The funny thing was that he actually wanted to invite a few True Martial Realm experts from the residence to kill them.

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Perhaps a True Martial Realm expert was not even an ant in front of this person!

“Senior, I was blind previously and did not recognize you.
Please forgive me and let me go!”

Chen Pingan felt extremely wronged.
It was fine if he was stabbed, but he still had to beg others to let him go.

He was the dignified son of the Marquis.
When had he ever suffered such humiliation?

However, he really did not dare to lose his temper.

This big shot in front of him would probably be fine even if he killed the current princess!

A trace of surprise flashed in Zuo Shandiao’s eyes.

One had to know that Xing Feng was only the City Lord of a small Heavenly Star City.

He was at most a fifth-stage Profound Realm cultivator, one of the top ten experts of the Purple Cloud Empire.

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This Chen Pingan was the son of the dignified Marquis of the Monet Dynasty.
Forget about the fifth-stage Profound Realm, even the fifth-stage True Martial Realm was nothing to him.

He did not even take it seriously, so why did his attitude seem to have changed?

Gong Ziliang was not surprised.
After all, Xing Feng’s former strength was obvious.

He had originally planned to attack directly, but he did not expect that this kid would directly cower when he saw Xing Feng.

“No more revenge, no more trouble?”

Xing Feng snorted coldly.

“Even if I have ten guts, I won’t dare to provoke you!”

Chen Pingan wanted to cry but had no tears.
His only pride had been crushed by Xing Feng.

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“Take them down!”

There was a commotion outside the door.

A young man in a yellow robe with python patterns pointed at Gong Ziliang and the others and berated.

It was the Third Prince of the Monet Dynasty, Mo Shaoyun!

As soon as he returned to the relay station, he heard that Chen Pingan’s door had been smashed.

As the eldest brother, how could he tolerate this? He rushed over with a group of guards.

“Pingan, don’t worry.
With me around, these vicious and evil people will definitely not be able to cause any trouble.”

Mo Shaoyun was absolutely confident that the leader of the guards accompanying him this time was at the True Martial Realm.

Wasn’t it easy to deal with the weaklings in this remote city!

“Third Prince, you should leave!”

Chen Pingan continuously winked at Mo Shaoyun, indicating that he should leave.

It was not easy for this big shot to plan to let him go.

He had screwed himself over!

“Chen Pingan, you don’t have to be afraid.
Today, I’m here.
I want to see who can touch a single hair on your head!” Mo Shaoyun said seriously.

“Enough, leave quickly.
These are my friends.
I just want to sit down with them and quietly talk about my ideals!”

Chen Pingan was about to cry.
How could he act like this?

“This is too abnormal.
What did the three of you do to my Brother Chen…”

Without waiting for Mo Shaoyun to finish speaking, Chen Pingan directly went up and hit him with a karate chop.

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If he continued, he would probably die without knowing how!

“I’ll definitely avoid you in the future!”

Chen Pingan patted his chest and promised.

“In three days, Lin Anruo’s poetry gathering will be held.
What does it mean?”

Gong Ziliang asked in a low voice.
Chen Pingan might know some details.

“That Lin Anruo is a femme fatale.
If not for the fact that I was drunk, I would definitely not provoke her!”

Chen Pingan’s words were extremely subtle.

“What do you mean?”

Gong Ziliang raised his brows.

If Xing Feng or Gong Ziliang still had the strength from back then, why would they have to compromise and directly enter the Holy Land?

He could order the monarch of the Monet Dynasty to open the teleportation formation and head there.

However, he could not be like before.
Just the few Supreme Elders of the Monet Dynasty were not his match.

“That Lin Anruo is a demoness.
For some reason, His Highness the Crown Prince was bewitched by her and even went against His Majesty in court.
Now, he’s under house arrest in the deep palace and might not even be able to keep his position!”

“Other than the Monet Dynasty, the princes of the other dynasties are all charmed by him.
In three days, those sons of the nobles will be present.”

Chen Pingan explained tirelessly.

“Looks like this Lin Anruo is playing a huge game.”

Gong Ziliang glanced at Xing Feng and shook his head.

Since he could not figure out what Lin Anruo was up to, he could only react accordingly.

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At least Gong Ziliang was confident that Lin Anruo would not be able to tempt him.

She wanted him to participate in the so-called poetry gathering, and he wanted that token.
They each took what they needed.

It was impossible for him to do anything out of line.

After leaving the inn, Gong Ziliang and the others returned to the inn.

Now, Gong Ziliang also felt a little threatened and wanted to recover some strength as soon as possible.

In this way, he would have the ability to protect himself in the Bi Fang Empire.

If he wanted to head to the Azure Province, he had to cross a few regions with countless threats.

Three days passed quietly.

The small Firewood City seemed to have become even more lively because of Lin Anruo’s poetry gathering.

The streets were filled with young geniuses in fresh clothes.

They were wearing the clothes of the various dynasties.
Fortunately, this was not a chaotic world.
Otherwise, the Monet Dynasty would definitely detain these sons of nobles.

Xing Feng and Zuo Shandiao did not have the mood to participate in the so-called poetry gathering.

Therefore, they went out of the city to hunt.

Gong Ziliang headed to the Six Tune Music Shop alone.

It was still a three-story pavilion, but now, those commoners still did not dare to approach, afraid that they would offend those nobles.

Gong Ziliang successfully entered the wine shop.

“Gong Ziliang, sit on the third floor!”

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An old man shouted after Gong Ziliang reported his name.

The second generation heirs at the side all looked at him enviously.

Those who could reach the third floor could be intimate with the organizer, but those who could reach the third floor were not simple characters.

In the main hall of the third floor, there were more than ten tables.

It was already filled with people.
Those who sat here were all young geniuses.
Be it their temperament or appearance, they were all top-notch.

Those who did not understand would think that this was a blind date meeting.

An attendant stuffed the note into Gong Ziliang’s hand.

“As long as Young Master takes the lead today, the token will be delivered to you tomorrow!”

With just a line, Gong Ziliang instantly felt an extreme headache.

He originally thought that it was just a formality, but he actually had to take the lead.

“Today’s poetry gathering is firstly to let the scholars compete in terms of literary talent.
Secondly, Miss Lin Anruo will be looking for her lover!”

As soon as Lin Anruo’s maid said this, it attracted a commotion.

Didn’t this mean that if they could have a shocking performance today, they would have a chance to marry a beauty!

They could even prove that they were the number one genius of the Bi Fang Empire!

This was killing two birds with one stone.

“This poetry gathering will be divided into two rounds!”

“Improvised poetry!”

“Presenting objects in poetry!”

When they heard this, everyone sighed.

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