Zhao San walked into Gong Ziliang’s room and suddenly asked, “When did it begin?”

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“When did it begin???”

Gong Ziliang felt a little puzzled.

“You, you, you even dare to touch Eldest Miss.
If not for me today, you would probably be a corpse.
Come out!”

Zhao San sighed and said to the bed.

As soon as he entered, he sensed that there were two people in the room.

Gong Ziliang was handsome and elegant.
Coupled with the fact that he was saved by the Eldest Miss,

it was inevitable that young people would develop feelings for each other.

Moreover, he had seen that Young Master Wang before.

He was a f*cking fatty who weighed more than 150 kilograms.
No matter how he looked, he did not seem to be compatible with Miss.

Tomorrow, Miss would marry into the Wang Family.

If she indulged herself tonight, he could turn a blind eye.
After all, he had experienced it before.

Previously, because of her panic, Qin Yao’er walked out of the blanket and looked a little messy.

“Gong Ziliang, you can’t stay in the Qin Family anymore.
I won’t disturb the two of you tonight.
Leave tomorrow and don’t have anything to do with Miss anymore.”

Zhao San coughed awkwardly and thought for a moment.

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“I’m already Gong Ziliang’s woman.
I won’t marry anyone tomorrow!”

Qin Yao’er’s beautiful eyes darted around as she followed Zhao San’s words.

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang was speechless.

He did not even agree to bring Qin Yao’er away in self-defense.
How did she become his woman?


“As the eldest daughter of the Qin Family, the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom knows about your engagement with the young master of the Wang Family.
If you leave like this, the Qin Family will definitely suffer the wrath of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family!”

Previously, Zhao San had also tried to persuade Qin Xiao to test Qin Yao’er’s own wishes.

Now, he seemed to have understood that although the Qin Family was one of the four great families of Heavenly Star City, the strongest few Guardians were only at the seventh-stage Meridian Opening Realm.

Compared to the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family, it was simply like a firefly and the moon.

Ignoring their wealth, among the ten great experts of the Purple Cloud Kingdom, three were guest elders of the Wang Family.

The top ten experts of the Purple Cloud Kingdom were all at the Profound Realm.
Moreover, the First Elder of the Wang Family was also at the Profound Realm.

It was easy to destroy the Qin Family.

If Qin Yao’er left like this, the hundreds of people in the Qin Family would face the consequences of offending them.

After weighing the pros and cons, Zhao San could only lower his head.

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“Is the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family very powerful?” Gong Ziliang sighed and asked.

The misunderstanding had been resolved, and the more he tried to explain, the worse it became.
Zhao San was also a sentimental person, so he might as well do a favor and resolve this problem for the Qin Family.

“Even the City Lord of Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng, doesn’t dare to act rashly in front of the Wang Family.
Young people will always have passion, but the Wang Family is not something you can offend.”

“I know what you’re thinking.
Even if you leave with Miss, you’ll definitely be pursued by the Wang Family in your life!”

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“In my opinion, you should enjoy yourselves tonight and pretend you never knew each other from tomorrow onwards.”

Zhao San shook his head.
Wasn’t he like this once?

Gong Ziliang thought to himself.
According to what he had said, Xing Feng was a Profound Realm cultivator.

This meant that the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family also had a Profound Realm expert.

Now that his strength had reached the seventh-stage Illusory Core Realm, he was not afraid.

If there were a few more, it would be a little difficult.

As long as he entered the Profound Realm before that, he could sweep through all Profound Realm cultivators.

At that time, all the problems would be resolved.
If the Wang Family was unwilling, they could just be destroyed.

“Tomorrow afternoon, the escort team of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family will rush to Heavenly Star City.
I’ll leave first.
You can’t leave with Miss alone!”

Zhao San advised before walking out of the room.
He jumped onto the rockery and narrowed his eyes to endure the cold.

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It was easy for young people to be rash.
Just in case, he would wait here before Miss came out.

“I’ll help you resolve the Wang Family’s matter, but I have no right to bring you out of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
You can stay here tonight!”

Gong Ziliang jumped onto the roof beam.

Seeing Zhao San lying on the rockery, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

Now, he had already recovered to the seventh-stage Illusory Core Realm and Zhao San was only at the third-stage Meridian Opening Realm.
How could he discover his whereabouts?

Even if he wanted to leave with Qin Yao’er, he would probably not notice anything.

According to the distance, the Wang Family’s team had not passed through Tong Pass.

Gong Ziliang wanted to use someone else to do his dirty work!

One night, Gong Ziliang jumped into the mountains.

He saw a group of bandits lying in the hall.
The ground was covered in wine and meat.
They had probably partied.

Gong Ziliang woke someone up and learned that Zuo Shandiao was sitting nearby.
He put on a black robe and walked towards him.

At this moment, Zuo Shandiao was hugging a few young girls and sleeping soundly.
Gong Ziliang sat at the table and grabbed a pig trotter to eat.

A cold breeze passed through the door, and the chill woke Zuo Shandiao up.
He turned around and sat up from the bed.
He picked up the Ghost Head Blade beside him and looked at Gong Ziliang fiercely, “Who are you, warrior? How have I offended you? Please tell me.”

Zuo Shandiao felt that this person in front of him was definitely not simple, so he asked tentatively.

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The few women beside him who were naked turned pale and hurriedly shrank into the blanket.

“Master Diao, you don’t remember me anymore?” Gong Ziliang snorted lightly.

“It’s you, Senior.
I’ve offended you previously.
The Qin Family also left safely.
Senior, please let me go!”

Zuo Shandiao was shocked and directly fell from the bed.
The scene of Gong Ziliang killing a few lackeys still left him with lingering fear.

After letting the Qin Family go, Zuo Shandiao still felt that it was not enough.
He even asked his subordinates to prepare a generous gift and visit to apologize.

Only then did the Qin Family calm down.
They originally thought that this matter would be over.
After all, that senior said that he was only passing by.

However, he still came looking for him.

“If not for me shocking them that day, I’m afraid the corpses of the Qin Family would have been lost.
If I wanted to, you’d have died today!” Gong Ziliang sneered.

“Senior, please spare my life.
As long as you ask, I won’t hesitate to do anything!”

Zuo Shandiao could understand that if he wanted to live in this situation, he had to show his value.

Although there was nothing that could move this senior, as long as there was a chance of survival, he would not give up easily.

“Oh? Is that true?”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up under the black robe.
Zuo Shandiao had indeed fallen for his trap.
He did not even dare to test his cultivation.

“Of course.
If Senior takes a fancy to it, I’ll work hard for you from now on!”

When Zuo Shandiao saw that the situation seemed to have changed, he hurriedly kowtowed, blood flowing from his forehead.

“At dawn, a marriage team will pass through this Tong Pass.
Do you know?” Gong Ziliang asked.

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