Chapter 315 90% Off Discount Coupon

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“Black gold, this is really a treasure…”

Looking at this black gold, Gong Ziliang’s eyes could not help but light up slightly.

In the mortal world, gold was a treasure that countless people pursued.

In the cultivation world, other than spirit stones, the most popular thing was this black


The price of this black gold had already reached the price of 600 spirit stones per gram!

The use of this black gold was very simple.
That was, when refining artifacts, if one gram of black gold was added, the entire weapon’s grade would increase greatly!

It was even to the extent that there was a high chance of taking another step forward!

It could be said that only a dynasty like the Qin Family could take out a little!

Therefore, every time the black gold appeared, many people would fight for it.

It could be said to be an existence that was priceless!


Gong Ziliang saw that on the front left of his small courtyard, the entire 100-meter-tall platform was interwoven with black gold!

The amount of black gold used was probably thousands of tons!

Perhaps, even if he took off a piece of it and placed it in front of other cultivators, he would be shocked to death!

This was definitely the strongest foundation in the Primordial Dynasty!

“I didn’t expect that imparting this Heaven-rank martial technique would actually require so much black gold…”

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Looking at the black gold that was still being transported over, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel curious.

He could be said to be increasingly curious about this Qin Family’s Heaven-rank martial technique!

In a flash, almost seven days passed!

In these seven days, Gong Ziliang had been silently cultivating and saving money! During this period, the Black Gold Heavenly Platform outside also became higher and higher.

Moreover, with the help of Qin Chuan, this Spiritual Sea Realm, he had simply built this Black Gold Heavenly Platform to a height of dozens of meters!

At this moment, the black gold here had also reached a shocking weight!

It could be said that the Black Gold Heavenly Platform that was piled up here was enough to make countless cultivators go crazy!

At the same time, the amount of vouchers in Gong Ziliang’s bag had already reached $755!


This could already let Gong Ziliang buy a lot of gift bags!

Just as Gong Ziliang charged all this money into the system, his long-lost VIP level finally increased again!

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully charging $755! Your VIP level has been upgraded to VIP 6!)

[Gong Ziliang]

VIP Level: 6

Ingots: 150,000

Charge Point: $755

Copper Coins: 2 billion

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(Ding! Congratulations on reaching the honorable VIP 6! You have been given a ‘90% Off Discount Coupon’ for specific products! Hurry up and make your purchase!)

With the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up!

“I’m a VIP 6 now!”

Gong Ziliang sighed in a daze.

He still remembered how he had been worried about directly charging the gift bag when he had just obtained the system!

He did not expect that in the blink of an eye, he had already reached the VIP 6 level!

“90% Off Coupon for specific products! This is a good thing.
Let me see what I can buy…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the benefits this VIP 6 gave him and his eyes lit up!

This system had finally found its conscience!

After Gong Ziliang took a deep breath, he opened his System Gift Bag Shop!

Now that he entered Gong Ziliang’s sight, it was already a gift bag worth a few hundred dollars!

The most expensive one was the Top-Grade Weapon Gift Bag.
It cost $888!

However, Gong Ziliang’s gaze did not lock on this Top-Grade Weapon Gift Bag.
Instead, he began to search for the designated item for the coupon…

“This, this, this, this, isn’t this a scam…”

Finally, after half a day, Gong Ziliang finally found a screening function above the merchant shop!

After Gong Ziliang finished filtering the specific items, the huge number of items in the store vanished except for one!

That was the $648 Million Ingots Gift Bag!

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This was the only gift bag he could use it on!

“Damn, this…”

Looking at the situation in front of him, Gong Ziliang could not help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

This system was too shocking! It had really calculated this perfectly!

This coupon would save him 90% of the cost.

Such a discount was insane.

The system would definitely not give Gong Ziliang a greater discount!

“However, if I buy this $648 Million Ingots Gift Bag, it won’t be a loss!”

However, after Gong Ziliang thought about it, he immediately came to a conclusion!

This gift bag contained a million ingots!

These ingots were one of the important resources that Gong Ziliang used to upgrade his Divine Body!

Now, although Gong Ziliang had already gotten so many ingots, the consumption was also extremely great!

Especially when Gong Ziliang had previously used ingots to increase his martial techniques or Star Ascension for his weapon!

Under such terrifying consumption, Gong Ziliang still had more than 150,000 ingots left!

150,000 ingots looked like a lot!

However, Gong Ziliang knew that it was probably not enough for him to casually level up some skills!

“However, I have $755 now.
After using this coupon, I can buy another $648 red packet!”

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Gong Ziliang rubbed his chin, and his eyes gradually lit up!

This was simply the benefit that the system gave him!

“Moreover, if I gather two million ingots, then the Body Tempering can begin!”

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang became even more excited!


le even more

This was because Gong Ziliang had already prepared for this Body Tempering for a very long time!

“This Body Tempering is the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique…”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and felt a little excited in his heart.

The Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique was the Divine Body that Gong Ziliang had been coveting

For the sake of this Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique, Gong Ziliang had even gathered a lot of materials.

The dragon horns and phoenix feathers had even taken a lot of effort to gather!

The Divine Body could be said to be too useful to Gong Ziliang!

Perhaps under the various terrifying pressures previously, Gong Ziliang really could not withstand it with his Spirit Refinement Realm body!

Now, could he finally sense the power of the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique!

“I believe that if I advance, the array will be very terrifying! I’m afraid it will cause a phenomenon of heaven and earth…”

Gong Ziliang pondered for a moment and felt that if he raised his Divine Body now, it would probably bring some unnecessary trouble!

If he was careless and brought some phenomenon of heaven and earth to the Qin Family, that would be too much of a joke!

After all, according to his previous experience, Gong Ziliang felt that he should go to a safe place to advance his Divine Body!

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