This was a complete divine force!

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It was as if it was really peeled off from the True Dragon and Phoenix!

Qin Chuan and the others had never heard or seen such powerful divine force!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under their shocked gazes, this terrifying spiritual qi finally surged into the palace!

Immediately, a powerful spiritual qi fluctuation visible to the naked eye surged crazily from the palace!

“Is this a Divine Body?”

Qin Chuan and the others looked at the phantom of the dragon and phoenix and touched their foreheads, feeling a wave of disbelief!

They were just discussing the Divine Body when a Divine Body really descended!

“Wait, that direction is…”

However, Qin Chuan and the others quickly discovered that something was amiss!

The direction of this Divine Body was extremely familiar to Qin Chuan and the others!

This was because that was the palace where Gong Ziliang was!

“No way, no way…”

A crazy guess rose in Qin Chuan and the others’ minds.

However, Qin Chuan and the others could not believe that their guess was correct…

This was because if this Divine Body was Gong Ziliang, it was really too exaggerated!

After all, didn’t he already have a Divine Body…

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

While Qin Chuan and the others were shocked, in the palace, Gong Ziliang felt as if he was experiencing a life and death crisis!

He could sense a powerful force continuously surging into his body from outside!

The terrifying power made Gong Ziliang’s body like a battlefield at this moment, causing these two forces to continuously fight!

Especially the extremely powerful dragon and phoenix power outside, it simply made Gong Ziliang’s body tremble!

The power of the dragon and phoenix continuously surged into his body.

Gong Ziliang could clearly sense that every inch of his skin was being transformed by the power of this dragon and phoenix!

His bones emitted a golden light.

Compared to before, it was as if he was countless times stronger at this moment!

However, this feeling of being reborn was really too uncomfortable!

Gong Ziliang felt as if the bones in his body were being shattered piece by piece.

Then, the bones reconnected again.
This process was very comfortable!

Gong Ziliang was sandwiched between these two processes.
It could be said that he was changing in pain and joy!


A phoenix phantom appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.
This phoenix was the phantom of the True Phoenix that flew in the sky previously!

Then, after this phoenix phantom circled in front of Gong Ziliang, it finally flew towards his arm!

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In the end, a lifelike phoenix phantom appeared on his left arm!

This phoenix phantom looked like a tattoo.
Moreover, there were seven-colored tattoos on it.
It could be said to be extremely beautiful.

Moreover, there were all kinds of patterns on it.
It could be said that it was really like a phoenix landing on his arm!

“Oh? This is…”

After this phoenix landed on Gong Ziliang’s arm, he immediately felt a powerful life force bloom on his arm!

Moreover, Gong Ziliang could clearly sense that a phoenix had really landed on his arm!



Before Gong Ziliang could check his arm, another Divine Dragon descended from the sky!

This Divine Dragon’s body emitted a golden light.
One could see that its entire body was covered in golden scales.

An extremely pure True Dragon bloodline could be felt emanating from its body and spreading in all directions!

This bloodline was something that even humans could not easily stand in front of.

This was definitely the aura of a dragon!

On this True Dragon, Gong Ziliang felt an extremely pure power!

Then, as expected, this dragon roared like the phoenix just now and flew towards Gong Ziliang’s left arm!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He saw…

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When this Divine Dragon flew up, it brought with it countless golden lightning in the surroundings.

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s gaze, the Divine Dragon soared into the sky.

In the end, it directly entered his arm!

“So powerful!”

After this Divine Dragon entered Gong Ziliang’s arm, it also transformed into a golden Divine Dragon True Shadow that appeared on Gong Ziliang’s arm!

Immediately, Gong Ziliang felt a powerful force transmit over!

Unlike the phoenix shadow on his right hand, this Divine Dragon’s strength was very violent.

Even Gong Ziliang’s arm trembled at this moment, as if he could not suppress the power of this Divine Dragon!


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When the two shadows of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix entered Gong Ziliang’s arm, at the same time, an extremely magnificent scene appeared in the sky above the palace!

The originally extremely clear sky entered Gong Ziliang’s arm with the retreat of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix.

Gong Ziliang’s face actually appeared in the sky!

One could see that Gong Ziliang’s eyes were closed in the sky.
Divine light was still blooming on his face, and his entire face was even larger than the entire palace!

“Oh my god! Could this be… an avatar???”

“Gasp!!! No way! An avatar?? Isn’t that a realm that only existences above the Spiritual Sea Realm can reach???”

“No way…”

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Below, Qin Chuan and the others looked at Gong Ziliang’s face in the sky.
Their entire bodies began to tremble from excitement!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s shadow in the sky was really an incomparably magnificent scene to them!

This was because Gong Ziliang’s figure

For example, only existences above the Spiritual Sea Realm could comprehend peerless Divine Powers and cultivate the avatar!

That was a realm that only supreme mighty figures could reach.

Even many Spiritual Sea Realm experts could only bow down and not dare to raise their heads!

It was rumored that when the avatar appeared, the entire world could not accommodate it!

Wasn’t this referring to Gong Ziliang’s current appearance?

“No, no, no! Something’s wrong…”

But soon, Qin Chuan and the others felt that something was amiss!

This was because although the avatar in the sky looked extremely huge, it did not have much power.

In other words, this avatar only had the form but not the power!

Moreover, what made them notice was that this avatar had only condensed a face.

Those powerful external avatars were all completely condensed bodies!


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