Chapter 280 There’s Someone On The Roc!

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“What… is that…”

Even the calm voice could not help but gasp when it saw the scene in front of it, its eyes filled with extreme shock!

In front of their immortal ship, an extremely huge golden figure was approaching them at high speed!

This golden figure carried a speed that could not be captured with the naked eye.

In just an instant, it directly closed the distance of hundreds of meters from their immortal ship!

When this figure approached, they finally saw it clearly! This golden figure was actually a roc! This roc spread its wings, and the powerful airflow brought about by its terrifying speed made their immortal ship begin to tremble, as if it could collapse at any time!

“What a powerful spirit beast! Everyone, quickly defend!!”

After seeing this huge roc, all the cultivators on the immortal ship became extremely shocked.
They hurriedly gathered the spiritual qi in their bodies, but none of them dared to take the initiative to attack this spirit beast.

This spirit beast was really too big!

This made them not know how to attack at all!

“Wait, look! There’s someone on the back of this roc!!!”

At this moment, another disciple roared.
This sound immediately gathered the gazes of the other disciples!!

“Gasp!! How is this possible…”

Looking at the figure on the roc, the eyes of these disciples could not help but be filled with endless shock!

There was someone!

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There was actually someone on the back of this Divine Roc!

This was simply unimaginable!

“Could it be that this Divine Roc is his mount?!”

At this moment, a disciple guessed.
Immediately, the other disciples could not help but gasp!

He could take such a terrifying Divine Roc as his mount?

How terrifying a strength was needed to do this!

Spirit Refinement Realm? Probably not!

Tribulation Transcendence Realm? That was a little unbelievable!

“Could this be a mighty expert!!!”

The minds of those disciples shook violently, feeling that it was a little unbelievable!

“He’s also heading towards the clouds…”

Looking in the direction of the Divine Roc, the hearts of these disciples immediately became extremely heavy!

Could they really succeed in fighting such a terrifying existence for the Profound Heaven Sword?

The probability of losing their life was probably higher!


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Looking at the back of the Divine Roc, these disciples immediately felt extremely bitter.

“Looks like we’re almost there!”

Gong Ziliang, who was above the Divine Roc, did not know that his unintentional action would cause such a huge blow to those disciples!

The current Gong Ziliang had his gaze fixed on the surrounding environment.

This was because he had already arrived above the clouds!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, it’s really above the clouds…”

Gong Ziliang sat on the back of the Divine Roc.
From his angle, he could see very clearly.

Under him was a mountain range that was like a dragon’s back.
This mountain range majestically divided the kingdom below into two regions!

The height of this mountain range just happened to pass the clouds, revealing a small horn!

It could be said that if he stood at the top of the mountain range, he could really reach out and touch the clouds!

“Oh? That’s the Profound Heaven Sword…”

Gong Ziliang looked down.
At the highest point of this mountain range, there was a huge pit!

In this huge pit, one could clearly sense a monstrous sword intent continuously being released!

Looking at the white longsword in the huge pit, Gong Ziliang’s gaze flashed slightly.

Profound Heaven Sword.

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When it descended, all the living beings in a radius of 30,000 miles were killed.

Such a terrifying weapon actually existed!

At this moment, although the Profound Heaven Sword was only quietly inserted in the pit, it was not held in anyone’s hand.

However, a terrifying sword intent still spread crazily in all directions!

In fact, this sword intent even shattered the clouds in the sky.

The terrifying sword intent gave people the feeling of a galloping wild horse, making them unable to control it at all! “Looks like many people have already arrived!” Gong Ziliang looked at the other places in the mountain range.
There were almost a few thousand people standing on the entire mountain range.
They looked at each other, their gazes could be said to be filled with vigilance!

Their goal was also very simple.
It was the Profound Heaven Sword in front of them!

“This Profound Heaven Sword is a weapon that I, Bai Niantian, have reserved.
I’ll see who dares to snatch it from me today!”

At this moment, a young man below snorted coldly.
A terrifying aura directly erupted from his body, causing the expressions of the surrounding people to change!

“He’s Bai Niantian…”

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang’s gaze immediately focused!

Gong Ziliang looked at the young man below, a trace of seriousness appearing in his eyes!

Bai Niantian.

It was the elder brother of the supreme genius, Bai Niansheng!

His strength was so powerful that although he could not compare to his younger brother, he was still a top genius of the younger generation!

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At this moment, as he stood below, it could be said that the young supreme beings did not dare to move.
They did not dare to disobey Bai Niantian at all!

“Damn it!”

Among them was Zidi, who was extremely arrogant previously.
However, at this moment, Zidi did not dare to compete with Bai Niantian.

It could be said that under Bai Niantian’s intimidation, Zidi stood at his original spot and did not dare to move!

“Bai Niantian? How impressive…”

However, at this moment, a disdainful voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw that not far away, a pair of twin sisters had actually slowly walked over!

This pair of twins!

One was wearing a black dress.
One was wearing a white dress.

Moreover, one of them looked extremely enchanting, as if she was a demoness of the Demon Cult.

The other had a calm expression, like a goddess above the nine heavens.

The two of them walked together, giving others an extremely intense visual feast!

“Gasp!! It’s actually the famous Gemini Stars of the Great Xia Empire! They’re actually here.”

After seeing these two women, some disciples of the Great Xia Empire present immediately revealed extremely shocked expressions.

This was because they knew how terrifying the two women in front of them were!

“Boss, who are the Gemini Stars…” At this moment, the genius of the Primordial Dynasty asked curiously.

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