Chapter 310 This Heaven-Rank Martial Technique Is Not Right

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As expected, after Qin Chuan explained how Gong Ziliang’s combination technique directly beat the Bai Family’s patriarch to the point of fleeing in a dejected manner, the expressions on Qin Yu and the others’ faces were simply as if they had seen a ghost!


“Patriarch Bai was chased away by Junior Brother Liang??”

Qin Yu looked at his grandfather.

Although he also understood that his grandfather would definitely not deceive him, Qin Yu still could not believe it!

This disciple who was even younger than him could actually already possess the strength to fight a Spiritual Sea Realm expert??

One had to know that he was only at the Spirit Refinement Realm now!

With the strength of the Spirit Refinement Realm, fighting a Spiritual Sea Realm expert was simply unimaginable!

“Gasp! This young man is probably a genius that we can’t imagine…”

When Qin Shanhe heard his father, Qin Chuan, he also felt extremely shocked!

A young man in his twenties actually had the strength to fight a Spiritual Sea Realm expert.

Who could determine the limits of such a person’s future?

“Has he already grown up…”

Qin Yu looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction, her gaze could be said to be filled with various complicated emotions!

Qin Yu could be said to be extremely impressed by Gong Ziliang!

He not only admired Gong Ziliang’s talent, strength, and character!

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A genius with such talent could actually be so approachable.
This was not something that every genius could do!

“Junior Brother Liang, I don’t know how to repay you for today’s matter!”

Qin Yu looked in the direction of Gong Ziliang and bowed deeply, “Please accept my bow.
Thank you for saving the Qin Family!”

“Thank you!”

After Qin Yu bowed, Qin Shanhe and even Qin Chuan lowered their heads at Gong Ziliang.

It could be said that Gong Ziliang’s action today could be said to have really saved their Qin Family!

“You’re welcome!”


Gong Ziliang helped Qin Yu up.
“That Bai Family is here for me this time! It was naturally casual for me to deal with the Bai Family!”

“Junior Brother Liang is really young and promising! Looks like your future is definitely not in this Primordial Dynasty…”

Qin Yu looked at Gong Ziliang, an excited expression appearing in her eyes.

“Let’s go in and talk!”

Qin Shanhe looked at Gong Ziliang and waved his hand.
Immediately, the group entered the imperial palace.

“I wonder what plans you have in the future…”

In the palace.

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With Gong Ziliang’s arrival, Qin Shanhe immediately ordered the servants to prepare an extremely sumptuous banquet!

Although these cultivators had long reached the realm of abstinence, they could still eat occasionally and suffer the taste!

“From now on…”

Hearing Gong Ziliang mention this, everyone, including Qin Chuan, could not help but smile bitterly.

“Now, our Qin Family can be said to have completely offended the Bai Family! Therefore, we plan to hide first and wait until the Bai Family is no longer so influential!”

Qin Chuan looked at Gong Ziliang and sighed.


Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this.

Indeed, for the current Qin Family, dealing with the Great Xia Empire’s Bai Family was too risky!

In their Qin Family, Qin Chuan was already the strongest.

In the Bai Family, the Bai Family’s patriarch was probably not considered an expert!

After all, a high-level family clan that could match an imperial family definitely had a shockingly deep foundation! “We don’t know how to repay Little Friend Liang for helping us this time…”

Qin Chuan looked at Gong Ziliang and smiled bitterly, as if he was a little embarrassed.

Indeed, if their Qin Family could still control the Primordial Dynasty, they could definitely give Gong Ziliang many good things!

However, now, their Qin Family was probably about to leave.
Among the remaining resources, how could there be anything left for Gong Ziliang!

Gong Ziliang raised his brows when he heard this and did not speak!

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He understood that although he had attacked just now, it was indeed because of his identity as the Bai Family’s patriarch!

However, according to Qin Chuan’s character, if he did not compensate him with something, he would probably feel guilty! In that case, why should he decline? Who would be free to have so many things?

“Indeed! Indeed!!”

When Qin Shanhe heard Qin Chuan’s words, he also frowned.
Gong Ziliang had helped their Qin Family greatly this time.

If he did not give something to Gong Ziliang, that would really not make sense!

“Right! I know a wonderful solution…” At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly said.

“What is this…”

Hearing this, Qin Chuan and Qin Shanhe looked at Qin Yu.

“Grandpa, Father! I wonder if you still remember the greatest martial technique of our Qin Family!”

Qin Yu looked at his father and suddenly smiled.

“Greatest martial technique? We can’t…”

To their surprise, when Qin Chuan and Qin Shanhe heard Qin Yu’s words, they were immediately shocked.
Their faces even subconsciously trembled.

“What greatest martial technique?”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang was immediately interested, so he asked.

“This… This greatest martial technique naturally refers to our Qin Family.
It can also be said to be the strongest martial technique in the entire Primordial Dynasty, a Heaven-rank martial technique!”

When Qin Shanhe heard Gong Ziliang’s question, he immediately did not dare to hide it and hurriedly smiled bitterly.

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“Heaven-rank martial technique??”

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up!

Heaven-rank martial technique!

There was actually a Heaven-rank martial technique in the Primordial Dynasty!

“Oh my god, a Heaven-rank martial technique…”

It was even to the extent that Bing Xin and Mo Yue, who had not been silent all this time, could not help but be surprised.

“That’s right! It’s a Heaven-rank martial technique!”

Qin Shanhe nodded, but his expression carried a wisp of bitterness.

“Why? Is there something wrong with this Heaven-rank martial technique?”

Looking at the expression on Qin Shanhe’s face, Gong Ziliang asked in surprise.

“Something is very wrong!”

Qin Yu continued, “This Heaven-rank martial technique is the highest martial technique of our Qin Family! However, everyone who cultivates it has either gone crazy or died!”

“As long as it is a Heaven-rank martial technique or above, every time someone cultivates it, no matter how talented the cultivator is, a phenomenon of heaven and earth will be born!”

The Gemini Stars stood at the side and said, “Among them, there are many cases of death because they could not withstand the powerful phenomenon of heaven and earth!” “Of course we know that…”

At this moment, Qin Chuan finally said, “However, when this Heaven-rank martial technique was cultivated, the phenomenon created was a demonic creature!”

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