“That’s the escort team of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family.
On the surface, they’ve already given us the toll.
Could it be that you want to…?”

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Zuo Shandiao’s face turned pale.

If this big shot wanted to touch the team of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family, what should he do?

Provoking this person in front of him meant death.
Provoking the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family meant death!

Seeing that Gong Ziliang did not speak, Zuo Shandiao continued to ask, “This time, the Wang Family is going to Heavenly Star City to pick up Miss Qin.
Could it be that Miss Qin is an old friend of yours?”

“I don’t know that Miss Qin.
We only met by chance last time, but the Wang Family of the Imperial Capital has an irreconcilable feud with me!” Gong Ziliang continued.

“I wonder what’s the matter? I have a brother who’s holding a position in the Imperial City’s Forbidden City.
Perhaps we can mediate between them?”

Zuo Shandiao revealed his trump card.
The reason why he could rob and be so arrogant was because his elder brother was an official in the Imperial Court.

It seemed that this senior in front of him was not the match of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family.
How could he attack?

“I have a personal disciple who’s 20 years old and is at the early-stage Profound Realm.
He can be said to be a genius, but he died in the hands of that Wang Family!”

“This time, I came out of seclusion to destroy the Wang Family.
Tonight, I’ll attack the Wang Family’s bridal escort team.
I’ll give you a chance to surrender to me.
Otherwise, you can go to hell with them!”

Gong Ziliang’s words made his position clear.

Firstly, his strength was not afraid of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family.
Secondly, no matter what, this bridal escort team could not pass through Tong Pass tonight.

Everyone knew that this Tong Pass was the territory of Zuo Shandiao.

If anything happened to the Wang Family’s bridal escort team here, Zuo Shandiao would have no way out.

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If he rejected, this mighty figure in front of him would probably not hesitate to kill him.

“That’s right, you’ll die no matter what.
However, if you follow my wishes, you can rest easy after I destroy the Wang Family!” Gong Ziliang said bluntly.

It was not that he was unwilling to attack, but he wanted to set up a trap.

Now, he was still unable to compete with the Wang Family.
If he was brazen, it was inevitable that a change would occur.

As long as he recovered to the Profound Realm, it would be the end of the Wang Family!

As for Zuo Shandiao, with his shrewdness, if he attacked the Wang Family, he would definitely be able to escape unscathed.

“Senior, may I know your current strength?” Zuo Shandiao asked tentatively.

Gong Ziliang thought for a moment and said, “Not high, I’m only at the peak of the True Martial Realm!”

If it was the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Zuo Shandiao had probably never heard of it.

Zuo Shandiao gasped.
One had to know that the current Supreme Elder of the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s imperial family was only at the peak Profound Realm.

Just this alone could protect the prosperity of a kingdom.

A True Martial Realm expert had never appeared in the Purple Cloud Kingdom in hundreds of years.

Zuo Shandiao did not doubt the truth of Gong Ziliang’s words.
When he killed his subordinates previously, he was guessing Gong Ziliang’s strength.
At least, Profound Realm experts could not do it.

Only a True Martial Realm expert could unleash lightning from the sky.

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“Tomorrow, the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom will know that I, Zuo Shandiao, killed the escort team of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family!” Zuo Shandiao said without thinking.

With a peak True Martial Realm mighty figure like Gong Ziliang backing him, let alone the Wang Family, so what if he did whatever he wanted in the Purple Cloud Kingdom?

If Gong Ziliang was willing to help him, he would probably be able to become the Emperor of the Purple Cloud Kingdom!

This kind of deal was worth it no matter how one looked at it.

Gong Ziliang obtained the result he wanted and left.

“Brothers, stop sleeping with women.
Get up quickly.
It’s time to work!”

Zuo Shandiao directly raised his hand and took the lives of the few women on the bed before stepping out of the door to gather his subordinates.

He could not reveal anything about working for that senior.
Otherwise, it would be a calamity.

When Gong Ziliang returned to Heavenly Star City, it was already dawn.
Presumably, at this moment, the caravan of the Imperial Capital’s Wang Family had already died.

When he returned to the room, he saw Qin Yao’er sitting quietly in front of the table, waiting for him.

“You can leave.
At least in the next few days, the Wang Family won’t be able to reach this Heavenly Star City!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand.

Qin Yao’er acutely smelled a trace of blood on Gong Ziliang’s body and consciously stood up to leave.

Late in the morning, the Qin Family’s head waited anxiously in Heavenly Star City.

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Logically speaking, the Wang Family’s team should have arrived in this Heavenly Star City four hours ago.

Now that his daughter had been found, there was another problem.

Soon, the spies sent by the Qin Family rode their horses back.

The spy fell off the horse in a panic.
“Something is wrong!”

“Slow down.
What’s going on?” Qin Xiao had a bad feeling and hurriedly asked.

“Under Tong Pass, there were more than 30 people in the Wang Family’s team.
None of them survived.
On the cliff, there are words written in blood.
It’s the work of Zuo Shandiao!”

“I mustered my courage and went to the Cool Breeze Stronghold.
It’s already empty!”

Hearing the spy say this, Qin Xiao felt his legs soften and he sat down.

“That damned Zuo Shandiao is going against my Qin Family.
If anything happens to the bridal escort team, the Qin Family will be the first to bear the brunt!”

Qin Xiao panted.

Zhao San also heard everything from the side and only sighed.
The changes were unpredictable.

He did not think of Gong Ziliang at all.

After all, Gong Ziliang was only an early-stage Qi Refinement Realm existence.
He had almost died at Tong Pass previously.

Moreover, he had stayed in front of the room for the entire night.

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“That Zuo Shandiao must be tempted by money, so he took a risk.
The most important thing now is to find the traces of that Zuo Shandiao and give the Wang Family an explanation.
Otherwise, the Qin Family will suffer!”

Qin Xiao made a prompt decision.

Before the news spread to the capital, he could only think of a way to take down the culprit.

Then, he would take the initiative to go to the Wang Family to apologize.
Perhaps there was still a chance.

In Heavenly Star City, only the City Lord, Xing Feng, was a match for that Zuo Shandiao.
If he went to negotiate,

He could get Xing Feng to help, but now that Xing Feng was inspecting the front line, he could only return to Heavenly Star City tomorrow night at the earliest.

The news would probably have already spread to the capital.

“Zhao San, what should I do?”

Qin Xiao looked at Zhao San.

“Now, we can only mobilize all the spies of the Qin Family to find the whereabouts of Zuo Shandiao and monitor him.
When City Lord Xing Feng returns, we’ll take him down in one go!”

“As for the Wang Family’s decision, it’s already not something we can think about!”

Zhao San sighed.

No one knew that the situation would become like this.

“Right, let’s quickly do as you say.
Prepare the horses for me.
I want to personally go to the front line to see City Lord Xing Feng!”

Qin Xiao hurriedly stood up.

Now that the Qin Family was at a critical moment, there was no time to lose.

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