Chapter 300 Shocking the Empire!

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Xu Qiang looked at these two Demon Cult elders and smiled.

Then, he shook his head and said, “We don’t know about this at all…”

“You don’t know?”

Hearing Xu Qiang’s words, these people did not recover from their shock for a moment!

Xu Qiang nodded.
“Who knows who killed the two of them…”

“Right, right! We didn’t see anything just now…”

Hearing Xu Qiang say so, if these people still did not understand, they would really be fools!

“I really don’t know which expert attacked and actually defeated all these Demon Cult disciples!”

Xu Qiang looked at the corpses on the ground and sighed.
His words seemed to be filled with endless emotion, as if he really did not know who had attacked just now!

Then, their group returned to Azure City without any restraints!

The news of the deaths of these Demon Cult disciples on the ground was still spread even if Xu Qiang hid it!

When they heard that the two elders of the Demon Cult were killed and the corpses of countless Demon Cult disciples filled the entire ground, all the factions, from the small kingdoms to the entire Supreme Academy, were shocked!

“Hahahaha, which powerful existence did this Demon Cult provoke? They actually directly killed two existences at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm of the Demon Cult and so many disciples…”

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Xuan Guangzi, who was on the Profound Heaven Sect, stood up and looked at the sky and laughed loudly.
He was even about to cry!

“I’ve always been worried that the Demon Cult will do something major! Now, this is great.
I reckon that without a hundred years, the Demon Cult will definitely not be able to recover their strength…”

At this moment, First Elder Liu stood at the side and also laughed loudly.
It could be said that he felt the anger in his chest rise!

This was because before this, their Profound Heaven Sect’s genius, Shangguan Yan, had already been noticed by the Demon Cult!

As a Divine Body, Shangguan Yan’s current cultivation speed could be said to have finally entered an extremely fast speed!

The Demon Cult had seen this and wanted to send people to snatch Shangguan Yan away!

However, who would have thought that the Demon Cult would suffer the attack of such an expert at this moment!

Two Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts had been killed.
Now, they could almost imagine Mo Yun’s attitude after hearing this news! “Hahaha… what? Two elders of the Demon Cult at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm were killed?? Is it accurate? Is this news really accurate??”

In the Myriad Sword Sect, when Jian Zun heard his subordinate’s words, he could not help but widen his eyes, his face filled with disbelief!

“Absolutely! The corpses of the Demon Cult disciples are still placed at the entrance of Azure City!” The disciple said.

“Hahaha, good, good, good! How satisfying!” Hearing this disciple’s words, Jian Zun also laughed at the sky.
He did not stop for a long time!

“The Demon Cult has finally suffered retribution!”

Elder Mei Hua also sighed at this moment.
On both sides of his brows, tears flowed down.

The relationship between the Demon Cult and Elder Mei Hua could be said to be too old!

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“The Demon Cult disciple was killed? Two experts at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm are dead…”

In the Supreme Academy, Wu Hai was even more happy!

As the enemy of the Demon Cult, Wu Hai could be said to be extremely happy!

In fact, to him, this was simply the best news he had heard today!

“I wonder which supreme mighty figure has appeared to suppress the Demon Cult like this!”

After sighing with emotion, Wu Hai could not help but look into the distance.

At this moment, be it Xuan Guangzi, Jian Zun, or Wu Hai and the others who were at the Soul Refinement Realm, at this moment, they had the same guess.
The existence who could do this was definitely something that only an extremely powerful hidden expert could do! No one among them thought Gong Ziliang was involved in this.

After all, in their impression, no matter how fast Gong Ziliang grew, it was impossible for him to reach this stage!

However, the person in greatest disbelief among them was the Demon Cult’s Altar Master, Mo Yun!

“What did you say… they killed all the elders…”

At this moment, Mo Yun sat on the Demon Cult’s seat and felt that his heart was ice-cold!

The death of the Demon Cult’s elders and disciples was simply a destructive blow to their Demon Cult!

These Demon Cult elders were dead and the disciples were wiped out.
It turned out that he was the only one left!

What else could he do?

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“Who did this…”

Looking at the sky outside, Mo Yun could not help but roar!

“No, I don’t know! According to the news from Azure City, the City Lord was sleeping at that time and did not know what was going on outside…”

The Demon Cult disciple said with a trembling voice.


After hearing this, Mo Yun’s face twitched fiercely twice.
Then, he faced the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood, and he fell back.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Above the nine heavens, there were thousands of clouds.

In the endless clouds, a huge black shadow quickly passed through them!

In just a moment, a huge figure flapped its wings and directly flew hundreds of miles!

“There’s actually such a Divine Roc in this world!”

Sitting on the Divine Roc, Bing Xin and Mo Yue only felt extremely surprised!

The two of them could be said to have come from the Great Xia Empire and had seen all kinds of things.

However, when they sat on the Divine Roc, they still felt endless surprise!

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This is because this is simply a dream to them!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, women…”

Gong Ziliang sat on Divine Roc Island and looked at Bing Xin and Mo Yue who were observing the scenery below.

He began to size up his system!

Now, because he was returning to the Heaven Capital, Gong Ziliang was not too anxious!

It was clearly only a half a day’s journey.
Gong Ziliang had already sat here for an entire day and still had not arrived in Heaven Capital!

This made Gong Ziliang involuntarily look at his system.

Now, after these two days, the vouchers in the system had already reached $240!

This money seemed to be a lot, but when Gong Ziliang saw the gift bags in the store, he could not help but shake his head.
“Looks like I still have to earn money!”

Gong Ziliang sighed lightly and looked at the Infinity Tower!

“It’s time to challenge the Infinity Tower!”

Looking at the function of the Infinity Tower, Gong Ziliang could not help but nod.

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