Chapter 322 Fighting the Demon Dog, Victory!

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Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, this Demon Dog knew that it had to treat him seriously!

“Where are you going…”

However, Gong Ziliang did not give it a chance to react.
Accompanied by Gong Ziliang’s deep shout, his figure disappeared again!

When it appeared, it was already behind this Demon Dog!




It was simply extremely fast!

The Demon Dog did not even see what was happening around it when it discovered that Gong Ziliang’s figure had already arrived behind it!

Then, under the Demon Dog’s shocked gaze, the spear in Gong Ziliang’s hand pierced towards its armor again!


The same position!

The same strength!

The armor on the Demon Dog only lasted for a moment before it immediately let out a shattering sound!

At the same time, another huge wound appeared on the Demon Dog’s body!


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When the Demon Dog reacted, its body suddenly retreated!

At the same time, its gaze towards Gong Ziliang was already filled with fear!

This was because it discovered that it was impossible to defeat Gong Ziliang with its own strength!

Not to mention anything else, just Gong Ziliang’s elusive speed had already made this Demon Dog feel a little at a loss!/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.


Then, the Demon Dog’s body began to retreat.

In the space behind its body, a circular hole slowly appeared and devoured the Demon Dog’s body! “Gong Ziliang has actually already repelled it…”

Seeing the Demon Dog in the sky slowly retreat into the huge hole in the void, the gazes of the Qin Chuan below could not help but reveal shocked expressions!

This was because they could be said to be old enemies with this Demon Dog!

However, in the game between them, it almost always ended with the Demon Dog winning! After all, at that time, Qin Chuan and the others had to comprehend a Heaven-rank martial technique.

He had to deal with this Demon Dog, so he had already lost in terms of mental strength!

It was impossible for him to use his full strength like the current Gong Ziliang!

“Gong Ziliang is so powerful…”

Qin Shanhe and Qin Chuan looked at each other, their eyes filled with endless excitement!

As long as Gong Ziliang could defeat this Demon Dog, it would prove that he had really completely learned this Heaven-rank martial technique!

In this way, their wishes were fulfilled!

“Trying to run?”

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However, after Gong Ziliang saw the Demon Dog retreat, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Then, the Black Dragon Spear in his hand let out a dragon’s roar!

“Wait, what is Gong Ziliang doing…”

After sensing the aura on Gong Ziliang’s body, the gazes of Qin Chuan and the others below suddenly froze.

They could not understand what Gong Ziliang was doing now!

After all, he had clearly repelled this Demon Dog!


At the same time, the Demon Dog also sensed Gong Ziliang’s actions!

Therefore, its own speed became even faster at this moment.
It almost ran crazily towards the void hole behind him!

“First move, Spear Strikes Like a Dragon!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Gong Ziliang aimed the Black Dragon Spear in his hand at the Demon Dog.

Just as this Demon Dog’s body was about to enter the huge hole, the Black Dragon Spear in Gong Ziliang’s hand was directly thrown out at this moment!


Immediately, the spear turned into a black dragon hundreds of meters tall in the air.

This black dragon’s speed was extremely fast.
At the same time, a power that made everyone’s hearts palpitate was continuously released from this black dragon!

“This, this, this, this is the power of that space just now…”

Qin Chuan, who was below, reacted almost instantly.

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This was because the power displayed by this black dragon was the power of the black dragon in the sky!

“That black dragon just now has actually been subdued…”

Seeing this, Qin Shanhe could not help but swallow his saliva.

This was because none of them had successfully cultivated this Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear, let alone the first move of this martial technique!

Under everyone’s gaze, this black dragon seemed to have teleported and directly appeared in front of the Demon Dog!

At this moment, half of the Demon Dog’s body had already entered this huge hole!

Then, the black dragon did not move at all and rushed into the void hole!

Then, about a second later, screams sounded from the huge hole!


Before the others could react, the Demon Dog that had almost completely entered the hole flew out.

After flying for a few thousand meters, it finally stopped!

At the same time, the armor on its body was completely shattered.

The terrifying power even caused the entire body of this Demon Dog to be filled with various wounds.
It could be said to be in an extremely sorry state!

But even so, this Demon Dog still did not look at its wound.
Instead, it stared fixedly at the huge hole in front of it!


A moment later, with a dragon roar, a black shadow directly appeared from the huge hole!

In the blink of an eye, it pounced on the Demon Dog!

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Immediately after, endless dark flames instantly erupted!

In an instant, it directly devoured the Demon Dog’s body!


Gong Ziliang could clearly see that when he was devoured by these endless dark flames, the eyes of this Demon Dog could be said to be filled with various terrified expressions!

Even the Demon Dog could not withstand such a terrifying attack!

The black dragon’s figure directly wrapped around the huge body of the Demon Dog!

Under the huge mouth of the black dragon, it directly swallowed the entire body of the Demon Dog.
Coupled with the huge strength of the black dragon, the body of the Demon Dog almost instantly changed shape!

“Is this the attack of a black dragon…”

Looking at the Demon Dog that was almost crushed to pieces, Gong Ziliang could not help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead!

Good lord!

The 800% attack power mentioned by the system seemed to be too powerful now!

Not to mention the second attack of this skill, just this attack was enough.

It was already unbearable for others!


As expected, after being entangled by the black dragon, the Demon Dog let out miserable cries.

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