Chapter 284 Actually Flying

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“Kid, come back with us!” Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of them, those Bai Family disciples immediately surrounded him.

Then, an extraordinary aura erupted from their bodies.

This aura was extremely powerful.
Almost everyone seemed to be in the Spirit Refinement Realm!

“Ten Spirit Refinement Realm experts…”

Seeing this, Fang Yu’s expression could not help but change.

Ten Spirit Refinement Realm experts.
With such a lineup, even ordinary existences at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm did not dare to face them head-on!

Such a team really made people feel despair!

“As expected of the top family in the Great Xia Empire…” Sensing the existence of these ten Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators, the Gemini Stars’ expression changed slightly and felt a little shocked.

“Kid, you’re scared silly…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang standing there without moving, the leading Bai Family disciple could not help but sneer.

“Attack!” Then, the Bai Family disciple pointed and sneered.


These ten Bai Family disciples roared at the same time.
Ten Spirit Refinement Realm auras surged towards Gong Ziliang in the middle from all directions.

In an instant, cracks appeared in the entire venue.
The clouds in the sky formed ripples that spread in all directions!

The expressions of the surrounding disciples changed greatly.

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Just the aura of the Soul Refinement Realm pressed their bodies to the ground and they could not move! “Hmph, that’s it? Then I’ll fly off first!” Looking at these Bai Family disciples rushing towards him from ten directions, Gong Ziliang also snorted coldly!

Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, a pair of white wings appeared behind Gong Ziliang!

This wing had long red stripes that were distributed very evenly, looking extremely bright! This was Gong Ziliang’s Soaring Wings!


Then, this pair of wings swayed gently, accompanied by a breeze.

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang’s body rushed into the sky and directly broke out of the encirclement of these ten Spirit Refinement Realm experts!


Looking at Gong Ziliang in the sky, the disciples of the Bai Family below revealed shocked expressions.

They did not expect that Gong Ziliang actually had wings!

Moreover, it could fly!

“What treasure is this!!”

Seeing the wings on Gong Ziliang’s body, the eyes of the Bai Family disciples below turned red.

Every flying tool was priceless!

Not to mention their Bai Family, probably not even one in the entire Great Xia Empire could be found!

Not to mention such gorgeous wings! This was definitely a rare treasure!

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“Take him down!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in the sky, this undoubtedly made these Bai Family disciples even more determined to capture Gong Ziliang!

As they spoke, extremely powerful spiritual qi surged from these Bai Family disciples.

With this powerful spiritual qi as a contrast, these Bai Family disciples rose into the air one by one and grabbed at Gong Ziliang in the sky!

“Do you really think I’m afraid of you…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Bai Family disciples who flew up and snorted.
Immediately after, the strength of a seventh-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator directly erupted! Fang Yu and the others below could not help but gasp.

Seventh-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

This was definitely a genius among geniuses!

Even among top geniuses like them, there was probably not a single existence who had reached the seventh-stage Spirit Refinement Realm!

Gong Ziliang’s realm had probably broken the records of the entire Great Xia Empire…

Under the shocked gazes of these people, Gong Ziliang’s hand flickered with light again, and the Crimson Dragon Blade was taken out again! “Get down!”

Looking at these Bai Family disciples, Gong Ziliang snorted coldly.

Red light flashed on the Crimson Dragon Blade.

In the next moment, a terrifying red dragon surged out from the Crimson Dragon Blade and slashed at the ten Bai Family disciples below!

This red dragon was the special attribute of the Crimson Dragon Blade, the Crimson Dragon True Shadow!

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It could be said to be a draw!

However, even this draw made the expressions of the disciples below change greatly!

This long dragon looked to be more than a hundred meters long.
It slithered in the air, and the aura of a True Dragon rushed in all directions!

What was even more terrifying was that

The scales on the dragon looked clear.
Its dragon eyes looked at the ten Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below and directly rushed down!

“What is this…”

Looking at this red dragon, the Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below could not help but gasp, their gazes filled with shock!

Such a realistic True Dragon phantom was probably already in the category of a Heaven-rank martial technique!

Such a terrifying attack, even if they wanted to break their heads, they did not expect that this would be a normal attack!

“Block it!”

After sensing the terrifying power contained in this attack, these disciples present could not help but roar.

Then, these ten Spirit Refinement Realm disciples raised their spiritual qi almost at the same time, forming a transparent defense above their heads!


Finally, this red dragon struck the defense.
Immediately, an extremely terrifying wave spread crazily in all directions with the heads of these disciples as the center!

“He blocked it…”

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Seeing the red dragon in the sky slowly dissipate, the Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below could not help but sigh.

They were shocked by the terrifying dragon aura just now!

“Even if you can catch one, can you catch ten…”

However, at this moment, Gong Ziliang’s words in the sky made the expressions of these Spirit Refinement Realm disciples freeze.

“What? Ten? What do you mean…”

When they heard Gong Ziliang’s words, the ten Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below were immediately stunned and did not react for a moment!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, soon, they understood what Gong Ziliang was talking about!

With a light scoff, in the next moment, red dragons continuously emitted from the Crimson Dragon Blade in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

In a short moment, the number of dragons in the sky had already reached hundreds.

These long dragons blasted towards the defense of the Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below in a mighty manner!

This scene was really too magnificent! This was because every dragon was almost a hundred meters long.

Hundreds of dragons spread out majestically from the Crimson Dragon Blade in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

This scene could be said to have caused the eyes of the Spirit Refinement Realm disciples below to almost split open! Such a terrifying dragon definitely required a huge amount of spiritual qi to release!

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