ased, a black spear began to brew in these flames!

“Father, when you cultivated this Heaven-rank martial technique back then, what level did you cultivate to??”

Not long after Gong Ziliang ascended the black gold Platform, Qin Yu looked at Qin Shanhe.

Although no one in their Qin Family had cultivated this cultivation technique, there was a rule in their family.

That was, all the future leaders of the Qin Family had to try to cultivate this Heaven-rank cultivation technique!

Therefore, be it the current Qin Shanhe or the previous Qin Chuan, they had all cultivated this Heaven-rank martial technique for a period of time!

Only Qin Yu, who had not been appointed, had not come into contact with this Heaven-rank martial technique!

“I’m ashamed to say this! Back then, I cultivated for ten years and in the end, I was only at the entry level!”

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After hearing Qin Yu’s question, a bitter expression could not help but appear on Qin Shanhe’s face, as if he was recalling that unbearable past!

“What? With your talent, after cultivating for ten years, you only reached the entry level??”

After hearing Qin Shanhe’s words, Qin Yu’s expression immediately became extremely shocked!

This was because Qin Shanhe was now an expert at the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm!

Being able to reach the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm was enough to prove Qin Shanhe’s terrifying talent!

However, even so, Qin Shanhe had used an entire ten years and was only at the beginning stage!

That Heaven-rank martial technique was too terrifying!

“Back then, I only cultivated a black flame…”

Qin Shanhe nodded at Qin Yu and stretched out his pinky.
He pointed at the fingernail of his pinky and said, “It’s such a small black flame!”


Seeing Qin Shanhe’s description, Qin Yu immediately became a little speechless!

Good lord!

It turned out that this Heaven-rank martial technique was not something that ordinary people could cultivate!

This was simply a martial technique specially tailored for those geniuses and monsters!

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“Grandpa, what about you…”

Then, Qin Yu looked at Qin Chuan.

“Me? I’m not even as good as your father!”

When Qin Chuan heard this, he laughed.
His expression could be said to not have any embarrassment.

“Back then, I cultivated this Heaven-rank martial technique for an entire 50 years, but I still did not gain anything!”

“On the other hand, your father can be said to be the most successful existence among everyone in our Qin Family who cultivated this Heaven-rank martial technique…”

Qin Chuan looked at Qin Yu and smiled.

“What did you say…”

After hearing Qin Chuan’s words, even if Qin Yu was already mentally prepared, he still could not help but gasp!

His grandfather, Qin Chuan, was an expert at the Spiritual Sea Realm.
He had actually cultivated this martial technique for 50 years and had not reached the entry level!

This was an existence at the Spiritual Sea Realm!

One had to know that for someone to step into the Spiritual Sea Realm, he had to at least be a top genius!

Even so, Qin Chuan still did not comprehend a single Heaven-rank martial technique!

This was a little terrifying!

As for his father, Qin Shanhe, he was the person who had the deepest understanding of this Heaven-rank martial technique in their entire Qin Family.

Even at the deepest moment, the black flames that he comprehended were only the size of a fingernail…

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