However, other than the Wang Family’s Patriarch, Wang Feng still had another identity, which was the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s Prince Duan!

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Although it did not have any real power and was only a title, it could suppress Xing Feng to death.

Gong Ziliang, who was cultivating, naturally felt that there were a total of three Profound Realm experts and dozens of existences at the peak Meridian Opening Realm outside the city.

At this moment, if he stood out, he would definitely be beaten to death.

“Greetings, Prince Duan.
May I know what this lineup means?”

Xing Feng also rose into the air, cupped his hands, and asked tentatively.

He had to know what Wang Feng’s bottom line was before he could help the Qin Family.

“Don’t mess around.
You know better than me why I’m here!”

“I’m the Prince of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
I have the right to act first and report later.
If you can’t hand over that Zuo Shandiao today, I’ll massacre the entire Qin Family or destroy Heavenly Star City!”

Wang Feng sneered.
This time, there were a few elders of the Wang Family on the way to pick up the bride.

If he did not give an explanation, he would not be able to calm down!

Now, he was only at the fifth-stage Profound Realm.
If it was only Wang Feng, he was not afraid at all.

However, there were two old acquaintances behind Wang Feng.
They were all among the top ten experts of the Purple Cloud Kingdom, and their cultivation levels were on par with his.

Moreover, there were dozens of existences at the peak Meridian Opening Realm.
It could be said that almost half of the high-level combat strength of the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom had arrived in this Heavenly Star City.

Even when the Rong Army invaded the border, there had never been such a scene.

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According to Wang Feng’s character, it was really possible to slaughter the entire Heavenly Star City.
As long as one person restrained him, he could not do anything.

As for the Qin Family’s Patriarch, he had long peed his pants.

A peak Meridian Opening expert could destroy the entire Qin Family with a wave of his hand.

Moreover, there were actually three Profound Realm mighty figures here this time.
The Qin Family was really blessed to be treated like this.

“This change is not something that the Qin Family can control.
It’s completely because of the bandits on that mountain.
They’re tempted by money.
I hope that Prince Duan will give me some face and capture them before making a decision?”

Xing Feng revealed a difficult expression.
He was actually a nobody now.

If it was back then, even Wang Feng would have to listen to him.

“You’re only the City Lord.
What face do you have in front of Prince Duan? Quickly get the Qin Family’s Patriarch to come out and meet us!”

A servant at the peak Meridian Opening Realm berated.

“I’m Qin Xiao, the head of the Qin Family.
I’m here to apologize!”

Qin Xiao walked out fearfully.

“Do you know your crime? My Wang Family is the blessing of your Qin Family, but a few elders died on the way to the wedding!”

Wang Feng looked at him coldly.

This Qin Xiao had a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks.
It was obvious that he was not a good person.
He would definitely die today!

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In front of power, there was no logic to speak of.

To be honest, the death of the Wang Family’s team had nothing to do with the Qin Family.

However, when Prince Duan said that the Qin Family was guilty, Qin Xiao did not dare to refuse.
He could only bow down and say, “I know my sins are heavy and am willing to exchange my life for the Qin Family’s survival!”

Qin Xiao also knew that today’s matter would probably not end well.

They could only exchange their lives to preserve the Qin Family’s hundred-year foundation so that it would not die in their hands.

“Hehe, you’re only a commoner.
Can I appease the dead souls of my Wang Family by killing you?”

Wang Feng sneered, looking down on Qin Xiao.

With such a lineup, if he killed the Qin Family Head and let things be, how could he raise his head in the capital in the future?

As a person of high status, his every word and action was watched by countless people.

He wanted to use thunderous methods to destroy this Qin Family and wash the entire Heavenly Star City with blood to intimidate those thieves.

“If I’m not enough, then Prince Duan, please let the juniors of the Qin Family go and leave a trace of hope for the Qin Family.”

How desperate was Qin Xiao?

Xing Feng’s expression was also abnormally ugly.
He thought that this Prince would take into account their past relationship and settle the matter on his account.

However, he did not expect to be mocked.

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At this moment, he could not attack.

Not only could he not change the outcome, but he also could not offend Wang Feng.
Now, he had already been reduced to a small City Lord.

“Enter the city.
Leave no one from the Qin Family alive.
Slaughter the entire Heavenly Star City!”

Wang Feng waved his hand and sent out a stream of spiritual qi to kill the Qin Family’s Patriarch before snorting lightly.

One sentence could decide the lives of the million citizens of Heavenly Star City.

Xing Feng could not sit still anymore.
He blocked everyone in front of the city tower and said, “There’s a reason why you want to destroy the Qin Family, but the citizens of Heavenly Star City are innocent.
I can’t sit idly by!”

“Hmph, you can’t sit idly by? Then you can die together!”

A ruthless expression flashed across Wang Feng’s face.

If he came alone, Wang Feng naturally did not have the confidence to stop Xing Feng.

However, there were two Profound Realm mighty figures behind him.
No matter how heaven-defying Xing Feng’s strength was, he could not escape death today.

“My death is not important, but if you slaughter the entire Heavenly Star City, I’m afraid the Imperial Court will not sit idly by!” Xing Feng said neither humbly nor arrogantly.

Although Heavenly Star City was small, it still had a million people.

If Wang Feng really dared to massacre the city, not to mention him, even the imperial court would not let him go.

“The City Lord of Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng, colluded with the Rong Army soldiers to cause trouble.
Prince Duan came a step later.
Although he killed tens of thousands of people, he failed to save the millions of people in Heavenly Star City.
He deserves punishment!”

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“Such a memorial will be presented to His Majesty tomorrow morning.
How do you think I’ll be let off?” Wang Feng sneered.

Previously, when Xing Feng was still in the court, he had caused him a lot of trouble.

The Grand Tutor had gone ahead and demoted him to the Heavenly Star City.
Coupled with the fact that Xing Feng had been unknown all these years, Wang Feng did not attack him again.
However, he still did not know what was good for him.
If he wanted to go against him, there was no way out!

The two Profound Realm experts looked at each other before jumping forward and fighting Xing Feng!

Zuo Shandiao who was in the city was simply about to collapse.
He could also see the battle outside.

Why had he come to the Heavenly Star City?

Now, he did not expect that this Prince Duan would actually kill without saying a word.

Although his strength had also reached the peak Meridian Opening Realm, there were a total of three Profound Realm mighty figures outside.

A small fry like him could not cause any trouble at all.
He could only obediently die.

Now, he could only pray that that senior would appear as soon as possible.
Otherwise, he would lose his life!

In the Qin Family’s residence, Qin Yao’er hurriedly arrived in front of Gong Ziliang’s room.

“Heavenly Star City is about to be thrown into turmoil.
Leave quickly!”

Just as she was about to enter, she was sent flying by an invisible light screen.

Gong Ziliang was at a critical stage of recovery and could not be disturbed.

Therefore, a restriction was set up outside this room.
No one below the Profound Realm could enter!

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