Chapter 318 No Damage Without Comparison

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Now, Qin Yu finally understood why Qin Chuan was so excited.

Perhaps to Qin Chuan, seeing someone learn a Heaven-rank martial technique in his lifetime was probably one of his wishes!

“I wonder how long Gong Ziliang will take…”

Qin Yu looked up at the Black Gold Heavenly Platform that towered into the clouds and gulped.

His father had cultivated for ten years.

His grandfather had cultivated for 50 years.

Then, no matter how outstanding Gong Ziliang’s talent was, he would probably need to cultivate for four to five years! In that case, this was probably an extremely time-consuming matter for their Qin Family!

“Child! Don’t panic! We can just stay here…”

Qin Chuan touched Qin Yu’s head and said, “Gong Ziliang blocked the Bai Family’s Patriarch for our Qin Family.
In that case, from today onwards, our Qin Family will protect him until the end of his comprehension of the Heaven-rank martial technique!”

“This is the decision that your father and I discussed together!”


Hearing this, Qin Yu was a little moved.

They would guard Gong Ziliang here until they completely cultivated this Heaven-rank martial technique.
No one dared to say how long they would guard here!


However, when he recalled Gong Ziliang’s performance previously, after thinking for a moment, Qin Yu nodded and agreed to this mission!

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As the future successor of the Qin Family, it could be said that with Qin Yu’s nod, they had almost decided the future of the entire Qin Family!

“Good child! Don’t worry! We’ll accompany you here forever.
Even if it’s ten or a hundred years, we’ll…”

After Qin Chuan heard Qin Yu agree, he immediately nodded in satisfaction.

However, just as he was about to tell Qin Yu the truth, an extremely terrifying tremble suddenly sounded in the sky!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After hearing this commotion, Qin Chuan, Qin Shanhe, and the others hurriedly looked over.

In the next moment, the smiles on their faces directly froze!

In the sky, extremely terrifying black flames actually appeared and were continuously burning towards the surrounding sky!

The terrifying temperature and powerful energy caused the expressions of Qin Chuan and the others to involuntarily change greatly!

“This, this, this, this is…”

However, other than shock, there was more disbelief on Qin Shanhe’s face!

This was because he had already recognized the black flames in the sky.

These black flames were none other than the black flames that he had gradually cultivated for ten years to the size of a pinky?!

However, compared to the black flames that covered the entire sky, Qin Shanhe immediately felt a huge sense of defeat!

This difference was too great!

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“Shanhe, is this…”

At this moment, Qin Chuan’s lips began to tremble.
At the same time, incomparable excitement appeared in his eyes!

Clearly, he also recognized what this black flame was.

“Yes! This black flame is the one I cultivated back then…”

Qin Shanhe took a deep breath and nodded.

“Gasp!! How is this possible…”

After hearing Qin Shanhe nod and admit it, even if Qin Chuan was mentally prepared, he was still extremely shocked in his mind!

This could not be described as shocking.
It was simply a little dreamlike!

Qin Shanhe had cultivated for ten years before cultivating a black flame the size of a pinky.

How could it cover the entire sky now??

“No way! Could this be… cultivated by Gong Ziliang…” At this moment, Qin Yu’s voice sounded.

“Impossible! Gong Ziliang has only gone up for a long time.
How can it be possible that he cultivated it…”

However, when Qin Yu said this, Qin Chuan directly shook his head and said very firmly, “This is definitely impossible! How can there be such an exaggerated thing…”

“That’s right! This is definitely not true…”

Qin Shanhe nodded and said, “If this is really cultivated by Gong Ziliang, this is too shocking…”

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Qin Shanhe and Qin Chuan felt a little uneasy!

What a joke!

They had cultivated this martial technique for decades without having any basic understanding.
If Gong Ziliang could cultivate it at this moment, it would not only be a blow to their reputation.

This was simply a mental bombardment!

How could they cultivate in the future???

Perhaps when they cultivated in the future, Gong Ziliang’s figure would appear in their minds!

However, under the gazes of Qin Shanhe and Qin Chuan, a red light suddenly flashed in the sky.

Then, before they could react, a black spear was continuously emitting extremely terrifying light in the endless clouds!

“Gasp! That’s…”

The moment they saw the spear, Qin Chuan, Qin Shanhe, and the others’ eyes widened!

This was because they felt a power that made their blood boil from the spear.

They did not need any certainty to be 100% certain.

This spear was formed from their Heaven-rank martial technique!

This black spear continuously condensed in the sky.
As time passed, the power of this black spear became more and more terrifying!

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At the same time, they also saw a figure arrive beside the spear!

This figure looked extremely tall and straight.
Even if they were very far away, they could still sense the power of a powerful body coming from it!

Not only that, but a white wing was continuously stretching on the back of this figure!

This figure was none other than Gong Ziliang!

“It’s really him!”

“Good lord! It’s really Gong Ziliang! My Dao heart has collapsed!!”

Looking at the figure in the sky, the gazes of Qin Shanhe and Qin Chuan released extreme shock.

After all, Gong Ziliang had only gone up for a short while and had actually already reached such a realm!

These black flames that filled the sky were simply countless times stronger than the nail-sized flames of Qin Shanhe!

While they were so shocked, Gong Ziliang in the sky took a deep breath at the same time!

“This is a Heaven-rank martial technique…”

Looking at the black spear in front of him, an excited expression appeared in Gong Ziliang’s eyes!

This was because Gong Ziliang felt an extremely powerful demonic aura from the black spear in front of him!

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