These sons of aristocratic families were all talented.
The so-called impromptu poems were nothing more than taking out the previous poems and reciting them.

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This improvised poem was quite difficult to make!

“The first round will take two hours.
Everyone, write a poem on the paper and hand it to the attendant to recite!”

The maid smiled.

The princes raised their pens and wrote quickly on the paper.

Gong Ziliang also raised his pen.
At the same time, it started to rain outside.

“In the pouring rain, pedestrians are slipping.”

“On the way, the merchants turned around and sneered.”

Soon, the first poem was read.

Immediately, a wave of laughter sounded.
This could be called a poem?

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Gong Ziliang was also speechless, but his poetry level was probably the same.

With limited culture, everything was up to fate.

An hour passed quietly, and dozens of poems were read.

All of them were ridiculous.

Finally, the poem of a prince on the third floor was read.

“One by one they all go up, let’s see if they can reach the mountaintop.”

“The universe is in my control, and I can look everywhere within the four seas and five lakes.”

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“I wonder who this young master is to write such a wonderful poem!”

The other prince stood up and cupped his hands.

“My young master is the son of the Duke of the Flat River Dynasty, Yin Zhiping.
Apart from his literary talent, he’s already at the peak of the Profound Realm when he was young!”

The attendant, who was beside the prince, stood up and said proudly.

“So you’re the heir of the Duke of the Flat River Dynasty.
It’s indeed a good poem.
The meaning is deep.
The first sentence seems to be describing the twists and turns of life!”

“The second sentence is carried out in full, as if they carry the prince’s ambition to flatten the four seas.
This should be passed down for generations!”

The prince praised without any hesitation.

“This means that the prince has long been confident in his mind.
Everything is ready except for the right moment!”

When they heard this person’s identity, all the princes present praised him.

Regarding this, Gong Ziliang wanted to ask, ‘Doesn’t your conscience hurt?’

This was simply a lousy poem.
They called it a great work of literature?

Even Lin Anruo, who was in the thin veil, could not help but look at Yin Zhiping.

Indeed, such a poem was already considered top-notch in this world.

Compared to the heavy rain previously, it was much better.

Yin Zhiping was extremely happy with these personal praises.

One had to know that this poem was created after many years of preparation and painstaking effort.

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It was natural to receive such praise!

“In my opinion, there’s no need to continue today’s poetry gathering.
Who can surpass Young Master Yin?”

“That’s right, we admit defeat!”

Another round of brainless bragging.

Gong Ziliang finally started writing.
He looked at the drizzling rain outside the window.

He wrote quickly.

When she stopped, the maid who picked up the paper was immediately stunned!

She subconsciously gulped and recited the content of the paper.

“Now, all the palace streets are moistened by the smooth-cream-wine drizzles.”

The first sentence shocked everyone.

The previously noisy crowd immediately quietened down.

“Green hue of the grass from afar can no longer be seen up close.”

It was the scene on the street outside the wine shop!

In the huge main hall of the attic.

The few heirs who had spared no effort to praise Yin Zhiping a moment ago were immediately infected by the Intent and immersed after the maid slowly read the two lines of poetry on the paper.

“Now, all the palace streets are moistened by the smooth-cream-wine… drizzles…”

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Lin Anruo’s face was covered in a thin veil, and her expression could not be seen clearly.
However, when she muttered, the strange light in her eyes undoubtedly meant that her heart had been moved.

“Hmph, what dogsh*t rain? F*ck, can it compare to the boldness of my prince to control the world and move the four seas?”

Beside Yin Zhiping, the attendant saw that after the maidservant read Gong Ziliang’s poem, his master had actually turned from the center of attention to the side character.
He immediately made a strange sound.

As soon as the voice sounded, it immediately pulled everyone’s minds back to reality.

Then, they saw a faint anger that could not be suppressed appear on Yin Zhiping’s face.
They hurriedly swallowed the praise that was already on the tip of their tongues.

The Flat River Dynasty was extremely powerful and was one of the top dynasties under the Bi Fang Empire.

With Yin Zhiping’s status, even if the Crown Prince of the Monet Dynasty came personally, they had to be polite to him.
How could they dare to provoke him?

As they lowered their heads, everyone did not forget to secretly cast a glance at Gong Ziliang.

Even a clay statue would be angry.

Gong Ziliang should have been in the limelight for writing such a peerless masterpiece in front of a beauty like Lin Anruo.

Now that he was slandered as dogshit, even if he was afraid of Yin Zhiping’s identity, it was inevitable that there would be a fight between gentlemen.

However, to their surprise or disappointment, at this moment, Gong Ziliang had a smile on his face.
It was obvious that he did not take those words to heart at all.

In comparison, the shape of the attendant beside Yin Zhiping seemed to be even more exasperated.

Yin Zhiping’s face drooped.
He had poured in a lot of effort into this poetry gathering just to take Lin Anruo as his own.

Who would have thought that a pretty boy would appear halfway and ruin his plans!

Gong Ziliang naturally did not know Yin Zhiping’s thoughts and could not be bothered to think about it.
He only wanted to quickly obtain the first place so that he could obtain the token after the poem ended.

He waved his hand and gestured for the maid to continue reciting the poem.

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His action naturally attracted the attention of everyone.
When they thought of how outstanding the first two sentences were, everyone, including Yin Zhiping, straightened their necks to hear how shocking it would be later.

“The Early Spring is by far the best season of all.
Yet, it cannot compare to the beauty in the Capital.”

The first line was written like soft rain, the color of grass was fresh, and the poems and words were painted.
It was as if a painting of early spring was spread out in front of everyone.

How beautiful!

As for the two sentences of the couplet, the story turned and the beauty entered the painting.

This was the best spring of the year, but it could not compare to the beauty.

Where was the beauty?

In front of him, other than Lin Anruo, who else could it be?

As soon as the maid finished speaking, before everyone in the hall could taste it carefully, the corners of their mouths subconsciously curled into a smile.

When Yin Zhiping heard the words ‘beauty’, his expression completely darkened when he saw the interest in Lin Anruo’s eyes.

In the next moment, he turned to Gong Ziliang, and his slightly narrowed eyes became even colder.

On the other side, the maid’s voice sounded again after a short pause.

“I’m never too busy to take care of you.
I don’t have the heart to chase after love at a young age.”

“In my opinion, the color of the willow trees is not deep yet.”

After reading the couplets in one go, the maid’s cheeks were already red from the explicit emotions.

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