Gong Ziliang attacked like lightning and shattered the white-bearded old man’s palm force with a punch.

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Then, he bent down and threw another punch, forcefully sending the white-bearded old man flying.

Blood flowed!

“This must be the Prime Master of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
I don’t have any ill intentions.
Otherwise, you would have already died.
You can talk calmly now!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand.

The Prime Master fell to the ground and wanted to get up.
In an instant, his blood surged.

Suddenly, another mouthful of blood surged out!

They looked at Gong Ziliang in surprise.

“May I know who you are and why you’ve come to my Purple Cloud Kingdom?”

Zhao Jin’s expression was extremely ugly.
This Gong Ziliang clearly had ill intentions.

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The first to bear the brunt was treated as a certain leader.

The Prime Master was the strongest existence in the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
His strength had reached the half-step True Martial Realm!

He could even fight a first-stage True Martial Realm expert.

However, he could not even withstand a single move from this young man!

This meant that the strength of the person in front of him was at least above the True Martial Realm.

It could be said that his life was in his hands.

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With a thought, Gong Ziliang could kill him with a flick of his finger!

However, when did such an expert appear?!

One had to know that in the battle with the Rong soldiers three months ago, a seventh-stage Profound Realm soldier had returned victorious!

If the other party had a True Martial Realm expert, the Purple Cloud Kingdom would have sensed it long ago!

There was only one explanation now, and that was that this Rong soldier had hidden himself too deeply.

He did not even reveal any information.
In fact, he did not even reveal his trump card in the battle.

It was extremely terrifying!

“Your Majesty, I’m Gong Ziliang, and I’m from the Azure Province.
This matter of Heavenly Star City is actually caused by Prince Duan, Wang Feng.
City Lord Xing Feng was framed!”

“As you can see, my strength is obvious.
If City Lord Xing Feng wants to rebel, you’re not my match at all.
Even in the entire Monet Dynasty, there might not be anyone who’s my match!”

Gong Ziliang explained.

When he heard that Gong Ziliang was not a soldier, Zhao Jin immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

This meant that this person was not here to take his life.

Then, there was still room for negotiation.

As the ruler of a kingdom, if he had any requests, he could just agree.

“I naturally know Xing Feng’s character.
However, the wanted list was not issued by me, but by Prince Duan!” Zhao Jin said bluntly and immediately changed his words.

After all, at this moment, he was at the mercy of others.

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How could Zhao Jin say anything?

“Tomorrow morning, you’re not allowed to go to court.
You only need to observe in secret.
Even those Supreme Elders are not allowed to appear.
I’ll let you see what you want to see!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he left.

Xing Feng did not forget to throw the City Lord’s seal in his arms in front of Zhao Jin.

After Gong Ziliang left, Zhao Jin’s legs went limp and he sat on the dragon throne.

He panted heavily, as if he had survived a calamity.

“Prime Master, how powerful is this person?”

This was really too shocking to him.
One had to know that the strength of the Prime Master was an existence that no one could match in the surrounding kingdoms.

However, he was heavily injured by this young man’s attack.

Even the supreme elders hidden in the dark did not even dare to attack.
After all, this was not a matter of numbers!

“The Northern Region is divided into ten provinces, and that young man came from the Azure Province.
I believe he’s a disciple of an aristocratic family in some dynasty or even an Empire.
He’s so terrifying at such a young age!”

“In my opinion, he’s at least at the middle-stage True Martial Realm!” The Prime Master said truthfully.

In the Prince’s Mansion, Wang Feng was bathing and burning incense.
He even specially lit a dragon head incense in front of the ancestral tablet and prayed sincerely.

Today was the day his Wang Family rose.
He, Wang Feng, was the hope of the Wang Family.

The throne of the Purple Cloud Kingdom was only a part of his ambition.
When he learned that Gong Ziliang’s master had the strength of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, he could be said to be completely arrogant!

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After Xing Feng left the palace, he could not help but give Gong Ziliang a thumbs up.
He really knew how to play.

Presumably, Wang Feng was having a beautiful dream of being able to ascend the throne tomorrow morning and rule the world!

Little did he know that Gong Ziliang’s move had already set up an inescapable net in the palace that was waiting for Wang Feng to enter!

Now, even if Wang Feng wanted to do whatever he wanted in the Imperial City, who could do anything to him!

A few maidservants helped Wang Feng wear the purple-gold Nine-clawed Dragon Yellow Robe.

Looking at himself in the bronze mirror wearing the imperial robe, Wang Feng’s eyes were filled with smugness.

He had been looking forward to this day for countless years.

He originally thought that he had no chance in this life and only dared to quietly change into this dragon robe in the secret room.

He did not expect to obtain what he wanted today!

A maid was so frightened that her legs trembled and she directly knelt on the ground, “Your Highness, hiding the dragon robe is a capital crime!”

The smile on Wang Feng’s face immediately froze.
He was now the Emperor of the Purple Cloud Kingdom!

As for an old thing like Zhao Jin, he had probably already died at the hands of Young Hero Liang.

However, no matter what, he could not be exposed yet.

Now that this maid had poked at his sore spot, he was furious and directly drew his Dragon Vein Sword.

After taking the life of the maidservant in front of him, he said fiercely, “After tonight, the Purple Cloud Kingdom will change hands.
I, Wang Feng, am no longer Prince Duan, but a true emperor!”

After tidying up, the sky was already slightly bright.

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In the palace, news of bad news came.

“Last night, the Emperor and the Supreme Elders, as well as the Prime Master, were assassinated and killed!”

Of course, all of this was deliberately spread by Zhao Jin following Gong Ziliang’s orders.

When Wang Feng heard this, the corners of his mouth curled up.

As expected, a True Martial Realm mighty figure was extraordinary.
He could cause the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom to be in chaos.

At this moment, the 300,000 soldiers he prepared were rushing towards the Imperial City without stopping.

At that time, once he ascended the throne, he could rely on this army to eliminate the remaining resistance in the Imperial City.

In order to stabilize his position as the Emperor, Wang Feng did not mind washing the Imperial City with blood.

He had to avoid any uncertainty.

When one was powerful, they had to be more forceful!

After all, wasn’t that senior interested in his decisiveness to kill?

He had to perform well this time!

Behind him was the only Profound Realm expert and several peak Meridian Opening experts.

Wang Feng wore the Imperial Crown and rode the dragon carriage that had been prepared in advance.

Since the so-called matter of going to the palace was to ascend the throne, everything had to be done according to the standards of an emperor.

The huge dragon carriage headed for the palace in a mighty manner.

What a huge scene.
One had to know that Zhao Jin’s dragon carriage only had 16 people carrying it.

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