Chapter 314 Gong Ziyin’s Words

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“This ninth move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique can definitely be used as a trump card!”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and felt a little excited.

This time, he had obtained another powerful method!


However, just as Gong Ziliang was sighing with emotion, the Crimson Dragon Blade in his hand suddenly emitted a buzzing sound!

Clearly, Gong Ziliang still underestimated the excitement of the Crimson Dragon Blade!

He looked at the Crimson Dragon Blade and saw that at this moment, the entire blade seemed to have begun to tremble because it was too excited!

Moreover, Gong Ziwu’s figure continuously flickered.
In the end, he directly appeared from the Crimson Dragon Blade with an extremely excited expression!

“What a powerful martial technique! I feel that the Crimson Dragon Blade has finally been used completely…”

Gong Ziwu looked at Gong Ziliang, his tone could be said to be filled with excitement!

As the sword spirit of the Crimson Dragon Blade, Gong Ziwu could be said to have completely grasped the various abnormalities of the blade.

When Gong Ziliang used the ninth move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique just now, Gong Ziwu finally felt the true power of this Crimson Dragon Blade!

“What do you mean… Could it be that before this, I’ve never used the true power of the Crimson Dragon Blade…”

When Gong Ziliang heard Gong Ziwu’s words, his face twitched and he felt a little embarrassed!

After all, if his sword spirit said this, it would definitely mean that he, the master, was too weak!

Otherwise, why would Gong Ziwu be so excited?

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“Hehe! Congratulations, Master, you’ve become stronger again…”

At this moment, another woman appeared on Gong Ziliang’s robe.
This was Jade Water of the Jade Water Robe!


Then, a little girl jumped out from Gong Ziliang’s body!

The little girl looked extremely pure, and her voice was as clear as a lark!

“Congratulations, Master!”

Then, a phantom appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.
This was the artifact spirit of his spatial bracelet, Gong Ziyin!

“Why are they all out…”

Looking at the pile of artifact spirits beside him, Gong Ziliang could not help but cover his head.

It was really a little shocking that he had so many spirits with him!

After all, could a normal person have so many artifact spirits?

“Eh? Ziyin, what’s wrong with you…”

However, when Gong Ziliang’s gaze landed on Gong Ziyin, he was immediately surprised!

This was because Gong Ziyin’s body could be said to be filled with various phantoms.

He could tell at a glance that they were not in the same space!

However, at this moment, Gong Ziyin’s body seemed to have become even more illusory.

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If he could still see the clothes on Gong Ziyin previously, now, he could only vaguely see the shadow!

This made Gong Ziliang involuntarily feel extremely surprised.

“Master! This is the sign that the Void Bracelet is about to advance!”

After hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, Gong Ziyin hurriedly replied honestly.

“Void Bracelet? Advancement??”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, his eyes widened in disbelief.
“What’s going on??”

“Master! The Void Bracelet is the same as the Crimson Dragon Blade! It’s a Levelless Divine Artifact! It can progress along with your growth! Now, Master has already grown to Level 70! The Void Bracelet naturally has to increase by a level!” Gong Ziyin said honestly.

“A growth-type weapon?? There’s such a good thing??”

When Gong Ziliang heard Gong Ziyin’s words, he immediately felt a little flattered!

This was because according to the nature of the system, it definitely could not let him increase his strength so easily!

If the system did not take this opportunity to cheat him, Gong Ziliang would feel a little uncomfortable!

“Let me see the attributes…”

After Gong Ziliang took a deep breath, he hurriedly opened the attribute interface and saw the Void Bracelet!

Void Bracelet (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack Speed+45%

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Special Attribute 2: 12% chance to double attack when attacking!

Special Attribute 2: There is a 23% chance of slowing the opponent’s attack speed when attacking!

“Damn, it has really grown!”

After Gong Ziliang looked at the attributes of the Void Bracelet, he felt extremely surprised!

Compared to the Void Bracelet that he had just exchanged for, the Void Bracelet had already grown by a few percentage points!

“Not bad, not bad! This is the function of a Levelless Divine Artifact…”

Gong Ziliang looked at this function and nodded, feeling very satisfied!

After all, this was a free attribute bonus!

“Ziyin, will you go completely invisible after this Void Bracelet advances?”

Gong Ziliang looked at Gong Ziyin and seemed to be a little puzzled.

“Yes, Master! When the Void Bracelet reaches the maximum level, I will fuse with it! From then on, I won’t exist here anymore…”

Gong Ziyin nodded and explained to him.

“Reach the maximum level? How long will it take?”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he immediately asked.

“You probably need to reach Rank 1 or be able to use a Maximum Weapon Level Pill!”

Gong Ziliang explained carefully to him.

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“Maximum… Weapon Level Pill?”.

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang raised his brows in doubt.

(Ding, there’s a new product in the Gift Bag Shop! The $888 Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag has been successfully listed! It contains a Maximum Weapon Level Pill + 10,000 Ingots!)

“Damn! $888! Why don’t you rob me instead?”

Hearing the system’s sudden notification, Gong Ziliang immediately exploded and retorted.

“I knew it.
How could the system be kind enough to upgrade me? So the trap was waiting for me here…”

Gong Ziliang sighed, his tone filled with emotion.

“The $888 gift bag is really pricey!”

Gong Ziliang stretched and prepared to close the system!

According to the amount of gold he earned every day, the $888 gift bag could almost match half a month’s salary!

With this money, Gong Ziliang decided to see what the effect of this weapon was before deciding whether to buy it!

“Sigh, this Qin Family actually has to prepare a Heaven-rank martial technique for so long…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the window and discovered that Qin Chuan and the others were actually still busy.
Moreover, they had even set up a huge Heavenly Platform outside the door!

This Heavenly Platform was completely formed from various black gold.
These black gold reflected dazzling light under the sunlight, causing the surrounding cultivators to be unable to open their eyes!

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