“Wang Feng, don’t be ungrateful.
You can sit on the throne, and so can I.
I’m not here to listen to your nonsense.
If you have any concerns, Brother Liang can find someone else to do something.
In the imperial city, you’re not the only one who covets the throne!”

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The silent Xing Feng finally spoke.

Wang Feng immediately panicked.
This was a rare opportunity.
He had already planned for decades.

Now, it was as if the heavens were helping him.
If he picked peaches for others, he would probably regret it!

“Do you have any objections?”

Gong Ziliang turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait, tonight it is.
I’ll risk it!”

Wang Feng gritted his teeth and agreed.

Man proposes and God disposes.
Moreover, there was a True Martial big shot helping!

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If he could even lose like this, he, Wang Feng, would directly devour a thousand-pound lion in front of the Prince of Duan’s Mansion without chewing!

“May I know where your master is? Is he already in the Imperial City?”

Wang Feng continued to ask.
As long as that senior was around, they would directly attack the Imperial City!

As long as he dealt with the peak Profound Realm Prime Master and a few eighth-stage Profound Realm Supreme Elders, the guards in the Imperial City could be said to be useless!

“These useless people in the imperial city are not worthy of my master’s help!”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

Since he wanted to scam them, he had to scam them to the end!

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“Little brother, you don’t know this.
In the imperial city, the emperor’s Prime Master is a peak Profound Realm existence.
There are also a few Supreme Elders who are at the late-stage Profound Realm.
If Senior doesn’t take action, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to enter the imperial city!”

Wang Feng looked troubled.

Clearly, he thought that Senior did not know the true strength of the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s imperial family.

Therefore, they sent such a young child.

His two trusted subordinates had also been killed by that senior previously.
He had to rely on himself and the half-baked Xing Feng.

It was probably not enough to deal with the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s imperial family!

“What a joke!”

Gong Ziliang threw a punch in the air, and the wall of the secret room collapsed!

Wang Feng subconsciously gulped.
One had to know that his secret room was made of meteorite iron.

It was impossible for even a peak Profound Realm existence to shatter it in one strike.

There was only one possibility, and that was that this young man in front of him was also above the True Martial Realm!

It was terrifying!

If his master was a True Martial Realm mighty figure, Wang Feng could still accept it.

However, he was only in his early twenties! Wang Feng himself was only at the Qi Refinement Realm back then!

This was not the most terrifying thing.
What really made Wang Feng feel suffocated was that talent determined the upper limit.

To break through to the True Martial Realm at the age of 20, didn’t that mean that he had the possibility of breaking through to the Spirit Refinement Realm!

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What was the Spirit Refinement Realm? Even in the Bi Fang Empire, it could be considered a top existence!

He could actually still deal with such an existence in his life.
It was really a blessing in disguise!

Wait, something seemed to be amiss!

If even his disciple could reach the True Martial Realm in his early twenties, how powerful was his master!

That day, he was indeed shocked, but he forgot that when that senior attacked, he did not even use his spiritual qi!

“I wonder how powerful Little Senior’s Master is.
May I ask?”

Wang Feng gulped and carefully probed.

Facing Gong Ziliang, he no longer dared to be disrespectful!

After all, it was an existence that could kill him with a single slap!

“Have you heard of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm?” Gong Ziliang said deliberately.

However, this was really not bragging.
Gong Ziliang himself had the strength of the third-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm.
Moreover, in terms of combat strength, he could shatter a peak Spiritual Sea Realm with a spear and could even fight a Heaven Deity Realm expert!

However, compared to Wang Feng’s world, he had probably never heard of anyone above the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Wang Feng’s legs went weak and he fell to the ground!

Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

The clown was actually him all along!

He originally thought that that senior was at the True Martial Realm!

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No matter how exaggerated, he was only at the Spirit Refinement Realm.

As for the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, he had only heard of it in legends.

Perhaps there was not such an expert in the entire Bi Fang Empire.

This moment could be said to be the most confident moment in Wang Feng’s life.

With a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert backing him, there was nowhere in this world that he could not go to!

Forget about a small Purple Cloud Kingdom, even the leader of the Monet Dynasty was like a piece of trash!

“Little Senior, just tell me what to do.
I’ll do as you say!” Wang Feng said with a smile.

“Tonight, I’ll help you deal with the Prime Master and Supreme Elder of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
Tomorrow morning, wear this dragon robe and head to the hall to ascend the throne!” Gong Ziliang said solemnly.


Wang Feng agreed without any hesitation.

After all, as long as Gong Ziliang spoke, there would definitely be no problem.

On the other hand, Xing Feng was a little confused.
He only said that he wanted to kill Wang Feng.

After exterminating this Prince Duan’s Mansion, Gong Ziliang seemed to be a little unpredictable!

“Xing Feng, sneak into the palace with me!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he left the Prince’s Mansion with Xing Feng following closely behind.

As the two of them entered the palace, Xing Feng finally could not hold it in anymore and asked, “Could it be that you really want to help Wang Feng ascend to the throne?”

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“No, no.
This time, we’re entering the palace to set up an inescapable net and wait for Wang Feng to fall into our trap!”

Under Xing Feng’s lead, they quickly arrived at the palace where the Emperor of the Purple Cloud Kingdom lived.

Gong Ziliang captured a guard and ordered him to report!

Soon, the door to the bedroom was pulled open.

As soon as Xing Feng entered, an extremely sharp palm force whistled over.

Gong Ziliang waved his sleeve and defeated the palm force.

Zhao Jin, who was wearing a dragon robe, slowly walked out and snorted, “Xing Feng, you’re so bold.
You colluded with the Rong soldiers.
It’s fine if you sold your country for glory, but you actually dare to walk into a trap!”

As soon as Zhao Jin finished speaking, a white-bearded old man appeared, and then a palm whistled towards Xing Feng’s face.

He tried to kill Xing Feng with lightning speed.

Indeed, in the eyes of the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s royal family, Xing Feng had already colluded with Rong soldiers.

They were the enemy of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
In the past hundred years, they had never stopped attacking the border cities of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.

Xing Feng definitely had a plan for coming to the palace this time.

The most appropriate method was to eliminate them quickly!

After all, only dead people could not cause a trace of trouble.

The white-bearded old man’s strength had reached the peak of the Profound Realm and was only a step away from the True Martial Realm.

Xing Feng was naturally not his match.

However, Gong Ziliang attacked like lightning…

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