty can become my whetstone and let my spear technique reach a higher level!”

Zidi looked at Qin Yu, his voice extremely calm.

However, these words were a little ear-piercing to Qin Yu!

What Zidi was looking for was not an opponent that could defeat him, but an existence that could be worth his spear and become his grindstone.

This was too arrogant, simply too arrogant! “Qin Yu, why are you here?” Qin Shanhe looked at Qin Yu and asked.

“It’s like this.
I came to report to you about the mystic realm!” Qin Yu hurriedly said after hearing Qin Shanhe’s question.

“Mystic realm? How was it?”

When Qin Shanhe heard this, he raised his brows.

“It’s like this! I also encountered a young supreme being in the mystic realm this time!”

When Qin Yu said this, he looked at Zidi with a provocative expression.

In Qin Yu’s opinion, no matter how powerful Zidi was, it was impossible for him to reach Gong Ziliang’s realm!

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After all, Gong Ziliang had even defeated a Tribulation Transcendence Realm existence like the Blood Fiend Flood Dragon!

No matter how powerful Zidi was, it was impossible to reach that level!

“Oh? Young supreme being??”

As expected, when Zidi heard Qin Yu’s words, a strange light immediately flashed in her eyes.

“What’s the name of this young supreme being you’re talking about?” Zidi looked at Qin Yu without blinking, “Be it the Empire or the young supreme beings in the Holy Land, I know their names! I didn’t expect that other than me, there would actually be someone who came to this Primordial Dynasty! Who is he?”

“As long as you say his name, I’ll definitely know!” Zidi looked at Qin Yu in front of him and requested.

Qin Yu looked at Zidi and slowly said, “His name is Gong Ziliang!”

“Gong Ziliang???”

Hearing the name, Zidi’s confident face was slightly stunned, as if he could not react, “Why have I never heard of this name among the young supreme beings?” “Hmm?”

Hearing Zidi’s reply, Qin Yu was stunned.
“How is this possible! Gong Ziliang is definitely a young supreme being, there’s definitely no mistake! How can you not have heard of his name…”

Qin Yu looked at Zidi and said in disbelief, “With his strength, I’m afraid even the title of young supreme being can’t withstand it! How can you not have heard of his name?”

“What did this Gong Ziliang do to deserve your admiration!”

Qin Shanhe looked at his son’s abnormality and could not help but say.

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“Today, in the mystic realm…”

Qin Yu nodded and explained everything that had happened in the mystic realm to Qin Shanhe today!

When they heard that Gong Ziliang had actually defeated the Blood Fiend Python and the Blood Fiend Flood Dragon alone in the mystic realm, Qin Shanhe and Zidi could not sit still!

“He can actually suppress an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm with the strength of the Spirit Refinement Realm… This, this, this…”

After Zidi heard Qin Yu’s explanation, he first felt extremely shocked, and then he was extremely excited!

It was even to the extent that Zidi’s hands trembled from excitement!

“If what you said is true, then this person is definitely worth me attacking!”

Zidi looked at Qin Yu, his tone carrying incomparable excitement!

It was as if he had found a peerless whetstone that excited him!

“The Primordial Dynasty is really the right place to come to!”

At the same time, Gong Ziliang had already returned to the inn.

After returning to the room, he released Gong Ziwu and the others to play by themselves.

As for Gong Ziliang, he began to organize the gains in this mystic realm!

“System, begin recycling and sorting!”

Looking at the equipment in his bag, Gong Ziliang directly recycled all the white and green equipment!

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