Chapter 281 Genius Youths, Fight!

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“The Gemini Stars are very famous in the entire Great Xia Empire! Among the two sisters, one is as alluring as a devil, boundlessly charming! The other is like a goddess from the nine heavens, cold and indifferent, not caring about the affairs of the world!”

The genius of the Great Xia Empire took a deep breath and said, “When the two of them separated, they were already top geniuses and were not inferior to Bai Niantian at all.
When combined, they could even unleash shocking martial techniques.
Even Bai Niantian… had to avoid them and not dare to approach!”

“So powerful!!”

When he heard this, the disciple of the Primordial Dynasty could not help but take a deep breath and feel dense disbelief!

After all, Bai Niantian was already powerful enough! He did not expect that an even stronger twin sister would appear now!


Looking at the pair of twins in front of him, Bai Niantian immediately frowned.

Clearly, the strength of this pair of twins made him feel that it was a little troublesome!

“Bai Niantian of the Bai Family? I didn’t expect you to still dare to come out.
I thought that your Bai Family only had Bai Niansheng!”

After this sister appeared, not long after, a long voice sounded!

Everyone hurriedly looked over again and saw that in the distance, a young man wearing a white robe and holding a halberd was slowly walking over on a white horse.

“War God Fang Yu! He’s actually here…”

After seeing this young man, the surrounding disciples of the Great Xia Empire could not help but gasp again, the shock in their eyes not hiding at all!

“This is…”

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Seeing others so shocked, the disciple at the side could not help but ask.

“You don’t know the War God, Fang Yu? Did you see the halberd in his hand…”

The genius beside him gulped and continued, “That halberd once defeated an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm…”


When they heard this, the disciples at the side were immediately stunned! Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

This young man had actually defeated an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

One had to know that although the Tribulation Transcendence Realm and the Spirit Refinement Realm were only one realm apart, the difference in strength could be said to be like the difference between heaven and earth!

After stepping into the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, be it spiritual qi or martial techniques, they would reach a brand new realm!

If a Spirit Refinement Realm expert could deal with three ninth-stage True Martial Realm existences at the same time, an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm could deal with ten ninth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm existences!

“It’s actually so powerful…”

Looking at these geniuses walking over, these geniuses of the Primordial Dynasty present all felt like bumpkins entering the city! “No matter who comes to snatch it today, this Profound Heaven Sword will only be mine…”

Looking at the surrounding disciples who did not dare to move, Bai Niantian looked at the Profound Heaven Sword in front of him, his eyes revealing a greedy expression!

Then, he took a step forward and began to walk towards the Profound Heaven Sword!

“Don’t you dare!”

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Seeing Bai Niantian attack, the sisters immediately sneered.

Accompanied by a clear sound that was like a silver bell, the sisters actually attacked Bai Niantian at the same time!

“Hahaha, interesting! Interesting!”

Fang Yu looked at the three people in front of him and was actually not afraid at all.
He brandished the ancient halberd in his hand.

The spearhead actually directly attacked the three of them at the same time!

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing that they were stopping him, Bai Niantian also roared and gathered all his spiritual qi to counterattack!

However, at this moment, a change suddenly occurred.
An extremely clear sword cry sounded, and then a terrifying sword intent suddenly erupted from the huge pit in front of him.

Under everyone’s unbelievable gazes, the Profound Heaven Sword actually turned into a white light that fell towards the distant city!

“What’s going on…”

Seeing this, everyone present was extremely surprised and did not know what had happened!


Looking at the city not far away, after hesitating for a moment, Bai Niantian immediately brought his people and ran towards that city!

“Let’s go take a look too…”

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Then, the sisters frowned and followed! “Interesting! Interesting!”

Looking at them leave, Fang Yu laughed.
The white horse under him immediately neighed and ran towards the distant city!

“Looks like there’s going to be chaos…”

Looking at these four figures, the remaining geniuses smiled bitterly.

Compared to a top genius like Bai Niantian, they were nothing!

“Looks like the Profound Heaven Sword will fall into their hands this time…”

Some disciples sighed, seeming to feel a little unwilling!

However, at this moment, a cry that resounded through the clouds suddenly sounded!

All the geniuses present hurriedly raised their heads.

In the next moment, their faces were filled with extreme shock!

In the sky, there was actually a terrifying Divine Roc that was hundreds of meters tall that was flapping its wings and flying towards the city ahead!

The Divine Roc flapped its wings, causing endless storms to crazily rise.

The expressions of all the disciples present changed greatly at this moment, because they felt how terrifying the power contained in this Divine Roc was!

“What’s that…”

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Looking at the mighty departure of the Divine Roc in the sky, the hearts of these geniuses present were still filled with extreme shock.
“There’s someone above the Divine Roc!”

At this moment, just as the Divine Roc was about to leave, someone finally saw the figure standing on it.

As he said this, all the geniuses present felt thunder rolling

It was extremely shocking!

Just as the disciples on the immortal ships had imagined, they were all guessing.

What kind of shocking cultivation level was needed to suppress such a terrifying Divine Roc and make it his mount!

Compared to this figure, Bai Niantian and the others were simply too weak.

Perhaps just the Divine Roc could beat them silly!

“The real big shot has appeared!!” A genius gulped and muttered.

“That’s right!”

Immediately, this sentence attracted the agreement of many people around!

The city that the Profound Heaven Sword landed in was a territory called the Azure City!

The Profound Heaven Sword descended from the sky and finally stopped right above the city very accurately, causing everyone to look over and reveal shocked expressions!

“Dragon Capturing Hand!”

Not long after the Profound Heaven Sword descended, a light scoff sounded.

Everyone saw a white figure descend from the sky and directly grab the hilt of the Profound Heaven Sword!

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