The moment he saw Zhao Jin clearly, the smile on his face instantly froze.

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Was this a zombie?

Didn’t they say that he was assassinated? How could he still be standing here?

The group of officials who had chosen to stand on the right in the throne room also became uneasy.

Wang Feng was really stunned.
The emperor was clearly alive and well.

They actually said that he had been killed.

This was simply a scam.

“So what if you’re still alive? There are already 300,000 guards gathered outside the city who are listening to my orders.
As long as I give the order, they’ll break through this imperial city.”

Wang Feng was clearly a little crazy now.

“What about this?” Zhao Jin snorted lightly.

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The figures of the Prime Master and the few Supreme Elders suddenly appeared.
They were all late-stage Profound Realm existences.

An invisible pressure emitted from his body, causing everyone to vaguely feel suffocated!

Wang Feng’s face was ashen.
He had clearly been tricked.

What was even more ridiculous was that he actually wanted to complete this magnificent feat of usurping the throne alone!

However, he could not understand!

Why did a big shot like Gong Ziliang tease him like this?

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With his strength, a wave of his hand could overturn the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang and Xing Feng brought out everything in the treasure vault of the Prince’s Mansion.

Under the night sky, they distributed it to every refugee in the suburbs.

Suddenly, he sneezed, and the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

It seemed that Wang Feng had already lost.
However, logically speaking, he did not feel uneasy at all.

The Wang Feng he saw last night was talking about tonight, which was the night after daytime.

However, now that Wang Feng was probably already controlled by Zhao Jin, there was naturally no need for him to keep his promise.

“Take him away.
Prince Duan, Wang Feng, has committed an unforgivable crime.
He will be punished with a thousand cuts and his entire family of nine generations will be executed!” Zhao Jin said without any hesitation.

He was the true emperor.
After this change, he felt even more ashamed.
He had to properly reorganize the court.

“Your Majesty, a man who calls himself Gong Ziliang sent a letter!”

A guard walked forward.

“Quickly hand it over!”

Zhao Jin opened the envelope.
From his words, he roughly meant that if he could find the eldest daughter of the Qin Family in Heavenly Star City, he had to take good care of her.
It would not be a waste of this good karma.

“I hereby decree that from today onwards, the eldest daughter of the Qin Family will be the Eldest Princess of my Purple Cloud Kingdom.
If anyone can find her, they will be rewarded with 100,000 gold coins!”

Zhao Jin ordered.

On the other side, the two of them had already set off for the Monet Dynasty.

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Using the teleportation formation of the Monet Dynasty as a springboard, they would head to the Bi Fang Empire.
This way, the time to return to the Azure Province would be greatly shortened!

With his current strength, he was still unable to use the secret treasure in his spatial ring.

However, Xing Feng had previously obtained two War Beasts with the strength of the Meridian Opening Realm from the Prince’s Mansion, the Purple Lightning Foal!

If they could travel 8,000 miles a day, they would be able to reach the Monet Dynasty in two months at most.



They felt a hurried shout behind him.

Xing Feng and the others stopped and saw a bald man with bright eyes walking over on a horse.

It was the head of the bandit stronghold, Zuo Shandiao!

Now, Zuo Shandiao seemed to be less arrogant and more humble.

“Isn’t the matter of the Wang Family already settled? You can return to Tong Pass and rebuild the empire of the mountain bandits.
What do you want?” Xing Feng asked.

He really did not have a good impression of this Zuo Shandiao.

“It’s boring to occupy a mountain.
I heard that the two of you left, so I chased after you day and night.
I want to serve the two of you and see the outside world!”

Zuo Shandiao touched his bald head and smiled honestly.

“You’ve broken through to the Profound Realm?” Gong Ziliang felt the spiritual qi fluctuation around Zuo Shandiao and asked.

“I was lucky.
Now, I at least have some ability to protect myself.
Please forget about the past and bring me along!”

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Zuo Shandiao chuckled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

Gong Ziliang nodded.
Previously, Zuo Shandiao had risked his life for him.

Although it was most likely his scam, it was fine to bring him to the Bi Fang Empire.

“With your cultivation at the Profound Realm, you can completely become a marquis or a minister in this small Purple Cloud Kingdom.
Outside, it’s hard to say if you’ll live or die.”

Xing Feng reminded.

“Of course.
Since they’re here, they have no intention of returning.”

Zuo Shandiao had already decided to follow the two of them.

The three of them moved together.

The three of them traveled for more than two months.
A month later, they arrived at the Monet Dynasty.

Gong Ziliang realized that ever since his strength recovered to the Profound Realm, he had not advanced an inch.
He was still at the third-stage Profound Realm!

Although Gong Ziliang could do whatever he wanted in the Purple Cloud Kingdom previously, this strength was not enough in the Monet Dynasty.

How could Gong Ziliang not know that no matter how bad a dynasty was, there would definitely be experts above the Spiritual Sea Realm holding down the fort!

His current combat strength was at most at the peak of the True Martial Realm.
Once he encountered a Spirit Refinement Realm expert, he would feel exhausted.

If he was unlucky, even in such a remote dynasty, he might fail miserably.

Moreover, if the other dynasty encountered a Spiritual Sea Realm expert or even a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert, they could kill him with a single palm.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang’s goal was extremely clear.
He went straight for the teleportation formation and did not stop for a moment.

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It would be fine if he was alone.
Even if he could not defeat them, it was definitely not difficult to escape.

However, Xing Feng and Zuo Shandiao were only at the Profound Realm.

“Up ahead is Firewood City, the hub of a trading company in the Monet Dynasty.
Let’s stay here first.”

Xing Feng pointed at the city wall not far away.

Recently, he discovered that on the official road outside the city, there was an endless stream of merchant carriages.

What a lively scene.

“Although the Monet Dynasty is weak and can only be considered to be at the bottom in the dynasty affiliated to the Bi Fang Empire, the beauty of the Monet Dynasty is famous throughout the entire Martial Province, which is why the trading company is so prosperous!” Xing Feng explained to Gong Ziliang.

However, in this world that advocated martial strength, merchants could only be considered lowly and not presentable.

Therefore, it was not worth mentioning.

Even if one was as rich as a kingdom, a Qi Refinement Realm cultivator could easily kill them.

This was very infuriating!

The three of them rested at the courier station outside the city.
After storing the War Beasts, they entered the city.

There were all kinds of things.

The two of them were fine.
Zuo Shandiao was like a country bumpkin who had entered town.

Suddenly, the sound of a lute sounded from the wine shop by the river in the distance.

Even a rough person like Zuo Shandiao felt his scalp tingle and followed the sound of the lute.

The two of them had been traveling for half a month.
At this moment, when they heard the pleasant sound of the lute, they wanted to find a restaurant and drink two cups.

Therefore, they followed Zuo Shandiao.

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