Because Zhao San had led his subordinates to search previously, he had fortunately escaped calamity.

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When he returned to the Qin Family and saw this scene and his dead wife and children, he could not help but cry.

After burying everyone in the Qin Family, he discovered the sobbing Qin Yao’er in Gong Ziliang’s room.

Although she did not have any feelings for Qin Xiao, it was difficult to accept the fact that the entire family was killed.

Gong Ziliang returned to the Qin Residence.

He happened to see Zhao San packing his bag and preparing to leave.

“Brother Liang, you’re back.
I’ve already heard about the Qin Family’s matter.
Now, I’m alone and have nothing to worry about.
The only person I’m worried about is Eldest Miss.
Since you’re back, bring her away from this sad place.
I can also answer to the Patriarch.”

Zhao San patted Gong Ziliang’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with Qin Yao’er well.”

Gong Ziliang nodded.

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Originally, it was to repay a debt of gratitude, but he did not expect that it would backfire and kill everyone in the Qin Family.

It was naturally impossible to leave Qin Yao’er here alone.

The only thing that made him feel gratified was that Zhao San had survived.

He took out a treasure artifact-level jade slit ring from his spatial ring and handed it to Zhao San.

It could withstand the full-strength attack of a peak Profound Realm expert.

Zhao San took the jade pendant from Gong Ziliang and left the Qin Family.

“Pack up.
We’ll set off for the capital tomorrow.”

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Gong Ziliang stood outside the room and said.

The next morning, Xing Feng arrived at the Qin Family’s courtyard with Gong Ziliang.

They discovered that Qin Yao’er had already disappeared.

“Forget it, let’s part ways here.
I wonder when we’ll meet again!”

Gong Ziliang left a letter in the room.

He wrote that he was about to head to the Azure Province’s Primordial Dynasty.
If she wanted to find him, she could head to the location in the letter and rush to the capital.

They would leave in a day.

The next morning, the outline of the Imperial Capital’s city gate could already be seen clearly.

“Do you know that if an official enters the capital without permission, it’s a huge crime that involves the death of nine generations of the family.” Xing Feng said with a smile.

“However, now that I have you as my backer, I’m not afraid of that old emperor.”

Xing Feng understood.

Although Gong Ziliang’s strength had not recovered, his combat strength was definitely at the True Martial Realm.

The strongest combat strength of the Purple Cloud Kingdom was only at the peak Profound Realm.

He could be said to be invincible.

Gong Ziliang looked at the system repair that was stuck at 40% and walked to the capital with Xing Feng.

As soon as he arrived at the city, he discovered that it was abnormally lively in front of the city wall.

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Gong Ziliang surrounded them and saw that on the Imperial Board, there was a portrait of him and Xing Feng.

For example, nonsense like Xing Feng’s rebellion and wanting to usurp the throne.

His appearance in a black robe was written as the leader of the Rong soldiers.

A million gold reward for their heads!

“I believe it’s another trap set by Prince Duan, Wang Feng.”

Xing Feng shook his head.
He was already used to Wang Feng’s actions.

It was none other than wanting to use the Imperial Court to eliminate the two of them.

However, he did not expect that Gong Ziliang was the greatest variable.

“I’m not looking for him.
Instead, he’s taking advantage of me.
In that case, let’s go to the Wang Family!” Gong Ziliang snorted coldly.

After changing their appearance, the two of them easily entered the capital.

Wang Feng was clearly shocked by Gong Ziliang’s words.
The current Prince Duan’s Mansion was extremely heavily guarded.

There were also many armed guards patrolling vigilantly in the palace.

In the eyes of the world, Prince Duan had become the hero who thwarted Xing Feng’s rebellion!

“Go in and report to your master that the City Lord of Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng, is here to catch up!”

Xing Feng went forward and said to a guard.

Since the two of them were old friends, he naturally had to inform them.

The servant was directly stunned.
How could he not have heard of Xing Feng’s name?

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He ran into the residence in fear.

Although Wang Feng had framed Xing Feng, he was in a panic.

This was because he had always been disgusted by what the mysterious black-robed person had said that day.

He would come to the capital to destroy the Wang Family in seven days.
It really felt like a year!

However, he had already prepared a generous gift in the residence in an attempt to bribe the black-robed person.

As the Prince of the Purple Cloud Kingdom, Wang Feng had wealth and power.
In his eyes, how could anyone be stupid enough to go against money?

As long as he gave them the benefits, not only could he avoid conflict, it was even possible to rope in the mysterious black-robed person to his side.

If a True Martial Realm mighty figure was willing to work under him, it would be too beautiful.

He had long been dissatisfied with this old Purple Cloud Kingdom’s Emperor and wanted to replace him.

However, his strength was insufficient.
The Prime Master beside the Old Emperor was a peak Profound Realm existence.

It shocked the entire court and no one dared to have any objections.

Now, his two trusted subordinates in the Profound Realm had died miserably, as if their left and right arms had been cut off.

However, if he could obtain the service of a True Martial Realm mighty figure because of this, it would be too worth it.

So what if he barged into the imperial city and forced the old emperor to abdicate?

Strength was everything!

If he was unwilling, he would kill!

However, this was only Wang Feng’s wishful thinking.
He wanted Gong Ziliang to serve him?

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Was it possible?

“Your Highness, bad news.
The City Lord of Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng, has come to find you.
There’s a young man beside him who wants to drink tea with you!”

The guard trembled as he walked in front of Wang Feng and stammered.

He knew very well how ruthless Wang Feng was.
If he was not careful, his head might fall to the ground!

“You mean he wants to have tea with me?”

Wang Feng was overjoyed.

One had to know that he had always been at odds with Xie Feng.
Previously, in Heavenly Star City, he had almost killed him.

It was strange enough that they did not come to take revenge on him.
They even wanted to drink tea with him.
What did this mean?

However, in the next moment, Wang Feng felt relieved.

That True Martial Realm mighty figure had saved Xing Feng, so he was definitely loyal to him.

Didn’t visiting mean that the expert wanted to befriend him?

“Quickly go and get the tea.
I want to entertain the guests.
In addition, bring out the gift I’ve prepared!”

Wang Feng rubbed his hands and walked out of the door.

He berated the guard at the door, “How dare you? How can we let Little Brother Xing Feng wait outside for so long? Quickly come in!”

“This is?” Wang Feng looked at Gong Ziliang and asked.

“Brother Gong Ziliang is that senior’s personal disciple!” Xing Feng said indifferently.

The two of them had come to the Prince’s Mansion with a goal.
If they killed Wang Feng like this, it would be too easy on him.

“I was blind.
Little Brother, you’re indeed handsome and extraordinary to be that person’s disciple.
There’s some killing intent between your brows.
It’s obvious that you’re not an ordinary person!”

Wang Feng brought the two of them to the inner hall.

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