Chapter 301 Ten Times Reward

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In the Infinity Tower, Gong Ziliang had already reached the 69th level.

The 70th level of the Infinity Tower had indicated that it would be opened when Gong Ziliang reached Level 70!

Now that Gong Ziliang had reached Level 70, he immediately recalled the Infinity Tower!

After all, many vouchers could return to the Infinity Tower!

“Come on! Let me see what kind of surprise this Infinity Tower can give me!”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and entered the Infinity Tower!


After entering the Infinity Tower, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately darkened.

When Gong Ziliang reacted, he discovered that he had already arrived in a secret room.

This secret room could be said to be very small and appeared to be hexagonal!

It looked like only five or six people could stand!

Gong Ziliang stood here and looked around, but he discovered that this floor did not look like the 70th floor.
Instead, there was a word written-Reward!

“Reward?? What’s this…”

Looking at this small secret room, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel a little dizzy.

This had never appeared before!

(Ding! Congratulations on successfully reaching the 70th level! From now on, every time you successfully take down 10 levels of the Infinity Tower, you can obtain a chance to enter the reward round!)

(There are a large number of rewards in the reward round! During this period, all the gains here will be settled with ten times the reward! Please seize the opportunity!) “What?? Ten times the reward?? Did I hear wrong???”

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After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang thought that there was a problem with his ears!

Ten times the reward!

It was actually ten times the reward!

Could it be that the system was crazy?

It actually gave him such a reward?!

This was simply like the sun rising from the north!

It was simply too ridiculous!

(Ding! The reward round will last for minutes! Time begins now!]

Then, in the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s face suddenly lit up.
Then, after everything ended, Gong Ziliang immediately saw the Crimson Dragon Blade actually take the initiative to appear in his hand.

Moreover, an extremely familiar monster had actually appeared around his body!

Chicken, pig, ostrich, vajra, scorpion…

However, what made Gong Ziliang pay more attention was that there was actually the word ‘real’ on the heads of these monsters!

“No way! Could these monsters really be gold farming monsters?”

Gong Ziliang looked at these gold farming monsters and his heart trembled!

This happiness came too suddenly!

“I’ll know after a slash!”

Looking at the rooster that walked past him, Gong Ziliang did not say a word and directly slashed at it with the Crimson Dragon Blade in his hand!

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Then, Gong Ziliang was surprised that he had actually killed this golden rooster!

Moreover, it directly lay on the ground and dropped vouchers!

“So simple…”

Looking at the vouchers on the ground, Gong Ziliang even felt that it was a little unreal!

This was too simple!

At the same time, Gong Ziliang’s Treasure Beast Spirit Cat moved.

In a few flashes, it picked up almost all the vouchers on the ground!

“$0.10 vouchers! There are actually 50 of them!”

Gong Ziliang could not help but feel a little dazed!

50 vouchers worth $0.10 were worth $5!

According to the system’s tenfold settlement, wouldn’t he have earned $50??

Gong Ziliang was a little dizzy from this sudden reward.

This was too unbelievable! He actually obtained $50 so easily?? This was almost no different from picking up money on the ground!

“45 seconds left!”

Looking at the time above his head, Gong Ziliang felt his eyes light up.

These gold farming monsters were simply a super benefit for him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Then, in the next 45 seconds, Gong Ziliang directly slashed five gold farming monsters consecutively.

He looked at his harvest this time, and it was actually more than 30 dollars!

Finally, after the event ended, the system’s voice did not disappoint Gong Ziliang’s expectations.
It sounded again!

(Ding! The tenfold settlement reward has been triggered! Congratulations on obtaining $300 this time!)

“$300!! It’s really $300!!”

Hearing the system’s words, Gong Ziliang really could not help but laugh!

What the heck?!

The system simply loved him too much!

This $300 voucher made Gong Ziliang feel like he had picked it up from the ground!


He was sent back to the 70th level!

The manager of the 70th level looked like he was in a catacombs.

At this moment, there were extremely huge scorpions around Gong Ziliang! Some scorpions were completely black.
Almost every one of them had an extremely powerful aura.
The poisonous needles on their backs were all aimed at Gong Ziliang, as if they could attack at any time!

“I’m rich, I’m rich…”

However, Gong Ziliang did not place his gaze on these scorpions!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s attention was completely focused on the $300 vouchers in his bag!

To him, this was simply a dream!

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“After clearing the Infinity Tower, I can still obtain some vouchers…”

Looking at the black scorpions in front of him, Gong Ziliang felt full of motivation.
He directly roared and pounced at these black scorpions in front of him!

“Heavenly Dragon Blade, fuse!”

“Earth Intent!”

Looking at these black scorpions in front of him, he summoned the Crimson Dragon Blade and the Profound Heaven Sword to fuse.
Then, he mobilized the Intent in his body at the same time!

Immediately, the Earth Intent was activated!

Yellow soil rose from the ground.
These yellow soil were extremely agile and directly covered these black scorpions!

The terrifying contraction force only lasted for a moment.

It made the black scorpions in front of Gong Ziliang firmly land on the ground! “Slash!”

Looking at the black scorpions, the Heavenly Dragon Blade in Gong Ziliang’s hand had also completed the fusion.

Then, under a black scorpion’s frightened gaze, Gong Ziliang directly slashed at its head!


After the Heavenly Dragon Blade drew an arc in the air, this huge sword blade directly landed on the black scorpion’s head!

A light sound was heard.
This black scorpion’s body was directly cut into two by Gong


It could be said to be extremely tragic!

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