now, you’ll probably be pursued by countless cultivators!”

“Bai Family? Bai Niantian? He issued an arrest warrant for me?”

After hearing this news, Gong Ziliang’s eyes flashed.

He had not gone to the Bai Family yet, but he did not expect that he would take the initiative to send himself to them!

“Now, according to the observation, the Profound Heaven Sword will open in two days.
Do you still want to go…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, Qin Yu wanted to say something but hesitated.

This was because even Qin Yu did not have much hope for Gong Ziliang after seeing him fight the Bai Family!

After all, the Bai Family was a colossus that had surpassed the Empire…

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What could Gong Ziliang do when facing such an existence alone?

“I’ll go! Why won’t I go?”

However, to Qin Yu’s surprise, Gong Ziliang was not afraid when he heard this news.
Instead, he immediately nodded.

“However, everyone is waiting for you to appear…”

Qin Yu looked at the confidence on Gong Ziliang’s face and could not help but say in surprise, “That Bai Niantian is not an existence that a young supreme being like Pang Tianlai can compare to…”

“It’s fine!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand at Qin Yu, indicating that he did not have to be so flustered.
“Where’s the Profound Heaven Sword?”

“Primordial Dynasty, at the border of the Bright Fire Dynasty… above the clouds!” Qin Yu looked at Gong Ziliang and slowly said.

“Thank you for telling me!”

Gong Ziliang cupped his hands at Qin Yu.
Then, before Qin Yu could react, his figure had already disappeared! “This…”

Looking at the empty room in front of him, Qin Yu could not help but feel shocked.

This was because even he did not know how Gong Ziliang disappeared!

“Above the clouds, that doesn’t seem to be a good place…”

As Gong Ziliang walked, he looked at the originally peaceful atmosphere in the capital disappear.
In its place was the dead silence before the war!

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It was even to the extent that he could see many soldiers who were not from the Primordial Dynasty patrolling here!

Gong Ziliang did not notice them.
Instead, he picked up a map and took a look.

On the clouds, it was a natural stronghold!

That was said to be the place closest to the sky.

Some even said that as long as he stood there, he could almost touch the sky with a raise of his hand!

Precisely because it was really too high, if one did not have a flying weapon, they could not reach there at all!

“This trip is probably ten thousand miles! If I use the Soaring Wings to fly over, that would be too time-consuming…”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his brows in worry.
The Soaring Wings could indeed support him.
However, if he continued to fly with his wings, the efficiency would definitely be too low!

Moreover, continuously using the Soaring Wings would definitely cause the strength in his body to be depleted.
“If there’s a beast mount that can carry me over, it’ll be much easier!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his beast column and saw that there was only a Golden Fire Lion in it!

“Although the Golden Fire Lion is a powerful riding beast, it’s still a land creature! It would be perfect if there’s a flying riding beast!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Golden Fire Lion and shook his head.

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“Gasp! This system…”

After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang immediately took a deep breath.
This was too creepy!

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