Chapter 304 Intent Fusion!

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“What’s going on? Could it be that the system is selling fake medicine?!”

After Gong Ziliang felt his body change, he could not help but widen his eyes, feeling that it was very unbelievable!

What was going on?

Why was it that when he ate the medicinal pill that was worth $648, it was actually useless??


However, just as Gong Ziliang was feeling suspicious…

In the next moment, he suddenly felt his clothes bulge!

Then, before Gong Ziliang could react, he saw an aura emitting from his body!

This aura was divided into blue, red, green, and golden in the air.
It could be said to correspond to the Five Elements Intent in Gong Ziliang’s body!

At the same time these five Intents appeared, a trace of distortion seemed to have appeared in the space around Gong Ziliang, causing his figure to become a little blurry!

“What is this…”

Such a huge commotion naturally made the two of them in front hurriedly turn around to look!

However, when they looked, the two of them really almost fainted from shock.

At this moment, a colorful light actually appeared above Gong Ziliang’s head!

In this light, the two of them could clearly sense the aura of the Great Dao coming from above!

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It was as if this light contained the establishment of all things in the world!

“Such a dense attribute aura… Isn’t, isn’t this Intent??”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, Mo Yue could not help but cover her small mouth that had opened because she was too shocked.

This was simply too shocking! They had just told Gong Ziliang about the Intent!

They did not expect that Gong Ziliang would really use the Intent in a second!

If she did not see this with her own eyes, she would never believe it!

“Gasp! There, there are… five Intents!”

e are

The goddess was even more shocked!

She looked at the five lights that floated above Gong Ziliang’s head.
Even if she could not believe it,

she had to admit that this light really contained the existence of five Intents!

Five Intents!

Gong Ziliang actually had five Intents!

One had to know that even if others comprehended an Intent, they were already a supreme genius, the kind of existence that left everyone behind!

As for Gong Ziliang, he actually had five Intents!

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This was simply unimaginable!

In fact, she really thought that she was dreaming!

“Oh my god! What’s that!”

“Miracle! It’s a miracle! Quickly, quickly, quickly kneel down.
This is the manifestation of a true deity…”

“The heavens are blessing the immemorial era! Such a miracle actually appeared today!”

“Quick! Quickly kowtow to the miracle! As long as you kowtow, you’ll definitely be able to become a cultivator!”

At the same time, in the area where the Divine Roc passed.
As the five Intents on Gong Ziliang became stronger and stronger, they even reached the point of affecting mountains and rivers!

The mountains and rivers that Gong Ziliang walked on actually rose a few meters!

The trees on the mountain grew crazily.
In the blink of an eye, they had already reached 40 to 50 meters!

What was even more terrifying was that every drop of water in the mountains and rivers actually floated up, turning into a blue stream that floated everywhere in the sky!

Countless metal attribute weapons actually turned around and looked in the direction of Gong Ziliang in the sky.

No matter how their master pulled, they could not move at all!

All the fire seeds in a radius of 50 kilometers became extremely hot.
The dense aura of the fire element caused some people in the surroundings to hurriedly kneel on the ground, all of them thinking that a deity had appeared!

“Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth…”

Looking at the miracle below, an extremely shocked light involuntarily flashed in the Goddess’s beautiful eyes!

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Although she felt that it was unbelievable!

However, she also understood that the endless changes below were all from Gong Ziliang behind her!

With his strength, he triggered the change of the entire world!

This was an impossible miracle even to the Goddess!


At this moment, Gong Ziliang suddenly shouted behind him, causing Bing Xin and Mo Yue to hurriedly look up.

Above their heads, the light that contained the five elements actually slowly turned into a ball-like shape!

Moreover, from this ball shape, they felt an extremely terrifying destructive aura.

It was as if once these five Intents were activated at the same time, they could almost destroy everything!

After all, everything in the world was split from these five elements!

However, as time passed, they gradually felt that something was amiss.

The ball of light that had risen into the sky actually gradually stabilized!

Then, like a small world, it slowly descended from the sky and finally entered Gong Ziliang’s head!

“Success?? He succeeded?? He actually fused all five Intents together??”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of them, the gazes of Bing Xin and Mo Yue were filled with shock.

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Their gazes had been staring fixedly at Gong Ziliang at this moment, and they could be said to not blink, as they were afraid of missing a small detail!

This was simply too shocking!

Merging five Intents.
Such a miracle simply made them feel like they were in a dream!

“Hah… this feeling is very comfortable…”

After these five Intents were in Gong Ziliang’s body, he also heaved a sigh of relief!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang felt that his entire body and even his existence had fused into nature!

He could sense that the mountains and rivers below him were jumping along with his veins.
The boundless plains were like his children.

Almost as long as Gong Ziliang used his thoughts now, he could grasp all matter!

The moment Gong Ziliang opened his eyes, a golden light flashed in his eyes.

This made him really look like a god, causing one to be unable to help but feel reverence!

“What… what realm is this…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of them, Bing Xin and Mo Yue below were already stunned.

The knees of Bing Xin and Mo Yue actually began to tremble violently at this moment!

This was because the pressure Gong Ziliang gave the two of them was really too great!


Gong Ziliang was only standing there, but he gave them the feeling that they were facing the entire world!

This terrifying pressure forced the two of them to kneel!

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